X Factor 2 News: Tate Stevens Heads to Nashville ( AND FINALE PHOTOS)

As most of you know by now, Tate Stevens unsurprisingly won X Factor 2! Here’s a roundup of post-show interviews! First things first. Check out NEW websites from Tate Stevens HERE and Fifth Harmony HERE. Notice the SYCO label at the bottom of the page! Carly Rose Sonenclar has her own website too HERE, but no  SYCO label. I’m wondering if it’s a management issue?

Tate Stevens told reporters on the red carpet that he and his family will be moving to Nashville after the 1st of the year, where he will be getting straight to work on his album. Besides the 5 million dollar record contract, Tate will also star in a Pepsi music video featuring his first original track that will premiere during the Grammy Awards.

Not making the same mistake he did when he delayed the release of music from season 1 winner, Melanie Amaro, Simon reveals that he had already enlisted producer John Shanks (Melissa Etheridge, Miley Cyrus, Take That) to begin preliminary work on his album.  A single will be released sooner rather than later.


Simon was looking for country singers – Simon Cowell said they PURPOSELY went in search of country singers this year, “We went out of our way to go into regions to encourage country singers this year, because I kept reading about people saying I don’t like country music. I don’t understand it that much because I’m a Brit, but I do like it and I understand how commercial it is,” he said. “So, I’m very happy that a country artist won the show and I think we’re going to now attract more country artists for next year.”

Tate is moving to Nashville after the first of the year to work on his album. Simon says Tate to release a single much faster than did last year’s winner, Melanie Amaro. “There’s a gap in the market for him. I think he will sell records and he’s very determined. He reminds me a bit of Garth Brooks.” – Read more at USA Today

And, in fact, Simon has already enlisted a producer to work on Tate’s album! – Simon Cowell revealed that, even before Tate triumphed over 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar, he had already begun preliminary work on an album with producer John Shanks. “Regardless of what was going to happen, [John] wanted to work with [Tate], so they started to write material,” Simon said. “The country community really have embraced this guy. They think he’s the real deal, which is vital. I think Tate fits into where Garth Brooks was, that market, and I think he’s gonna sell a lot of records.” – Via USA Today

Tate Stevens on Album Plans and 5 million Dollar Prize: “My next dream is to make this album and be able to tour and live that life — do what I love doing,” Stevens says. “I love entertaining people, I love performing for people and I’m finally getting the chance.” He already has some ideas in mind for exactly what kind of album he wants to release. “I know what we’re doing. I know the direction we wanna go,” Stevens reveals. “It’s gonna be fun. I’m gonna have some stuff that tug at your heart, country ballads, but I wanna have fun. I’m a fun guy, I love having fun, and I want that to come through on my record.” – Read more at Zap2it.

Simon Cowell on Tate triumphing over Carly Rose – “As much as I like Carly, I’m looking at them both: one is 13-years-old, one is 37 married with kids, and you’re gonna give one of them a check for $5 million. My heart said, ‘It has to go to him because he needs it more than she does.’ So I was just happy because of that.” – Read more at Zap2it

Interview with Tate from LA Times – Often music competitions are skewed toward a younger demographic. What has your success on “X Factor” proved about our support of older contestants launching careers on these shows? I’ve never thought of it that way, but really I think it speaks of country music fans and lovers. I’m telling you they are the most loyal people and the most loyal music fans that you’re going to find. If they like you, they like you till the end. And that’s awesome for me. Being the adult in the competition, it’s hard to wrap my head around how many people watch the show. They are coming from everywhere. The love is amazing. – Read more at the LA Times

PLUS: Check out Photos from the X Factor Finale

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  • samuelgrant

    I wish the best for Tate, I’m glad he’s learning from all of Melanie’s mistakes.

  • http://twitter.com/happylittlefish Amy Beth

    As if Tate is getting a check for $5 million free and clear!

    And if he didn’t feel right about giving such a huge prize to a 13 y.o., why were there 3 of them in the Top 13? 

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    Tate will also star in a Pepsi music video featuring his first original track that will premiere during the Grammy Awards.

    Good — confirmation that the Pepsi-sponsored song will be a new song, which also creates some hope that it’ll be a real single pushed to radio, not a “buzz single.”

    Stevens may or may not be the next big thing, but at least TPTB are recognizing that there’s some effort and planning and strategy involved in giving him a fair chance at being heard.

  • chillj

    I need to know who determines how much of the five million is spent at any given time.  The Five Million Dollar Contract seems only as much of the five million as TPTB determine.  Foxes in the henhouse?

  • vdawg

    Best of luck to him.  I like his voice but country radio does not play old school country very much and they are using a pop producer, but maybe they can find the right song.

  • Trina

    The interview I saw with Simon this morning he DID seem awfully happy about this win. So the fact that he was purposely looking for country singers would explain that..and the fact that he seems to understand where they went wrong with Melanie should be a good thing for Tate. Getting him started on his album right away is already a huge step up and an original song in the Pepsi commercial is WAY better than what Melanie got.

  • Klaine

    I hope he does release music soon.  Melanies album still hasnt come out and her singles havent charted very high.  Interesting that even Simon says Tate “deserved the money more” – Isnt a singing competition?  Simon wanted someone that could sell records – not a 13 year old balladeer – and knew those fans are loyal – look at Scotty doing fairly well. and of course Carrie is one of the omst successful winners and Simon had called it.  Im more interested in hearing how  he will revamp the show – I need it needs as much of an overhaul as S1 – LA gone  and Brit should be next.  Demi might be worth saving as she was the one who had Simon Chemistry (which is why you can see after first auditions, she got moved near Simon since they mustve already realized Brit was a dud – not only no commentary but she didnt even seem into her contestants – Ithought she would have been hugging Carly at the time of the announcement – but I am glad Carly didnt have a crying meltdown.  Khloe was also a disaster and Mario was just oK.  Still think Dermot should be flown over to the US for the W/Th shows —- DWTS flies Len & Bruno from theUK to the US and that works.  Dermot is great.  Id love Olly to have a role…And I want CHER as a judge so so so badly.  If shed take $15-18 mill, I think shed be much better than Brit – shes been in the biz forever, done movies too, and has a bit of crazy.  Puffy has been named as a possibility and I think that could be interesting but he too will want a lot of money (demi will want a raise) ; i hear simons looking at baby face

  • fantoo1

    Oh Simon we all know you hate country.

  • ptebwwong

    Good to see that XF learned from Melanie’s long wait for her album. I hope Tate finds success in country music. I like that they’re working on the album quickly. However, I find it a concern that he’s working with a pop producer especially since Tate isn’t a country-pop artist.

  • kmd23

    Great that Tate is moving to Nashville. I think Nashville and country music will be very accepting of Tate. He is an “older” guy who has had to struggle. It will be interesting to see who does better with sales of their album when the albums are released- Cassadee the winner of the Voice or Tate. My money is on Tate. Time will tell.

  • geekygirl

    Let’s break this prize down…
    5 million dollar RECORDING contract =

    Simon Cowell’s consultancy fees $2 million
    Song writer’s fees $.5 million
    Studio costs $1million
    Agency fees $ 1 million
    Promotional costs $.5 million

    proceeds from the record sales……. crickets
    I doubt any money from the 5 mill is going to be paid directly to Tate

  • girlygirltoo

    Simon says there’s a gap in the market for Tate — is that really true? 

  • girlygirltoo

    Tate will get probably an advance on the album, just like the winners of all of these reality singing shows get. And that’s likely non-recoupable, so that’s money in his pocket right there.

  • breakdown

    I think it’s great that Tate won but most all male country singers sound pretty much the same to me. I wish him luck.

  • Chris

    There is no “gap” in country music for men.  Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Blake, Hunter Hayes, sexy Jake Owens, young Scotty McCreery, the guy that Scotty idolized Josh “Baby Lock them Doors” Turner, cute and blonde Casey James, and I’m not even a country music fan!  I just know the names from following the rise of Lauren and Scotty and tuning into the award shows to see if they won.

    I’m sure Simon will find a way to shoe horn Tate into the mix.  But there’s no shortage – he’ll just bump someone out.

  • windmills

    girlygirltoo: Simon says there’s a gap in the market for Tate — is that really true? Seems to me there are a lot of male country artists that are very similar to him. But I don’t follow country music much at all, so maybe I’m wrong about this?

    I think you’re right. I was saying last night that Randy Houser has some momentum  now (and a better singing voice in that style, though Tate can definitely sing) with his t5 hit and his album coming out next month, Craig Morgan is a midlevel star struggling to get airplay, and then you have Lee Brice who’s riding a hot streak of consecutive #1s with another big hit going up the charts now. Between those 3 guys I don’t feel like there is a gap in the market at all for the kind of country Tate wants to sing, and none of them even qualifies as a star yet on the level of a Chris Young/Jake Owen, never mind the even bigger names like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, and so on. 

    That’s not to say Tate couldn’t have some hits with the right songs. I hope he’s a good songwriter. I don’t know about John Shanks as a country guy. Off the top of my head the only country people I think he’s worked with are Keith Urban and The Wreckers (the country duo with Michelle Branch) and neither of them seem close to the kind of country Tate wants to sing.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    I don’t know about John Shanks as a country guy. Off the top of my head the only country people I think he’s worked with are Keith Urban and The Wreckers (the country duo with Michelle Branch) and neither of them seem close to the kind of country Tate wants to sing.

    That’s about it, according to Shanks’ discography. He also apparently did some writing for a country group called SHEdaisy. I’ve defended pop-rock producer choices based on less, so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, but… I thought it odd that Cowell used Shanks’ involvement as evidence that the country music community was welcoming Stevens. Shanks wouldn’t seem like the obvious representative of the genre.

  • girlygirltoo

    Here’s John Shanks’ website:


  • Anny_nanny

    Simon Cowell knows who is Garth Brooks? I’m impressed!

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    I wish all the contestants the best of luck. I feel sorry that they had to be promoted by this show. Most of them are young and probably were expecting a better deal. But whether they’ll become commercially successful is never assured. But I hope some of them get to release some good music for us to enjoy. I’m looking at you especially Emblem3. Don’t let the machine win. Do your own stuff. As for Carly, I think the Lea Michele route is the way to go and when she gets a bit older a breakout movie couldn’t hurt either. A recording career is not the easiest of careers these days. Especially the sort of genre of music she is swinging toward. That golden voice would have been perfect back in the day for recording. I wish Tate all the best and I hope he can live out that life and provide for his family at the same time. His time is now or never.