Wednesday Ratings: American Idol 11 Finale Lowest Rated Ever

The ratings are in from TV By The Numbers

On FOX, American Idol’s finale results show earned a 6.1 rating, which is down 32% from last year’s finale (which earned a 9.2/26, with 29 million viewers) and is the lowest-rated finale ever for the series. However, the finale was up from last week’s results show, which earned a 4.9 adults 18-49 rating.

Lowest rated finale ever for the series? Dang. I hope Nigel Lythgoe and his producers get right to work, now that the season is over, to figure out how they can tweak the formula for next season.


FOX American Idol (8-10 PM) 6.1 18 20.708
ABC The Middle 2.0 7 6.505
CBS The Big Bang Theory -R 1.5 5 5.587
NBC Betty White’s Off Their Rockers 1.5 5 5.473
CW America’s Next Top Model -R 0.3 1 0.895


ABC Modern Family -R 2.0 6 6.034
NBC Betty White’s Off Their Rockers -R 1.5 5 5.331
CBS Two and a Half Men -R 1.2 4 4.413

9:00 PM

ABC Modern Family 4.0 11 9.988
CBS Criminal Minds -R 1.6 4 6.378
NBC Law And Order: SVU -R 0.9 2 3.772
CW America’s Next Top Model 0.4 1 0.917


ABC Don’t Trust The B in Apt. 23 2.5 7 5.743


ABC Revenge 2.4 6 7.758
NBC Law And Order: SVU 1.9 5 6.976
CBS Criminal Minds -R 1.6 4 6.246

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  • loosegoose

    Well, I didn’t watch because my cable was out all evening! No TV, Web, or phone! I did miss coming here to swap comments, but wasn’t really sorry to miss the show itself. I caught all the acts I wanted to catch this morning on replay.

  • Anonymous

    Strange “world record vote” lowest watched = world record little girls and filipino’s who power voted.

  • Guest

    Shouldn’t be a surprise. The ratings have been down all season. Season 9 was previously the lowest rated finale ever, and Season 10 got lucky.

    Here is what it is projected to end up at according to Fox Research twitter:

    Due to final 7 minutes not counted in the Fast Nationals, #AmericanIdol is projected to deliver a 6.3 A18-49 and 21.5 million Total Viewers

    Even if it’s down, those are actually still good numbers in today’s TV world. I was worried it wouldn’t even break 20 million.

    I agree that there needs to be some major retooling next year if they want to stay on top.

  • Anonymous

    I think those numbers may fit in just right with the ratings for the rest of the season. I wasnt expecting the whole season to drop 30% while the finale gets a bump from last year.

    While the whole season needs to be analyzed, I’m please with the bump from last week to this week.

  • HaleysShindig

    S9 is jumping in celebration. 

  • Anonymous

    Not bad considering the ratings for this season, actually. I expected it only to be in the 5s, so a 6+ that will be adjusted up is at least somewhat of a win.

  • buffynut2001

    Well, almost 21 million is still pretty damn good. But I can understand the lower ratings. A winner that would not be a surprise. Plus, the guests were not good at all. There was no one I would actually tune in to see.
    I’m sure someone has the numbers for the past few finales. Excatly how low was this one in comparison?

  • ladymctech

    Ban guitars

  • Sara McDonald

    I chose not to watch because frankly I knew what the outcome would be, and neither finalist were my cup of tea.  PP (WGWG) is a great guy and I am happy for him. I just couldn’t get excited about seeing his coronation as I expected him to win weeks back… 

  • Guest

    Here is some good news from Fox Research:

    @AmericanIdol capped off @FOXBroadcasting eighth consecutive broadcast season victory among Adults 18-49

  • Rich Hahn

    Get rid of the judges and find some new ones that can actually offer constructive criticism.  I understand the Sing Off judges are available!

  • Gwen

    Kinda hard to get excited about a foregone conclusion.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. I didn’t watch. And as boring as last year’s top 2 were, the results finale was amazing. I don’t exactly know what Idol needs to do to help improve next season. I was actually really into this season until about Top 6 or so. =/

  • HappyDaisy

    Most of the guests were awful.  Boring.  Needed more current stars and promises of truly spectacular performances to draw viewers.

  • Tiffany

    Maybe lower next year since this years finale was ,imo, the worst of all of them and I did see them all.

  • Anonymous

    Not surprised at all. Actually, they did pretty good considering they had a poor line-up of guest performers. Other than Rihanna and Aerosmith, there was nobody I wanted to see.

  • raya

    I don’t understand why this would be a surprise.  If the ratings have been trending down all season, then I think it was to be expected that the ratings for the finale would also trend down.  I also don’t think it would have done better with higher profile acts in the finale if only because I’d assume most people aren’t on the internet scouring to find out who the finale guests are ahead of time, hence people wouldn’t have seen the lack of current music stars until after they already tuned in to the show.  Also by next season, people won’t remember anything about this year’s finale so I don’t see that so much as an issue.

    FWIW, I do think final ratings should trend up a bit.  My understanding is the initial ratings don’t count the portion from 10:00pm-10:07pm, which understandably would bring the percentage points up a bit.  From what I read they should at least inflate to a 6.3.

    Nevermind, S10fan kind of beat me to it. But I also agree that in today’s television climate these aren’t exactly awful numbers. Should TPTB be concerned and make changes prior to next season? Yes. Are they still number #1 currently when just a few months ago The Voice was making a whole lot of noise about how they were going to beat Idol? Yes.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the ratings would’ve been higher for a Joshua and Jessica finale…. hmmm….

    The guests weren’t bad, because Chaka, Neil, Jennifer Holliday are phenomenal. But the Idol demographic probably would’ve preferred Justin Bieber, B.O.B, Beyonce, Gaga, Usher, etc… 

    They did get Rihanna but she wasn’t enough. 

  • Jon Glass

    Told you. This was season 9 all over again.

  • Anonymous

     Worse than season 1? wow

  • Guest

    Only Season 11’s cast was miles more talented.

  • Anonymous

    Why would the ratings ever go back up? The show has been on for eleven years! That’s the problem, the constant refusal to see it as a mature show with less and less relevance each year. No they shouldn’t stop trying to improve but Nigel and co need to take a hard look and realize what they are and what they are not. The glory days are over and not coming back.

  • Gwen

    Back when Peter Noone was a mentor on American Idol, and he said it was a voting contest, not a singing contest, and he had no idea how right he was….  The excitement of it all has decreased somewhat.  Hardcore fans are hardcore fans, but when the casual viewers are losing interested….

  • Anonymous

    Not surprised. The first part of the finale on Tuesday was a dud filled with bad song choices and boring performances. Beyond that, the two that were in the finale weren’t the best two this year. I can think of at least 4 others I easily preferred to both.

  • raya

    I think people have to take into consideration that S9 and S11 are two different beasts and I don’t think a direct comparison is entirely fair to either season.  Network television is in a much different place than it even was two years ago.  The show is also two years older and facing far more reality tv competition than it ever has before.  S9 did not also have to contend with The Voice and X Factor. We’re not living in an AI bubble where ratings are solely being affected by the contestants from season to season, so I’m actually not buying that lower ratings means people care about these contestants less really or anything like that.  Now if this group can’t sell tour tickets and they have to start downsizing the tour venues again, I’ll worry about the contestants and amend my statement. But I still don’t think this is a S9 situation.

    Also FWIW, despite the lower ratings it is being reported that this was the highest rated entertainment television show since the Oscars in February. Though I think they are talking about total viewers as opposed to demos.

  • Anonymous

    Considering that the first episode of the season drew 21 million viewers, and most of the episodes since then have been hovering around 16 million, I wouldn’t have expected the finale to do better than it did.  It’s not like last year, when the season 10 people seemed to draw some mainstream media attention.  This group couldn’t even get noticed when Jermaine was disqualified, Jessica was saved, or when the producers tried to get attention because of Phillip’s illness.

  • Guest

    The ratings went back up from Season 9 to Season 10 so it’s possible.

  • Anonymous

    Not surprised. It was a boring show… the guests were boring, the duets were wierd… the one with Jessica and Jennifer Holliday burned my ears off the screaming was so loud…. Fantasia was also another scream fest. The group numbers were pitchy and awful… and the winner, even tho I like his spunk, but pretty anticlimatic and he didn’t even look like he was that thrilled…. just strange.

  • Bobbi

    The people that watch Idol, for the most part, are Idol fans. So….how about bringing back Idols as guest stars for the finale? Have Skylar sing with Carrie, or Kellie. Have Haley, Kris and Adam come back and sing something from their new albums and pick a contestant to sing with. Or have Stevie Nicks come back and sing with some of the kids she particularly liked. USE what they’ve built, for crying out loud! There are an amazing number of talented people out there that have been through this process; that could use the exposure; AND who have built in fan bases! Bringing in Rhianna, who has nothing to do with anything going on last night, is ridiculous!

    Hire a comedy writer and actually put something together that’s funny if you’re going to do something like you attempted with Steven last night. That was repulsive.

    Make the finale 90 minutes long. Stop padding everything to the point that you bore everyone to tears.

    Idol has never understood their greatest resource is their history and their graduates. Never ceases to amaze me.

  • Hazehel

    The rating is expected.  I think I said last week the ratings for the finale would be ~4.4 for the performance show, ~6.4 for result show, so pending possible adjustments later, the predictions were pretty close. 

    I’m not really sure how much they can do to tweak the show.  The problem isn’t Idol itself (although they did make some errors this season), it’ X-Factor, and the over-saturation of singing shows.   It’s not special any more, just another one of the many singing shows.

  • Chris

    The only big star was Rihanna and we all knew P2 would win. I watched on TIVO so I could FF.

  • DragonFly

    Jack Black & Casey, Judas Priest & James……fun!

  • Anonymous

    1) Limit the voting per device.
    2) Get rid of the save (which becomes pretty much useless after 1) above.
    3) Kick Randy off the panel and put Jimmy.
    4) Kick Steven off the panel and put Ben Folds.
    5) No week of the top ten can have a song over 30 years old (I am leaving the 80’s in because they can be fun).

  • Anonymous

    The ratings went back up from Season 9 to Season 10 so it’s possible.

    I think the difference is that the season 9 drop in ratings was about that season, but this season’s drop is a combination of problems with the show itself, ratings drops for all broadcast shows, and Fox’s decision to air the X Factor in the fall.  It’s going to be hard for a 12 year old show to see a rise in ratings, but they might get a slight increase if they can figure out an organic way to create some buzz.  Realistically, I think the days of the show seeing 20 million viewers for each episode are over.  The final two episode was just boring beyond words.

  • Anonymous

    I never bother to watch live.  I certainly wasn’t going to for this show.  But yes, the ratings are in line with the rest of the season.

  • justmefornow

    Those two performances, just great, two of the best ever for a finale, I agree.
    But for sheer laughs, that performance last night with Jessica and Jennifer had to be the funniest most OTT duet I’ve ever seen. 
    It almost seemed like a parody. What a hoot!

  • Anonymous

    I would have to disagree with you. Didn’t you see Philip crying and hugging his family at the end? Those are real emotions.

  • itsalleternal

    Changing the formula means little if the WGWG streak cannot be stopped. The ONLY way to recover in Season 12, IMO, is to ensure there are NO WGWGs in the top 24. That way, they will be able to cast a more diverse and broader cast without the fear of the little girls and their texts, plus their grannies, hijacking the votes.

  • itsalleternal

    One thing I think hurt the ratings from day 1: Phillip was the pimp spot in the first audition episode. That may have turned viewers away right there, thinking that he matched up with other past winners and the voters and was likely to win. They cannot afford to make such mistakes again.

  • Anonymous

    No one will watch the show.

  • Erika Fernandez

    Nigel needs to stop being stuck in his ways.  A winner like Phillip could be accepted by me if he had gone through some real honest critique during the season and still came out on top.  The thing that is most annoying is that the judges only critique at random.  They pick and choose weeks and pick and choose  only certain contestants according to some master script.  Nigel, we aren’t dumb. These judges aren’t great actors who hide the fact that some of what they say are lines. 

    A limit on voting wouldn’t hurt either.  I don’t get what Nigel’s attachment is to bragging about voting records.  He should be worrying about the record low ratings bc ratings not votes is what’s earning or costing the show money.  If we had to pay to vote I can understand the excitement and may be even understand why it’s unlimited like it is in the UK, but we don’t pay so admit defeat and make some changes.

  • Anonymous

    There were spoilers out everywhere last night before the show started.

    Before 8pm PST last night, AOL had on its front page, an article spoiling who the winner was and a detailed recap of what happened on the results show.

    It could’ve had an impact on people watching or not.

    I ended up only watching the parts that I wanted to watch:  Runaway Baby, Any of the boy’s medleys, Phonebook song, Jessica/Jennifer Holliday, Jess/Phillip’s duet and the coronation.

  • Erika Fernandez

     It’s sad right.  It means that less people are voting more.

  • Anonymous

    Season 10 wasn’t higher than 9 fir the entire season and it didn’t even get back to season 8 levels. Viewership is in constant erosion.

    And funny how the tour this year is already shorter and in smaller venues than season 9 started out as. Perception is a funny thing.

  • Guest

    Reba is huge too. They don’t call her the Queen of country music for nothing.

  • No Thanks

    Why tune in to watch the inevitable?  That, and their guest list was lame.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure even “hardcore fans are hardcore fans” holds up all that well anymore.  I’d say I’m a hardcore (power-texting, blog-following, iTunes-downloading…) fan, and yet there’ve been several weeks this season when I’ve DVRed the shows and not gotten around to watching until the weekend — something that I did only very rarely in the past.  It’s hard to point to any one factor responsible for that; maybe the apparent predictability of the ultimate outcome, maybe all the extra filler and product promotion with the extra two-hour shows, maybe just general fatigue setting in…  I haven’t actually watched last night’s show yet, and after reading the recaps (combination of which contestants do/don’t get spotlighted, choices of material and guests, and poor reviews for some of the performances), I’m in no particular hurry to get to that one, either.  So I might be an outlier, but I also might guess that the decline in viewer numbers has been across the whole fan base for the show, not just a growing split between hardcore and casual fans.

  • Guest

    The “boring show” has nothing to do with the ratings of that night. It would be reflective of Tuesday night to have an effect on Wednesday nights ratings.

  • Guest

    And funny how the tour this year is already shorter and in smaller venues than season 9 started out as. Perception is a funny thing.

    this tour won’t reach Season 9 levels of embarrassment, I have heard of some shows being sold out already and I heard Skylar’s hometown sold out really quick. Ratings don’t reflect tour popularity. Seasons 7 and 8 had lower ratings than Season 6, but their tours still did way better.

  • Anonymous

    The Idol tour is very popular in my city. I see no reason why it won’t sell out. The talent this year far exceeds the talent of Season 9. I think Colton, Heejun, Elise, Jessica, Joshua and Philip will be big draws at the Idol concerts.

  • Anonymous

    Not true…. Would not be surprised if a lot of people tuned in and then tuned out after the bore fest began.

  • Pam

    Yep, when most viewers probably knew which name was going to come out of Ryan’s mouth last night, they probably figured why should I watch?

    Yes, to the oversaturation of the singing shows and also to the boring guest list last night.  The only act that really got my attention last night was Aerosmith.  lol

  • Mary S. Shepherd

    But then the power voters will be less enthusiastic about voting and they won’t be able to say 137 million votes were cast. They like to throw those kind of numbers around.

    I say give the audience (i.e., primary voting demographic) someone to crush on musically or otherwise.

  • koshka

    I was 90% tuned out this season. I watched just enough to know who the players are. If there was a news worthy performance I picked up here at MJs. Last night I watched about 30 minutes at most in the beginning. The only thing that prevents me from turning it off altogether at this point is that the other stations seem too afraid to program against AI. 

  • Larc

    Maybe people who usually watch only the finale found out who was going to be performing and weren’t interested.  If I were outside the bubble, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to watch because there were no stars who usually draw me.  I still found a lot of it boring.  In honest hindsight, I wouldn’t have been missing much if I had done something else.  But I’m addicted.  Lots of others aren’t.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, most boring finale ever.  Predictable winner.  Boring musical guests. 

    The best part of this whole season to me was seeing the past Idols perform on the results shows.  I really enjoyed that.

  • Anonymous

    I think there was just very little drama or suspense for the ending and also, they didn’t get a very exciting line up of guests. Just Rihanna really. Don Fogerty, Neil diamond,Jennifer Holliday…really? They aren’t going to bring casual eyeballs to the screen. I would not have watched for them. They need to make the finale more like the BB music awards or something.

    And I think the audition rounds should only be 2 to 3 weeks. They aren’t
    That funny anymore which is why people used to want to watch them. I think they are doing better on the hollywood and Vegas round coverage though every episode should have singing.

  • Anonymous

    Changing that huge cut that gives you the top 12 would be nice, too. And ditch the judges save. More water cooler talk if a “favorite” gets voted off “too soon”.

  • Anonymous

    The days of “must see” tv are gone forever.  Too many other options.  Half of what I watch is DVR’d, online, xfinity, NETFLIX, blog or youtube related.

  • hcpoirot

    The low ratings not because we all know Philip2 will win but the guest stars are not that interesting. Yes, we had some ex – Idol in the mix. BUt where is Kelly, Carrie and Adam who dominate the charts in the moment?

    We saw Kelly sing in DWTS finale.

    NIgel decided to be cheap and only get 1 star (Rihanna) .

  • Anonymous

    Problem with that theory is the hourly ratings:

    8 p.m. – The first hour of the “American Idol” finale ruled the 8 p.m. hour for FOX with 18.97 million viewers and a 5.5 rating among adults 18-49.

    9 p.m. – The second hour of the “American Idol” finale rose to 22.45 million viewers and a 6.7 rating among adults 18-49 for FOX.

    And the 9 PM hour had the finale of Modern Family against it.

    I still wasn’t interested in watching, but it’s not true that more people tuned out as they saw how the show was doing, even in the demo.

  • teacup

    Surprise, surprise. No one can say it didn’t get the ratings it deserved!

  • koshka

    There is always an upswing on the second hour of the finale. My question (which I am too lazy to look up) would be “did the increase from one hour to the next decrease over last year”?

  • Anonymous

    Not surprisingly, the upswing was shallower.

    5.58 more viewers in S10 to 3.48 more viewers in S11.

    Still, it doesn’t make sense to say that the story is “people tuned in to see how bad it was and then tuned out” if we’re talking about any kind of upswing.

  • koshka

    IDK thats what I did… ;)   I checked the news to find out who won. MJs was busy.

  • Troy Mccoy

    Not surprised the rating were low. People dont watch because if you are an idol watcher you know who is probably going to win. Why not just catch the highlights later online or watch it on demand when you feel like it.. I actually only tuned in for the last few minutes and was only able to catch Jessica.  Watched the NBA finals instead. I knew phillip was going to win, just watched it play out.  I just think idol has been around to long and it is losing its spark. It could be many things, winners trend, changing of judges, judges critique, and other singing shows.

  • Anonymous

    I guess my point is that most people could look at the competition and list of potential guest stars and decide not to click in at all without making any editorial judgment of the quality of the show as it was airing.  Which is what I did.

  • merkureye

    When I saw the spoilers for what was coming on Idol finale and saw that Elise was not given any featured performance at all . . . I wasn’t going to watch.  I didn’t.

    As far as the quality of this years versus last years featured entertainer. . . S11-Rihanna = dud. . . S10-Beyonce = walk-off home run. 

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe they would only have one major star on the show. The Idol finale is usually this over the top extravaganza and last night was lackluster. It was worst than last years finale. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe some viewers like myself didn’t feel like watching the finale because some of the more richer voiced idols were already voted off. I didn’t need to see the charade of watching idols that actually fell short of a pleasant sounding voice despite how much they were touted by the judges. From some of the clips I viewed I did not hear this but instead heard grunts, growls and not so pretty sounding vocals. The facial gymnastics were hard to view also. 

  • Leah Hoffman

    best idea ever~!

  • Leah Hoffman

    Real emotions, yes… but I think they were emotions of relief that it’s over, of missing his family, of just wanting to go home and leave it all behind.  That’s the vibe I got. It was bittersweet.

  • Anonymous

    If I was running Idol I would:

    1. Fire Randy Jackson
    2. Not allow contestants to play an instrument.
    3. Ban the blonde saxophone player & any ‘jazz combo’ arrangements.
    4. Make the judges rank all of the singers each and every episode.
    5. Ban use of the phrases “Baby” & “You look great tonight”.
    6. Limit song choices to the last 20 years. (Maybe the last 10)
    7. Require each judge to give at least three pieces of actual critique each night.

    and 8. When it gets to top 4 or 5 have one night where all contestants have to sing the same song and it’s up to them to find a way to stand out.

  • Anonymous

    They deserve it. The show sucked. JLo and Aerosmith were self-serving. Neil Diamond, Chaka Khan, John Fogerty are old, dated. Jennifer Holiday is a powerhouse singer but weird.

    Was there no one better to sing with the top 5? Reba was good, and everyone else was weak.

  • Anonymous

    Nope. Tuesday or Wednesday, it was a boring show. Besides, didn’t Seacrest announce numerous times that the show was going to be on Tuesday and Wednesday instead of its usual times?

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t watch the show except for two seconds after 10 p.m. to watch the confetti fall on Pee Pee. Even then I turned back to Law & Order: SVU.

    If it was up to me, I’d ban all instruments. Sorry, this isn’t a tryout to get into Julliard, this is allegedly a singing competition. Unfortunately, it’s a masquerade for a popularity contest.

  • koshka

    You missed something….

    9. Skip the FREE judges’ promo. The pimping of their product *coughJLocough* was worse than the contestant pimping this year. 

  • Kylee

    Adjusted up THREE tenths!

    American Idol (8-10 PM)

    The Middle

    The Big Bang Theory -R

    Betty White’s Off Their Rockers

    America’s Next Top Model -R

  • Kylee


    Maybe lower next year since this years finale was ,imo, the worst of all of them and I did see them all.

    I thought it was awesome. I loved Reba/Skylar, and I loved Fantasia/Joshua, and Jennifer/Jessica. Most of them were great! People seem to say this every year.

  • Guest

    This is the problem: People like being surprised. There is no surprise left in idol. No one wants to tune into a show thats predictable. Same kinda of winners, same themes, same boring judges (tho i do love steven tyler to death). 

    Idol needs to bring the surprise factor back. They need to somehow “fix” the voting system. Im not sure if they have a monetary deal with at&t or whatnot but a voting limit needs to be introduced. Dial Idol has really taken a lot out of idol’s surprise factor (without DI i probably would broken my tv had i not braced myself for adam to lose…but lets not go there…)

    I also think that it would be awesome, and drastically improve the show if the kids got to sing whatever songs they wanted to sing each week. Those are always the best shows. FUCK NEIL DIAMOND WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

    I also want to see more emphasis on the judging of the singers actual voice. There seems to be so much more emphasis on everything else but the voice.

    And lastly….idol needs to get its credibility back. And the best way to do that next season is to have a non WGWG winner. Id love to see them say “No Instruments” next season. I dont think PP, chris, or lee would have won w/out a guitar. Its too much of a comfort blanket.

    ok im done….for now…

  • Tinawina

    There’s 8,000 singing shows now and this show is the oldest by far.

    It got similar ratings to its premiere ep, so the people left who are interested in Idol came back to see how it all ended.

    We’ll see how many come back for next year.

  • Kariann Hart

    Last year, DWTS had their shows on Monday and Tuesday.  They were competing against each other this time.  Big mistake to change days for the performance show.  Some may have lost interest.  These ratings are a bunch of hooey  what with DVR, tapings, Xfinity One, Internet viewing, etc. No need to panic just make some necessary changes.

    I actually liked the show with the exception of the most current performer. When she appeared, I left to make a sandwich.

  • Penny Burke

    The highest rated finale had no live band, no instruments and no non-Idol performers. The top 12 were featured and they all sang their asses off and were entertaining. The winner of the previous year came on and performed with the final 2 and had a solo song.
    American Idol Ratings

    WEDNESDAY-09/04/2002     8:00 PM-10:00 PM  23.021 million           10.8/30

    WEDNESDAY-05/21/2003     9:00 PM-10:00 PM  38.060 million           16.8/37

    WEDNESDAY-05/26/2004     8:00 PM-10:02 PM  28.839 million           12.0/32

    WEDNESDAY-05/25/2005     8:00 PM-10:01 PM  30.269 million           12.5/31

    WEDNESDAY-05/24/2006     8:00 PM-10:04 PM  36.383 million           14.2/36

    WEDNESDAY-05/23/2007     8:00 PM-10:09 PM  30.755 million           11.5/31

    WEDNESDAY-05/21/2008     8:00 PM-10:06 PM  31.688 million           11.4/30

    WEDNESDAY-05/20/2009     8:00 PM-10:07 PM  28.838 million           10.0/28

    WEDNESDAY-05/26/2010     8:00 PM-10:07 PM  24.215 million           8.2/24

    WEDNESDAY-05/25/2011     8:00 PM-10:07 PM  29.288 million           9.2/26

    WEDNESDAY-05/23/2012     8:00 PM-10:07 PM  21.5 million               6.3/19

  • merkureye

    In reply to Penny Burcke: Exactly!
    You make a point that I wanted to make earlier in this thread when I said I was miffed about Elise Testone not getting any featured spot on the show.  Colton, Deandre, Erica, Shannon, etc all should have played bigger roles in the finale production.  We spent the last 4 months getting invested in these kids and one-by-one our favorites were picked-off.  Okay I get that, it’s how the show works.  But then finale comes and they are invisible, used as no more than stage props.  Disgusting.
    The tradition of only the top 5 getting duets was probably born out of necessity in seasons when the talent pool was not this deep.
    For my money, it would have made for a far more meaningful culmination of Season 11 if the T12 contestants could have all celebrated with PP and JS by being allowed to perform in a more meaningful way (group numbers, duets, etc.).  I believe it would have drawn in a larger audience.  As far as I am concerned, any time given to JLo and Areosmith is a waste of good air-time (sorry, can’t convince me that S.Tyler can still sing, I don’t care how many times he duets with Carrie Underwood).

  • Brittney

    Favorite part of the night was the Jennifer/Jessica duet. It was the best of the night. The phonebook song was really funny. But after they aired the clip the audience gave a weird reaction. But I think the audience was weird the whole night. Maybe they didn’t fill the whole room with Phillip fans this time? LOL

  • LVD

    Season 10 wasn’t higher than 9 fir the entire season and it didn’t even get back to season 8 levels. Viewership is in constant erosion.And funny how the tour this year is already shorter and in smaller venues than season 9 started out as. Perception is a funny thing.


    It is funny how for S9, people always just use the contestants as the excuse. But funny enough, S9 had much more interesting contestants then this season. People have a short memory, but the judging and judging panel in S9 where dreadful. They were constantly over negative, and it was hugely boring having to listen to 4 judges go on and on, there was less performances and more judges ramblings. Only Crystal and Lee mostly got good comments, go back and see how badly some contestants like Shiobhan and Casey were bussed, these last two years were childsplay in comparison. I think the judges broke a lot of contestant’s confidence. They had very lame old rehashed theme weeks, and some weeks where people could just choose from 12 songs. They didn’t have nice staging. The whole season was just focused around Simon leaving and also other side plots like Ellen being useless and Kara being a cougar and who the next judge will be.
    And after Lee won, it just created more of a negative backlash. Sony also left the show, Ricky Minor left the show. Everything was just at the end of its cycle. And directly after the show all the focus just went to the new judging panel.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you about season 9 completely.  There was some good talent that year with Crystal, Casey J. and the energetic, big voiced Shiobhan.  Your description of that season’s problem is spot on.  The paranoid in me, thinks Simon hurt the show on purpose.  Those talented kids didn’t get a fair shake compared to other seasons. 

  • Anonymous

    Not going to lie with my season finales of others shows  Modern Family to name one) on, I much rather tuned into those than the finale. I flipped back and forth during commercial break but really only caught the proposal and the winner reveal and a few other things here and there, but honestly I haven’t watched a finale in its entirety since Carrie and Bo…

  • Idura haryani

    bring in some rocker and fun contestants like adam lambert, then i’ll watch the show again.

  • Karen C

    Id love to see them say “No Instruments” next season. I dont think PP, chris, or lee would have won w/out a guitar. Its too much of a comfort blanket.

    I don’t it really makes a difference whether they actually play an instrument on the show.  What really sets these and other contestants apart is the ability to rearrange a song to suit them as an artist and have some originality.  They can still work with the band to come up with the arrangements they want if they have the ability.  Daughtry was able to do this even though he actually didn’t play an instrument on the show during the competition.  And Adam Lambert was able to do do this without even playing an instrument at all.