Some Spoilers

ETA:  Here is what “Jim” actually posted in the Soul Patrol thread at

“I’m fairly superstitious, so i’m not sure if I like this new place. But for once in my life, I found something else that just might work.”

Interpret that as you’d like.  Some folks think the song is Stevie’s “For Once In My Life”

Thanks to Lisa for posting the exact quote here.

More from “Jim” (thanks cheese)

“He’ll deliver a great performance. Then, after its wrapped up, everyone will be wanting his autograph.”

Pffft.  Now he’s just playin’ with us.  Considering this was posted at the Official Forums,  maybe it’s really a Fox Operative trying to throw us off the scent.  Hee.

Kidding aside,  “Jim” successfully spoiled Taylor’s song last week, even before I did (I had my own sources).  But,  I would say at this time, there are NO concrete spoilers for Taylors song.   I’ll wait for something more definitive, thanks.

At this point in the week, song choices aren’t necessarily set in stone.