Idol Appearances

Idol Appearances

Live with Regis and Kelly:

Taylor Hicks,  Tuesday, May 30
Katharine McPhee,  Wednesday, May 31
Elliott Yamin,  Thursday, June 1

The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Taylor Hicks,   Friday, June 2

The TODAY Show:

Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks are scheduled for next Thursday, June 1.  They’ll be performing live from the Plaza.

The Early Show:

Katharine McPhee, Thursday, June 1

Music Director, Michael Orland’s My Space lists the Idol’s upcoming appearances.

Some News

Lisa Bernhard of Fox News brings back a little Idol gossip from Hollywood. A few excerpts: Thanks xocys

  • The card Ryan Seacrest is handed when he reveals the winner is blank.  Producers tell Ryan who the winner is early in the day.  That whole deal with the auditor handing him the results is just for show.
  • David Foster told Katharine McPhee right before the finale that she was better off not winning. According to the article, “He thought this would allow her to develop her artistry more fully, rather than coming straight out of the Idol mold.”
  • Simon pulled Katharine aside after the show Tuesday and asked her if what he said about Taylor winning was ok.  She said she was fine and then they hugged.  Awww. 


Nigel Lythgoe interview

Here’s Nigel Lythgoe’s wrap-up interview with  He spent a lot of time talking about his new dance show, so I’m not going to transcribe it.

In a nutshell:  Nigel said that Idol winner Taylor Hicks is unique.  He didn’t think Taylor always chose the best songs, but most of the time he gave a good performance.  The interviewer thinks Taylor will do well as a live act, but wonders if he’ll sell a lot of records.  Nigel thinks “it will depend on the songs he and the record company decide to put out there.”  Nigel emphasized what a great live act Taylor is. 

Nigel is going to continue to do interviews with throughout the summer for those who are interested.  They’ll talk mainly about Nigel’s show So You Think You Can Dance.

Idol Singles

This USAToday article about how the Idol songs were chosen is a few days old, but worth posting.

“Idol executives have mulled over more than 150 potential singles since January, narrowing the choices in recent weeks to match the remaining competitors, says 19 Entertainment’s Iain Pirie, who oversees the process. The song has to work as a climactic moment on the show but also be something that potential music buyers want to keep listening to, he says.

The song needs to be ‘appropriate to whoever the artists are in the finale, ‘ Pirie says. ‘Lyrically, it has to reflect certain things, (including) the emotional journey the person has gone through.'”

Thanks a Bunch…

I’d like to send a big THANK YOU and shout out to all my readers.  Initially, I figured I’d be lucky to have a handful of people checking in.  I never imagined in a million years that so many people would find their way here.  I’m really flattered.  It’s been fun.

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This summer I will continue to blog about Idol.  I plan on covering the Summer Tour.  In fact, I have tickets (actually, the seats aren’t good, but I’m working on it) for the opening show in Manchester, NH and I hope to bring back photos, video and good stories.   I’ll also be covering the comings and goings of the ex-idols now that there’s time.  And when the auditions begin in August, I’m going to be all over that.

I’m open to ideas and suggestions for what to cover in the off-season.  Just shoot me an email or leave a comment.  Folkgirl left a great idea in comments:  She suggested readers share their tour experiences.  Once the tour starts,   I’ll take submissions from readers and post them here, along with pictures and video if you got ’em.  The summer will be slow, but it doesn’t have to be boring…

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