Goodbye Melissa

Interviews with Top 12 Idol bootee,  Melissa McGhee.  From a conference call.  More from  An interview with Entertainment Weekly

  • On forgetting the words to “Lately”,   “I think it weighed a lot on the actual decision because America is not that forgiving and it was definitely nerves.  I started thinking about my lyrics way, way, way too much when I got onstage.  I just started thinking about them way too much and it threw me off.”
  • Her last minute song selection,   “What happened was I was going to do “Ribbon in the Sky” but then I kind of doubted myself on the song.  And then I went down and picked “Superstition” and it was just a big mess because it was someone’s original song and then they didn’t want to do it and then they wanted to do it again.  So then I ended up going back to “Lately.”  So, it was a big mess.”
  • Regarding the importance of screen time, “I think that when it’s put in a position where you haven’t had that much face time, you have to bring it every single week because you don’t have that – You don’t have that little extra cushion to kind of maybe not do as well as you normally would or had a bad night, and for your fan base to pick it up for you.  So you can’t have a bad night.  You have to bring it every night and that’s kind of how I feel about it.”
  • On how she got through the performance after the flub, “It was tough, but I actually ended up laughing at myself. Other people on the show were like, “If that were me, I totally would have just stopped and cried.” But I just kept going and making up words, and my goal by that time was just to make it through.”
  • Who she roomed with, “Mandisa. It’s a two-bedroom. I was roomed with Mandisa with double beds and Kat and Kellie were across the hall…Just thank God they didn’t put me and Kellie together. We’re both such slobs.”
  • About Kevin Covais dissing Simon, “We were all so shocked. When we heard that we were like, Whoa. We were not expecting that one from him.”
  • Were the judges fair, “With the comments they make it’s hard to not let them eat away at you. The week Simon told me I was going home I let that eat at me for the next two days. It’s just real tough. But they have their opinions.”
  • About her future, “This show has opened my eyes and made me realize it is possible to have a recording career. It’s not just a dream; It can be achieved. I’m going to try to go the music way with it, put down some original songs, and try to do the recording option.”