‘Nashville’ – Episode 4 – 10/31/2012 – Recap

Hey guys, it’s SirMac here, filling in for Windmill and recapping ABC’s Nashville tonight. Don’t worry, I’m 100% up to date on this show, and it’s definitely one of the best new shows of the season. My favorite characters are Rayna, Juliet, and Deacon. I think that dynamic between the three of them is what is carrying the show. I’m not a fan of Powers Boothe as Rayna’s father (I would write him out of the show), or the Cory Monteith knock off that’s playing Gunnar.

The episode opens with a little scene between Rayna and Deacon making out in bed. Then Rayna wakes up. I suppose we can all hope that it was just a dream. At breakfast, Rayna talks with her sister about her husbands campaign, before being alerted by her daughter about Juliet’s new viral video. Later that day, Rayna is talking with Teddy about how his campaign isn’t going well, and how she would like to hear this stuff from Teddy, and not her sister. Rayna is still planning to help out Teddy. Deacon is trying to do his own thing, when Bucky calls him and pulls him back in for Rayna’s performance at the country club. Later, Rayna is surprised when Bucky tells her that Deacon is on board for the performance.

Later, Rayna is at the country club and runs into Peggy (guest star Kimberly Williams Paisley), and it’s awkward and we don’t know why. At the country club, Rayna is stressed out, and is looking for a cigarette to hold and wondering why Deacon isn’t here. Finally, Deacon shows up, and Lamar berates him for not dressing up. Deacon says he’s only there for Rayna. Teddy decides to back Lamar in the fight, and it escalates quickly (really, I don’t even remember what the fight was about). During the actual dinner, Lamar starts off with a speech supporting Teddy. Lamar then introduces Rayna, who starts singing. I’m guessing this song is called “Changing Round” or something like that. During the song, Teddy is making eye contact with Peggy. Uh oh. Deacon also stares at Teddy like he wants to beat the crap out of him.

After the performance, Rayna and Deacon talk about the fight earlier. Surprisingly, Rayna decides to chastise Deacon for the fight. I’m not sure what’s happening. The fight seemed to be stupid in the first place, and it’s being blown into some MASSIVE plot device, when I think the fight was about Deacon not dressing up. Rayna cries, Deacon asks if they’re done (and we are led to believe that it means for good). At home, Teddy says he can’t deal with it anymore. Rayna says she’s firing Deacon. Later, Teddy gets into the car with Peggy, and they start talking about “secrets” and “coming clean” but Teddy shuts that down. They don’t actually kiss or anything in the scene, so it COULD be leading, but they’re probably having an affair.

Over at Casa Juliet, our lovely songstress is served with a notice that she’s being charged for her shoplifting from last weeks episode, and that 4 million people have watched the video of her shoplifting. Finally, Juliet reaches a breaking point with her mom and decides to try and leave her compound, but is stopped at the gate by the millions of reporters blocking her ability to leave. Yay for paparazzi! The next day, Juliet’s publicist shows up with ideas of how to start spinning this, including GMA, but Juliet refuses saying she needs to just focus on the tour. Later, Juliet is trying on a dress that she says looks poor. She tries to argue with her manager Glenn, who sets her straight on just how serious that shoplifting charge was, finally putting her in her place. She lost a presenting gig at the CMA awards because of that. Finally, Juliet caves and agrees to do Good Morning America.

Later, Juliet’s mom tries to bring her “pink macaroni”, and Juliet goes off on her and ends up dumping her mom’s bag all over the floor and finding a picture of her mom holding her when she was a baby. I don’t know what it is, but the actress playing Juliet’s mom in this episode looks like a different person than the previous episodes… am I crazy? Juliet’s publicist preps her for the GMA interview, Juliet is obviously having a really rough time with this whole thing, and she struggles with being the person her publicist wants her to be. Juliet does a satellite interview with Robin Roberts. Juliet denies that she was shoplifting and blames the video on people being jealous of her fame. She says she put the nail polish in her purse so it wouldn’t fall out of the basket. She then tears off her mic on live TV when Robin asks her about her mother being arrested. Juliet’s team does NOT look happy. Later, her team is trying to do damage control when her manager finally delivers the bad news. The tour is off.

Juliet’s manager has a one-on-one meeting with her where he says he doesn’t think they’re working. He says the interview was bad for her. She begs with him not to give up on her. She wants her tour back, and she swears she’ll listen to him. He asks her why she did it in the first place. She says she used to do it as a kid, and it made her feel like she could take care of herself when nobody else would. He agrees to stick around, but she has to listen to him. He tells her to call a friend, she says she doesn’t have any friends. He leaves Juliet to enjoy her pity party by herself. She calls Deacon while eating the pink macaroni. He asks her if she’s doing anything right now, and she smiles. Then the episode ends.

Our little Scarlett finds herself worried about her recording contract, and starts making out with boyfriend Avery, when duet partner Gunnar comes in with the good news that they got the contract. Later, Scarlett and Gunnar are given a tour of the recording studio. Gunnar starts helping him to stuff in the kitchen, and tries to eat the yogurt belonging to Haley, and the two get to flirting. At dinner that night, Gunnar is telling his story to Haley, Haley’s boss, Scarlett, and Avery. Then Scarlett tells hers, and she’s very simple. Avery is having a tough time, obviously, dealing with Scarlett being the center of attention. Avery and Scarlett are walking home later, when Avery goes off on her about how he doesn’t need her help on promoting his music, and “since when did you become the writer?” I’m wondering if Avery breaks up with Scarlett, is there a reason for him to be on the show?

Later, Gunnar wakes up in bed with Haley. She gives Gunnar an out and says it can just be a one time thing. Outside Gunnar’s place, Scarlett pulls up (I don’t know why) and sees Gunnar walking out with Haley. Instead, Scarlett goes and talks to Deacon, who says it isn’t easy being the one struggling to keep up (Avery). At home, Scarlett tries to get Avery to talk to her about it. She doesn’t want to feel bad about the deal, and she would love to have Avery support her like she supports him. He says he’s trying, but his attitude in this scene is still stand offish. At the recording studio, Haley finds a ton of the yogurt that she likes in there, and Gunnar obviously put them in there for her. Guess this isn’t just a one night stand.

Looks like next week’s episode is a doozy, with everyone finding out what happens behind closed doors. Well, that’s Nashville for this week. Sound off in the comments below. Did you enjoy it? Are you sticking around for more Nashville? Let me know if you enjoyed the recap.

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