So Long Ace

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So Long Ace


  • About Simon, “Simon is the type of guy who will give you a backhanded compliment. That’s just how he is. He’s very straightforward, and I think America loves him for that. The whole world loves him for that. After the show he came up to me and shook my hand and gave me a hug and said, ‘I have a feeling that I’m going to see a lot of you.’ I smiled and said, ‘I’m going to hold you to two things: After I sang ‘Father Figure, ‘ you said, ‘You definitely have the X factor and it’s obvious you’re a star.’ ‘And he looked me right in the eye and smiled and said, ‘I hope you do. You earned that.'”
  • About the editing of the Brian May/Queen segment, “I was definitely concerned. All I could do was field all the fury from my family and friends. They were really worried. I have to thank Brian May for coming out and supporting me and doing what he did. He really spoke up for me, and I really appreciate that.”
  • About breaking up in to two groups, “I thought it was really hard on Taylor. I’m sure his fans like other people as well, so for him to pick, I’m sure it was hard on them. When I saw Chris in my group, I thought I was safe. I received good statements from the judges. When we found out we were the bottom three, I was more surprised that Chris was in the bottom three. It was a good wake-up call for his fans.”
  • Who he’ll miss the most, “I think most of all I’ll miss the judges, because I’ll see all the top 10 again for the whole summer. As for tightness, I’m really close with Chris. We’ve been close since Denver. And I felt like a big brother to Lisa and Paris and even to Kevin. And I’m going to miss Kevin since he won’t be on the tour. But I’m really going to miss the judges because they’ll be working on the next show when we do the tour. So I guess I’ll see them on an equal ground.”

It’s interesting that contestants generally have nice things to say about Simon–even the ones he was really hard on–after they leave the show.  I see this time and time again.

Ace thought he was safe when he saw Chris in his group, but I have to say, when he was finally eliminated, he didn’t look surprised and he took it really well. 

Interview with

  • How he felt about performing “That’s All”, “I felt really good about the performance. For the first time in a long time I received good remarks from judges. And I got to buy my first suit ever. I bought it with my own money and one of my friend’s money.”
  • About the suit, “…it was $2, 000 suit…It was [Alexander] McQueen. I got to get all cleaned up. My grandparents were at the show. My grandpa is 88. My grandma is in her 80s. My parents came out from Colorado. And my brother Ryan is always there. You can’t miss him. He’s the 6-foot-7 one.”
  • About his brother Ryan who attended every show, “Well, we’re the last two of five boys. We’re very close. He went through a big car accident when he was 20 and had to learn how to walk again. I’d come home from high school every day during lunch to be with him. I’d sit next to him and we’d talk. After getting over that and being able to dunk a basketball again, he moved out to California two and a half years ago to be with me. I wouldn’t be here without him.”
  • On thinking he was safe, “Yeah, he [Simon] said my performance was charming. Anything positive from him is a backhanded compliment. I was blown away that he said anything nice. Last night was really nice for me because I really thought I was safe. I was standing next to Chris and Paris. We all got praise from the judges. And then when Ryan said we were the bottom three, the first thing that ran through my mind was, ”Wow. I can’t believe Chris is in the bottom three.”
  • About his hair, “I enjoy it. I enjoy having it. I like feeling it fall wherever God wants to let it fall. If people want me to cut it I will. If people start talking about it too much or not listening to what I’m saying or singing, I’ll get rid of it.”
  • About his fans, “If you voted for me I’m going to hug you. I’m the youngest of five; I’ve always been the underdog, fighting for recognition. I had four older brothers who were gifted athletes, so I was always the one entertaining in the house. I was the one who settled the mood.”
  • About the future, “I can’t wait to see what opportunities come my way — modeling, acting, music, fundraisers. Even my personal life, I can’t wait to see who knocks on my door.”
  • Will he be watching and voting?, “Yeah, I’m going to vote, but based on the performances. I’m not going to stick to one person. You’re going to have to fight for my vote.”