More on the Tour…

More on the Tour…

Proof that I’m a total Idol Geek:  I just bought 3rd row tickets for next Friday’s Worcester show on Ebay.  Hopefully I’ll have some good pictures to post here next weekend…

The Idols’ are in full pre-tour publicity mode.  Here are a few articles found round the net.

Entertainment Weekly interviews Chris Daughtry:

  • What to expect on tour, “…everybody’s got at least two songs and a duet, and then a few of us have three or four songs…A lot of us are playing instruments.”
  • Chris is looking forward to…, “Actually, me and Elliott are doing a duet that’s going to be awesome as…It’s a rock song.
  • The Chris Daughtry sound, “A lot of the way I delivered the songs on the show is kind of where I’m going — it’s pretty rockin’. It’s definitely rock radio, but hopefully a few songs may cross over into mainstream as well.”
  • About his new tatoo, “Ah, we won’t go into that right now. [Laughs] I didn’t really get it to, um… [Long pause] I don’t know. I just don’t want to do a story on it right now.”

Chris’s tatoo has his last name drawn in huge letters across his back.  Yeah.  I wish he would explain it, because that seems rather….odd. Heh.

The Idols will appear today on Entertainment Tonight to talk about the upcoming tour, but in the meantime, ETOnline interviews Taylor Hicks.  He talks about humility:

“‘I freaked out about it a little bit, ‘ Idol crown-holder Taylor Hicks tells ET when asked how it feels to have a No. 1 single with “Do I Make You Proud.” ‘I was in a minivan a year ago making about $50 a night playing bars, clubs and the occasional wedding. The music that I am making now and that I am going to get to make is special.’

But fame hasn’t gone to his head. ‘Somebody said, ‘Just go out and stand by the ocean and realize how small we all are, ‘ he explains about his down-to-earth attitude. ‘You have to be grounded and stay true to who you are. If you aren’t, everything falls down around you.'”

Taylor also did an interview with Utah’s Deseret News in anticipation of this Saturday’s Stadium of Fire event in Provo, where he’ll be performing solo:

“Hicks is just as excited to perform as his fans are to watch him.   The Stadium of Fire will be one of the largest crowds he’s ever performed for live. ‘I’ve been performing for 10 years, ‘ Hicks said. ‘The stages just keep getting bigger and bigger. I’m really looking forward to performing.’  He said he will perform a few songs from American Idol mixed in with a few of his own.  The Alabama performer said he’s never been to Utah but is looking forward to the trip.

‘I usually spend the Fourth of July performing or around the beach with my friends and family, just like every American does, ‘ Hicks said. ‘I’m planning on checking out a couple of the scenes maybe if I have the time. I’ve been on a tight schedule of late, but I’m pretty excited to be able to check some mountains out.'”

Finally, Ace Young talks to New Hampshire’s Manchester Mirror.  The Idol tour opens in Manchester NH, Wednesday, July 5.

  • About the tour, “If you are in the audience those nights, watch out for beanies flying your way. Young had a whole line of his signature hats made so he can throw them out to the fans. The jam-packed, 2-1/2 hour show features the top 10 artists from season five, each with their own set. There will also be a bunch of surprises, which Young wouldn’t divulge, but he said to look out for special duets and group songs.”
  • About his music, “While Young may perform songs by other artists on the road this summer, he can’t wait to start sharing his own music with the fans. He is an avid songwriter, with half of his solo debut album already written…According to Young, the music has a Jamiroquai-Maroon 5 feel, and based on the response he’s gotten so far, ‘the music is hot.’  After the Idol tour is over, he’s looking to get his debut album out as soon as possible and is shooting for the first quarter of next year.

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