Hollywood Auditions Season Six

Hollywood Auditions Season Six

Check out the  Season 6 spoiler thread  at Idol Forums.   Idol Maniac  has done some research (with the help of his fellow posters) and identified  10 contestants who made it past the 3rd round to Hollywood.  

Also, check out the comments on Hollywood contestant  Jonathan Pilgrim’s  MySpace–the contestants received e-mails from the producers on October 25.   They flew out to Hollywood, according to the comments, on Sunday October 12.

Idol Maniac  has also compiled a list of  confirmed contestants who  passed the 1st and second rounds.   There are tons of pictures and links to My Space, Music and web pages posted on the thread.     The IDF kids had some great spoiler info last year.   I suggest keeping an eye on that  link if you dig  spoilers…

Here are 10  probable Hollywood contestants:

A picture named TonyFoster4aab.jpg

Tony Foster
Audition City: San Antonio Texas







A picture named JonathanPilgrim1.jpgJonathan Pilgrim
Audition City: San Antonio, Texas
Audition Song: “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” by James Taylor
Age 18
Residence: Garland, Texas
My Space

A picture named BrandonRogers1.jpg

Brandon Rogers
Audition City: Los Angeles, California
Audition Songs: “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder and “Moving On” by Rascal Flatts
My Space
Music MySpace


A picture named JordanBuckeya.jpg

Jordan Buckey
Audition City: Birmingham, Alabama
Age: 17

A picture named MichaelPreston6a.jpg

Michael “Mike” Preston
Audition City: San Antonio, Texas
My Space






A picture named Nundhia2aa.jpg

Nundhia Clearwater
Audition City: Los Angeles, California
Audition Song: “Lately” by Stevie Wonder
Age: 22
Residence: Los Angeles, California
My Space
Artist Launch
Band Nation
Waterfall Page


A Boy Like That
Don’t Wanna Lose You
More Than Love
Puppets on a String
Solamente’ Tu
What’s It Gonna Be

A picture named SabrinaScherffa.jpgSabrina N. Scherff
Audition City: Minneapolis, Minnesota

According to Idol Forums, She has been in the  broadway and touring production of Hairspray.  And, also cast in the new LA production of Sister Act    She had to drop the show for Idol.   He’s a review  from the September 9, 2003 production of Hairspray:

The Supremes-like Dynamites (Deidre Lang, Nraca and Sabrina N. Scherff) are just that: dynamite. Songs such as “Welcome to the ’60s” and “You Can’t Stop the Beat’ are memorable, as are Vilanch’s ‘Timeless to Me, ‘ a duet featuring Vilanch and Todd Susman, who plays Edna’s husband.

Kylie Bunbury
Audition City: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Audition City: San Antonio, Texas

Spencer Bell
Audition City: Birmingham, Alabama
Age: 28
Residence: Hamilton