Latest Spoiler Rumors

Ok, peeps.  I have a bunch of stuff to post.

Latest Spoiler rumor flying around the boards (and THANK YOU to Rootin, who posted the info here earlier this evening–I wish I coulda blogged it sooner!) is that Taylor Hicks will perform Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” for tomorrow night’s Fabulous 50’s with the Idols!  “Not Fade Away” is one of my favorite Buddy Holly Tunes, So I hope the rumor is true.

This bit of info comes…via Taylor’s grandmother–supposedly.  Here is a direct quote from one of Taylor’s Yahoo Fan Groups:

“I got word from a great source ( his grandmother) look for Taylor tomorrow night sporting a blue suit with white shoes ha ha it has to do with the whole 50’s theme. She also told me it is 50’s night but the whole cast was flown to Vegas to see Barry perform. He has just recently released a brand new 50’s album. He will be doing Buddy Holly and I think the song is Never Fade Away, it should be really good!”

The spoiler didn’t get the song name right….hmmmm.  But I’ll check out the source to see if I can get anything more definitive.  Thanks kids!

Odds and Ends

Idols in Las Vegas

Some Idol sightings in Las Vegas, reported in the LA Las Vegas Blog, Movable Buffet:  “Norm reports seeing Bucky Covington and Taylor Hicks at Rain (the hot nightclub at the Palms) on Saturday. Tuesday’s Idol is going for a 50’s theme. The specifics are hush-hush. But I hear rehearsals were being held on the Hilton’s stage over the weekend with Hilton Headliner Barry Manilow probably offering some sage advice.”

Also, some interesting tidbits about past Idol guest judge, Neil Sedaka: “Sedaka told me he felt “American Idol” had brought his music to young people and it was the first time his sort of music had had access to the youth market since, well, the British Invasion. In fact, he seemed particularly enraptured with Clay Aiken and wanted to produce a record for him.”

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Behold the Power of Cheese

Here is an interesting article about why Idol attracts so many female fans:

“‘The music is secondary, ‘ says Robert Thompson of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University. ‘The real pull is watching people grab for the brass ring. They’re climbing the ladder. This is the great American story.'” 

“‘They build up interest in the contestants so there’s a lot of emotional attachment, ‘ Thompson says. ‘You care who gets voted off. It’s a soap opera.'”

Excellent points…but I know plenty of guys who like the Idol too…