Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

A different perspective

NY Post political columnist John Podhoretz analyzes Chris’s loss as if it were a failed political campaign.  He makes some very interesting points:

“And this is what explains Chris Daughtry’s stunning loss this week on American Idol. He has a distinctive voice and distinctive appeal. The problem is that he never broadened his base very much. If you liked him from the start, you stayed with him – which is why he remained solidly among the top contenders through most of the show’s run.

But if you didn’t much like his sound when there were still 9 contestants remaining, you weren’t suddenly going to decide you liked his sound when there were only 4 remaining.

The key to winning “American Idol” isn’t being overwhelmingly popular in the early stages. The key is having a sound that makes it possible for you to pick up votes from people whose favorites have gotten booted off the show. Because if you don’t get those votes, somebody else is going to get them.

Taylor Hicks has a distinctive sound and style that are clearly very pleasing to millions. But I think he’s a little like Daughtry. If he’s your favorite, he’s been your favorite for a long time – and he needs to be the second favorite for McPhee’s fans to win.

But McPhee’s sound is probably closer to Elliot Yamin’s. Thus, according to the logic of coalition-building that is at the heart of both American politics and Fox’s pop-culture phenomenon, Elliot Yamin will be the next American Idol.”

The inability to pick up votes from eliminated contestants could also explain why Ace Young started strong, but then failed to pick up steam as the competition progressed.  The entire article is a really interesting read, and sheds a whole new light on why some contestants succeed and others don’t.


completely different perspective

While Mr. Podhoretz believes Elliott will win because he’s picking up votes from eliminated contestants, Paula thinks he will win, because she’s made America see the light! Yep, that’s pretty much what Paula said

“I am going to be honest with you – I want Elliott to win. I feel like I changed the face of the competition by making America wake up and see the talent that Elliott possesses.”

Alrighty then. Paula must have missed this poll.  According to which, only 6% of AI voters respect Paula Abdul’s opinion.  Looks like Pauler’s in need of a clue.


Some others weigh in

A bunch of different folks–including Season 3 finalist,  Jon Peter Lewis and Jacob Clifton from Television Without Pity–offer opinions on why Chris Daughtry was eliminated in this article.  Jacob Clifton’s thoughts echo John Podhoretz’s political analysis from the NY Post article:

“It’s a question of motivation to vote outside your fanbase: Are you going to vote for Chris even though you never vote for Chris?” he asked. “Or, indeed, if you never vote at all? No. But for Elliott and Taylor [Hicks], that’s what happened. Chris stayed in his element … and it was his time to go. His self-defined niche wasn’t creative or flexible enough to stick with the weekly themes.”

Chris’s post-boot interviews reveal a contestant who believed his own hype.  He lost his edge, and it showed in his competant but predictable performances.  That effort just wasn’t enough to compete with 3 very talented performers.  Chris needed to approach each performance as if it were his last on the Idol stage.  I think Elliott and Taylor did just that.  Voters responded by pushing them into the Top 2.


I would have won this bet  I forked over 20 bucks to a co-worker this morning who bet me a rocker would not win AI this year. Damb.

Here is Fuel’s response to fans regarding their offer to Chris Daughtry to front the band:

“Normally, obviously, we would never even think about anyone from Am Idol as a singer for Fuel. However, ever since Chris sang Hemorrhage on the show, we began paying attention. Sorry, the show’s not my thing, but at least most of the finalist can sing and aren’t Britney Spearing it up there. However, Chris in my opinion has carried himself well on the show and has stayed true to his rock side, which is a serious credit to him considering the format. We have found some great guys through the audition process and in fact, were already headed in other directions when Chris unexpectedly got voted off the show. The phones started ringing. So now what? I think anyone would say that we would at least have to entertain the idea of Chris and Fuel. The websites have been flooded with support for the idea ever since he sang Hemorrhage from most of you. So that is what we are doing. We are entertaining the idea and the offer to Chris was that we would be willing to entertain him as an option. However, there is a lot to discuss and be decided. Is it right for us? Would it be the right thing for Chris? Would he even be able to get out of the contractual obligations to Am Idol? Would we be able to get things squared with Sony? So nothing is cut and dry, even if both camps thought it was right thing to do, it still might be impossible to work out all the details. Chris and I have discussed the possibility before and we are still entertaining the idea. Either way, never fear, we are coming with a great lead singer very soon who we are very excited about and rolling out a record this year.”

First, they have to make sure everyone knows: We got cred, man. AI isn’t our thing.  But they sure aren’t above attempting to piggyback ride the show’s popularity.  Notice how vague and non-committal this message is: “We are entertaining the idea and the offer to Chris was that we would be willing to entertain him as an option.”  That’s what they appeared on Extra to announce? Does that sound like an offer to you?  

I called it.  Publicity Stunt.  okthanxbye

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