Big Brother 16 Eviction #2 – Liveblog and Discussion

Hey guys! Kyle is unable to liveblog the eviction tonight , so I’m stepping in. I’m so sorry that there wasn’t a recap for last night’s show. To catch you guys up for tonight , Devin won the Power of Veto and used it on Brittany and nominated Zach in her place. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Will it be Paola or Zach? Who will become the new Heads of Household? Join me in the comments as I liveblog tonight’s eviction.

And the show is live! Julie greets us in the studio and says that if you name your alliance The Bomb Squad it’s bound to blow up. We then go to a recap of this week’s action with Zach and other Bomb Squad members talking about wanting to see Devin walk out the door. Zach admits to Devin that this is true making himself a target for Devin. We also learend that the final members of Team America are Derrick and Frankie. This are good choices, America. Devin won the Power of the Veto and used it to save Brittany and nominate Zach in her place. We will also see the explosive fallout of the Power of Veto meeting.

We then go to the Power of Veto meeting. Brittany and Zach decide they want to address the house. Brittany then tells the houseguests that she knew that Paola would throw the Battle of the Block competition. Paola is then Brittany’s target and Paola basically says that she hates Devin and Paola denies throwing the Battle of the Block competition. Devin tries to explain himself and Paola goes off on him even more. It’s then Zach’s turn.

He says that Paola is awful and Devin throws other Bomb Squad members under the bus including Frankie and Caleb. The houseguests are shocked at his behavior. Zach and Frankie then talk to try to smooth things over but Frankie is skeptical about him. We then go to Zach and Paola in the backyard and they go at it about the Battle of the Block competition. Devin tries to get Hayden in the Bomb Squad and comes clean about everything have to do with the alliance. Hayden accepts the offer to join the Bomb Squad.

We then come back to the show with Zach trying to damage control. Derrick is for keeping Zach since he’ll go after Devin. Derrick gives Zach ideas to get people’s votes to keep him. Team America meeting with Derrick, Donny, and Frankie and Frankie wants to get rid of Zach. Derrick and Caleb then meet about the vote. Derrick tells Caleb that Zach would only go after Devin if he stayed in the house and won Head of Household. Frankie tells Devin that Zach is staying in the house and Devin removes himself from the Bomb Squad. Coming up the live vote and eviction.

It is now time for speeches from the 2 nominees. Paola basically says that everyone in the house is awesome and throws Devin under the bus. It is now Zach’s turn and mentions his family and tells the house that Devin is his target.

Jocasta votes to evict Zach.Brittany votes to evict Paola. Derrick votes to evict Paola. Donny votes to evict Zach. The vote is a 2-2 tie.

More votes after the break.

Caleb votes to evict Paola . Amber votes to evict Paola .Hayden votes to evict Paola . Cody votes to evict Paola .Frankie votes to evict Paola . Nicole votes to evict Paola .Christine votes to evict Paola .Victoria votes to evict Paola .

*Paola is evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 10-2*. Time for her interview with Julie. She blames Devin for eviction. Goodbye message time. Messages are shown from Zach, Jocasta, Devin, and Donny. Donny’s message was super sweet. Up next; The Head of Household competition.

It is now time for the Heads of Household competition. The Head of Household competition is called “Underwater Polo” The houseguests will hit the ball to a slot with a number from 0-29. The 2 houseguests with the highest #s will become the Heads of Household. Amber gets a 17. Cody gets a 17. Caleb gets a 21 and takes the lead. Frankie gets a 24 and takes the lead. Christine gets a 4. Nicole gets a 29 and takes the lead. Victoria gets a 12. Brittany gets a 16. Zach gets a 8. Donny gets a 20. Hayden gets a 17. Jocasta gets a 22.  Derrick gets a 28. Derrick and Nicole are the 2 Heads of Household!! Julie then mentions that all the houseguests are wearing activity trackers that are bound to impact the game. Julie then ends the show.

Which Head of Household will remain in power? Who will they nominate for eviction? Tune in Sunday to find out!