X Factor UK: JLS – “Hottest Girl In The World” – Music Video

JLS released music video for the lead single of their 4th album.

X Factor UK season 5 runner-ups JLS are releasing their 4th album in 4 years this fall. This time, they are going back to more RnB sound that could be heard on their debut album. Remember “Beat Again”?

Their 4th album is called “Evolution” (November 5th) and the lead single is “Hottest Girl In The World” (October 21st).

I guess the boys heard Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” and thought they can rip off Justin Timberlake’s sound better than the Biebs?

Last week JLS performed at iTunes Festival.

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  • Listening

    Ummm I feel bad b/c I feel like i’m just gonna dump all over JLS and I actually think they’re talented and good singers. I saw a few vids of them touring w/ their first album material, which I liked cause they danced around sang well and put on a performance. Oh and I saw a couple of interviews and they were adorable and funny.

    Okay now for the bad stuff, first off the lyric “How does it feel to be the hottest girl in the world right now…” is kind of cheesy like a pick up line. Then I really dislike when they sing in their higher range what is that falsetto? Yeah they should never do that again it sounded wrong just stupid. Maybe b/c they sung too much of the song in that style if they’d just pick and choice a few places it would of worked much better. Also the actual video looked cheep, didn’t seem like much effort was put into it. It seemed bare just alot of empty space around them which made the minimalism of the video more apparent.

    I like the direction they tried to go though seemed real urban w/ some attitude.

  • http://www.facebook.com/huba.buba.545 Huba Buba

    They tried so hard to sound like J. Timberlake and yet failed so badly.

  • girlygirltoo

    Did they write this after “Boyfriend” came out? It doesn’t sound like the Bieber song in terms of melody/rhythm, but the idea/concept is very similar.

    The chorus hook is way too cheesy. But it’s cool to see a boy group try to do something more urban/rhythmic sounding.

    Glad to see a boy group that can actually dance. Has JLS ever tried to break into the US?

  • http://twitter.com/MissGolightly22 No Thanks

    I actually REALLY like this song.  It’s the best they’ve ever sounded.  I read that they decided to go more R&B/Urban in order to take another crack at America.

    This just might work.

    You can go on and on about how “cheesy” the lyrics are.  But that’s what you get in today’s music.  Don’t expect anything deep.

  • Listening

    It reminded me of Justin Bieber’s song too. It’s mostly due to the
    concept but I really can’t blame them for that b/c hey there aren’t that
    many different themes to write about mostly we have trying to get w/
    someone, clubbing, or heartbreak. And the fact that it had a Justin
    Timberlake vibe just like Justin Bieber’s song did but I little more

    OH one more thing I thought they had the same lyric “I
    could be your Boyfriend” and I was like oh man Justin Bieber fan’s are
    gonna call you copy cats but after listening more closely I believe
    they’re saying ” I can be your TOYfriend”.

  • Nasstopher

    This has nothing to do with “Boyfriend”. I don’t know what you guys are talking about!
    JLS are back with a smashing single! Looking forward to the album!