X Factor: Around the World Competition Features Melanie Amaro

X Factor Special!

Remember World Idol? Something like that is happening in Indonesia on August 24th. 6 X Factor alums from 4 different countries will perform and they will be judged by 5 judges from 4 different countries!

JAHMENE DOUGLAS – 1st Runner Up THE X FACTOR UK season 9

LOUIS WALSH – Judge THE X FACTOR UK season 1-10


So, let’s sum it up: Indonesian TV channel that airs X Factor Indonesia is organizing this competition that includes their last winner and runner-up and 2 judges. And I guess only viewers in Indonesia will be allowed to vote … so the local girls will prevail. Yay for Louis and Paula!

Mateja Praznik

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  • hayes

    Whatever gets Melanie Amaro out of hiding, I guess.

  • NatSasic

    It’s a cool idea – I enjoyed World Idol all those many years ago – but the UK couldn’t even send a winner? They have 9 to choose from! Not to undermine Jahmene, he’s talented, but on paper it just looks like they don’t care.

  • BluSky

    The panel of judges doesn’t look fair to me – 2 from Indonesia and none from Australia

  • Mateja Praznik

    Heh, I kinda understand why UK isn’t sending a winner. The last winner, James Arthur is busy finishing up his debut album, due to be released this fall. Plus, he isn’t that good of a singer and I think Jahmene is better suited for the event.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Hahaha!! Wish I’d thought of posting this ? Lol…

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Really? IS this such a good idea? Doubt I’d watch it. No, I’m certain I would not.

  • girlygirl

    So if (when) Melanie loses, this will help her career exactly how? I’m not sure I’d agree to do this show if I won any of the versions of XF.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Unless you had nothing else on your plate…

  • ladymctech

    Paula must need the paycheck. After what Simon did to her, I’m not sure if I would have agreed to this if I were her.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Neither winning nor losing is likely to help Amaro’s career… but neither is anything else, really, so she might as well enjoy a trip to Indonesia and whatever the pay is for this gig. I hope the contestants get some time to enjoy a little tourism.

  • http://aquayers.blogspot.com aquayers

    Oh lawd,I know X Factor Indonesia is very popular show in my country and everyone I know watched that show but this news suprised me a bit. LOL.

  • catlover84

    Wow, I was surprised too when I found out about this. Yes I enjoyed X Factor Indonesia very much (much more than XFUS) and watched it every week. It was also the highest rated show here. But will it work?

    It seems like winning is not the main point. The network just wants to do a big show for its 24th anniversary. And this is pretty big. Well, I’ll probably end up watching it anyway. It will also bring attention to my country so I hope it’s gonna be good and not going to be embarrassing or anything.

  • pj

    Didn’t Melanie win 5 million? Or did I dream that? Invested properly, she isn’t hurting for money. Nor does it seem she’s going to be a pop star. Perhaps she likes competing?

  • b_james

    Omg. Why?

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Nobody is certain whether Amaro will ever see the full $5 million.

    Cowell claimed at the time of XFUSA S1 that the $5 million prize was separate from the major-label contract — unlike XFUSA S2, where it was a $5 million contract and unlike XFUSA S3, where it will be a $1 million contract. But there’s so much obscurity surrounding the issue that the actual truth is difficult to ascertain.

    Many hints have been dropped that it’s a $5 million annuity paid over some number of years, not a $5 million lump sum. If it’s a five-year period invested at 1.5%, she’d get about $1 million per year (before taxes, which would be substantial, but she still wouldn’t be picking coins out of the sofa). If the period’s longer, each payment is less. If there are conditions related to the payout, who knows?

    It’s possible that Amaro’s contract with XF says she has to participate in these things, if invited. Idol winners are required to say “yes” to certain Disney events.

  • bannanafish

    Is this a weekly elimination thing or a one-time singoff?

  • Mateja Praznik

    One-time sing off.

  • jpfan2

    Considering she never even released an album, Amaro has to be one of the worst investments Simon has made. It was obvious on the show she had no future in Pop so I can’t imagine why Simon pushed so hard for her. Weird.

  • Mateja Praznik

    How do you know that Simon was involved with her career after she won X Factor? She was handed over to Epic Records (US). Simon hardly has the time to listen to material that Syco’s acts release. He is too busy working on his TV shows.

  • kikileo

    Both her and Jermaine Paul(The Voice) have to be the saddest failures in talent show winners. Neither even got an album.

  • Mateja Praznik

    In terms of talent show winners, it’s definitely sad that they didn’t get to release an album. But failures? Melanie won the show, got recording contract. Label’s A&R handed her bad material. She recorded whatever she was given. But it looks like no one around her was even trying to do a decent job. Even the production of her songs was bad.

    But we don’t know what happened behind the scenes.

    In any case, albums get shelved in the music business. For various reasons. And artists get signed and dropped without even releasing anything.

  • Ari

    THis is so stupid. Random winners and runners up…Its not even ALL winners. I guess at least its good to know Melanie is still alive. I still am wondering why no media outlet has gotten an interview with her (unless her contract prevents it). I want to know what happened with her album, Simon, is she still getting a million dollars a year, has she given up on a music career etc? I didnt think her singles were that bad but she got no marketing.

  • Ari

    Well no one knows exactly what is going on with her or what her contract says. Maybe shes locked in for the 5 years of her 5 million who knows. If somehow she had a knockout ‘moment’ as they say and gave an incredible performance that created a youtube viral phenomenom, yes it would help

  • Ari

    Better than performing for a dictator in some country youve never heard of . maybe the gawdy jewelry on home shopping network didnt sell that well

  • Ari

    THATS Why I want someone to interview her. Isnt it strange that no one has interviewed her. m sure MJ could get a hold of her. NO Entertainment Weekly or Hollywood Reporter or USA Today or the other media that covered XFactor on a weekly basis? Something is still strange here

  • lkingcorn

    Isnt this like a day late and a dollar short? If I didn’t watch that first season of the X Factor, I seriously would not believe there was a Melonie Armo.

  • lkingcorn

    Simon probably cash poor considering all the multi million dollar homes he buys his lady friends.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Idol winners are required to say “yes” to certain Disney events.”

    I know that Kelly was contractually obligated to participate in “World Idol” and make “From Justin to Kelly”.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    “I’ll have a Moment on Indonesian TV and go viral worldwide” is a career plan in the same sense that “I’ll buy a lottery ticket and win the $6 million jackpot” is a retirement plan.

    The probability is not absolutely zero, but if this is the best ya got, you’re probably screwed.

  • kikileo

    I wonder if Melanie will be using her American accent or the Caribbean one(I think that’s what it was?).

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Jermaine Paul hasn’t had his album shelved permanently yet. Universal Republic started distributing another single on July 15 — it’s called “Next to You,” and it appears only to be available to DJs at the moment, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

    He’s starting a tour on August 22, though. For realz So while he’s not exactly being launched to superstardom… okay, he’s not even being launched to non-obscurity… he seems to be doing musician stuff.

  • Vetle Hovland

    This is so cool, but need more winners imo.

    Two from X Factor Australia? And why The Collective when Jason (I think that was his name, lol) got more votes… And they HAD to bring on Louis. Lol.

    I hope, and think that Samantha Jade got this! She’s one of the best winners I’ve seen from these competitions.

  • sjade_collector

    Current Australian judges will be busy with this year’s x factor with live shows starting in just over a week. Guy Sebastian is very busy recording his new album in LA, plus working with lupe fiasco on lupe’s album and he’s signed to an american record label too. Mel B is busy with Australia’s got talent. The only other former Australian judge i can think of is Natalie Imbruglia

  • sjade_collector

    Because Jason Owen’s career has pretty much failed. He’s pretty much touring pubs around the country now and he was one of the least talented finalists last year. The collective has had some minor chart success and based on their tweets their new single seems to get a lot of airplay in Indonesia.

  • sjade_collector

    The only one who’s going anywhere with their career here is Samantha Jade (and possibly to a lesser extent The Collective). Even none of the judges probably have much going for them. Surprised Samantha has time for this with writing her new album, acting in the INXS movie, designing her own jewellery line and mentoring on this year’s x factor australia at bootcamp. But indonesia isn’t too far from Australia i guess and they need at least one really high profile x factor contestant to appear so more money for her lol. Along with all the big gigs she’s been getting this year her net worth must have really expanded

  • Jakarta_Cyberpolice

    This will be interesting show ever. I hope this will explore every contestant to the world music industry, especially for Indonesians duo stars Fatin Shidqia and Novita Dewi.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Main promo for the show:


  • Axxxel

    Indonesia ? Wow ! Well well, with Apec in Bali and the Miss World finals in Indonesia as well…hhmm.. 2 thumbs up… and it is the Indonesian Independence day today for those who are using google and surprised by the red/white (=flag) colours and the eagle symbol.

  • Axxxel

    A work holiday in Indonesia… ?

  • Jason Gorny

    imo it should all be winners, not runner ups

  • surya


    see vidio.
    Fatin sidqia Lubis Xfactor Indonesia..
    AMAZING Voice..

  • Bluebeat

    Why not invite The Philippines?…