TMZ Takes Credit For Phillip Phillips’ Pwning Their Camera Man (VIDEO)

In this clip from the TMZ TV show, Harvey Levin admits that American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips totally pwned the camera guy who tried–and failed–to get Phillip to comment on a   TMZ generated gossip item claiming a Phillips family feud.

But here’s how Levin saves face, he claims that TMZ TAUGHT Phillip how to “hang” them by their “own petard.”  Remember Nigel sending the Idols off to TMZ for a little on camera media training? Yeah. Harvey is taking credit. Thing is, he may be right!

When the camera man confronted Phillip, the singer smiled coolly and then   quickly changed the subject to plug his upcoming album, The World from the Side of the Moon.

It was totes a beautiful thing.

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  • OffLeash

    P2 did very well, and it doesn’t hurt that TMZ is cool about it!

    Did the dad really put P2’s phlip phlops up for sale or did they just make it up? Seriously??

  • Ann Gardner

    Phillip Phillip phlip phlops! 


    From what I’ve heard, anything that his family has sold with Phil’s name on it has gone to charity, and mostly gone to Mission Change. That’s what all the P2 stuff at the auction is going to as well. 

  • Eilonwy

    I can find no sign of phlip phlops in the auctioneer’s photogallery attached to the listing, but there’s only so hard I’m willing to look. The shop does, however, have an overabundance of P2 promotional t-shirts.

    The listing has also been updated to mention that proceeds from the P2 memorabilia will go to Mission Change. That’s the charity run by the non-guitar-playing brother-in-law and his matching sister — it’s a grassroots “we will make one good thing happen right on the ground locally each month” organization, which can be practical in a troubled locale.

  • OffLeash

    Mission Change is P2’s sister organization, right? It’s great if the auctioned items actually go to charity, because that’s the way it should be IMO. The father’s comment about it didn’t make it clear.

  • lisa

    it wouldn’t surprise me if there were problems between Phillip and his family.
    money can do strange things to people.even though he really hasn’t had enough time to make awole lot of yet.personally I’m not a fan but he sure seems to have
    alot of’em

  • Leandro

    But TMZ is cool about everything. They don’t take themselves too seriously at all. Just like P2.

  • Incipit

    I can’t see TMZ and cool in the same sentence, Leandro.

    I can see scum sucking, bottom feeding, sh!t flinging opportunistic douche bags with all the integrity of an ambulance chasing lawyer at an accident – except, they provide the accident…and it’s all very nonchalant…because they know that’s what they are – business as usual.

    And some people ‘really’ don’t like them at all. I can see that too. But I can’t see cool.


  • Leandro

    I can’t see TMZ and cool in the same sentence, Leandro.

    You put both in the same sentence. Remember? ;) j/k

    The thing is that the readers shouldn’t take too much seriously TMZ either. And most of them at this point don’t take. Even most of celebrities don’t tke them seriously now. Their gossip is usually secondhand and they’re ok with that. They’re just a comedy gossip show.

    It’s like X-Factor. If you don’t take it seriously and it can be fun

  • too-cool-for-school

    TMZ always locks up my computer. Probably just as well… I’m not lacking anything without it, I see. :P Why are they stirring up commotion about Phillip? They should stick to the Kardashians and people that aren’t working on having an actual career.

  • Jordana33

    This is so stupid.

  • chillj

    Prolly a good idea to wait until there is better information, lest he be judged prematurely.