Top 10 Results

Top 10 Results show – Semi-Finals

The Usual Suspects.  

A picture named PointyPoseTop10Semis2.jpgOh Pointy Pose, how do I love thee!!! Tonight’s group sing was awesome.   Cheesy choreography is back, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.   YAY.  Plenty of awkward dancing, missed cues, and  pointy poses like you see pictured left are what make the group sings highly entertaining, in my oh-so-humble opinion.   Otherwise?   Meh.  Tonight the kids sang “Love the One You’re With” with the girls singing lead vocals.   I could watch that video over and over again…and probably will.

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After recaps ‘o plenty–gotta find a way to fill up that hour–Carrie Underwood, last years winner,  took the stage to sing her hit country single “Jesus Take the Wheel.”   Carrie’s got the pipes, but I find her virtually personality-free.   She’s selling lots of records, though, and that’s what counts.A picture named Bottom3Top10SemiResults.jpg


Finally, after another commercial break, the eliminations begin.   The girls were first, and really I was expecting no surprises, and didn’t get any.   Heather Cox, Brenna Gethers and Kinnik Sky were bottom three this week.  



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Brenna Gethers (right)  was the first one eliminated, and then Heather Cox (below)  after the break. Both got to perform their songs again as a farewell.   Man, it’s gotta be hard to sing  after being eliminated–especially to sing the song that got you kicked off the show.

Both eliminations were not only  expected, but correct.   Neither Brenna nor Heather  had brought much to the competition.   Brenna’s role seemed to be purely to provide  comic relief and good television moments.   Heather just never found her footing and was  unable to separate herself from the pack.   Generic is a word I’d use to describe her.    Kinnik, though struggling,  has had her moments–she deserves another week.

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After the girls eliminations, it was time for the boys.    The guys’ eliminations weren’t as easy to predict as the girls–no surprise they were  saved for last.    A number of male  contestants were vulnerable this week–there were no clear picks.



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In the bottom three this week were, Kevin Covais,  David Radford and Sway.  (right)   These three would have been my personal picks, with Kevin and Sway going.  



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However, first  David Radford (left) and then  Sway  (below) were the male contestants saying goodbye.   David and Sway both had the opportunity to sing-out, just like the girls.   As David finished his song,  was joined on stage by the whole cast.   And while Sway performed,  the camera flashed to his  heartbroken parents sitting in the audience.



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If you had told me two or three weeks ago, that Sway wouldn’t make the Top 12, I would have been surprised.   He seemed to have  some early buzz and to be an early favorite of the judges.   In fact, he sailed through the Hollywood rounds despite having performed poorly there.   His slide was pretty fast–the drubbing he took from all three judges certainly helped to seal his fate.

David had struggled throughout the competition.   Even his initial audition was rough.   But, I think the producers felt at the time that he had potential–and that coupled with  his cute looks, he could maybe be a break-out star.   The judges, especially Randy were tough.   And after each review, David would look crestfallen, like someone had killed his puppy.   He just wasn’t mature enough to handle the stress.    It was time for him to go home.   Sweet kid–not ready for  prime time.

As Ryan addressed each of the guys on the couch, before telling them if they were safe or not,   he asked each one if they thought they’d be in the bottom three.   Ugh.   What kind of a no-win question is that?    A yes answer sounds like a lack of confidence, a no might appear arrogant.   Each contestant  just squirmed a bit and mostly answered with different variations of “I don’t know.”   I felt for Elliott Yamin as he struggled to answer, clearly not accustomed to being put on the spot with incredibly stupid questions.  Somehow, as cynical as I am, I just can’t get on board with humiliating these kids.   It’s neither fun, nor funny.

Next week is the last of the semis.   After which,  I get my Thursday’s back.   Hooray.