Corrections and Clarifications

Corrections and clarifications to my recap from last night.

  •  …mostly thought Kat or Kellie was a goner should have read  …mostly thought Kat or Paris was a goner.  That mistake has been corrected.
  • Kellie and Paris were in a stastistical dead heat in the DialIdol predictions, as some posters have correctly pointed out here.

ETA:  Geez, I just had to make corrections to my corrections!  I need more sleep.

Kids, I think this year’s Top 5 might be the best Top 5 evah. 

In past years, by now, most of my favorites would be gone and I’d just be tapping my fingers waiting for the finale.  Not this year.  Not only are all my favorites still in it,   but the five who remain are extremely talented.  Each one brings a unique spin to the competition.

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming shows.  Oh yeah, I am…