Spoiler Scorecard

So you guys won’t believe it.  I got home from work a little before 8…and my cable was out.  Again.  Did not get to see tonight’s show….again.  Ugh.  The cable technician who helped me on the phone asked for the URL to my site.  He loves idol.  He felt terrible I was missing it. Heh.

My re-cap is definitely going to be late.

But stay tuned…

In the meantime…

Spoiler Scorecard 

Katharine McPhee performed “Someone to Watch over Me” rather than “The Way You Look Tonight”.  I posted that as rumor, and once a kind reader posted the actual quote from the “Dallas Morning News”,   I was able to correct that right before the show aired.

However, the Chris Daughtry spoilers turned out to be so wrong, wrong, wrong,   And since I didn’t post that as “rumor” and even mentioned that Chris’s camp confirmed it, I have to apologize.  Sawry.

For those keeping score, Chris did not sing “Night and Day”.  He sang “What a Wonderful World.”  And, he didn’t perform last.  He performed first.

The other 5 contestant’s song choices were spoiled successfully–with a little help from Fox news.