Thursday Ratings: American Idol Improves, Big Bang Still On Top

Ratings are in from TVByTheNumbers

American Idol scored a 5.7 adults 18-49 rating from 8-9, up two tenths versus last week. The Finder was down a tenth versus last week to a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating.

CBS’s The Big Bang Theory drew a 5.5 adults 18-49 rating, matching its Thursday high and bettering Idol (5.2) in the common half hour. Rob was up a tenth to a 3.4 adults 18-49 rating. Person Of Interest was steady and matched its series high with a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating and The Mentalist drew a 2.9 rating with adults 18-49, steady vs. last week and matching its second best outing of the season and had its largest audience of the season.

American Idol averaged 18m viewers last night.

American Idol improved, but Big Bang still rules.


FOX American Idol 5.7/16 17.92
CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.5/16 16.06
NBC 30 Rock (9-10p) 1.6/4 3.85
ABC Wipeout 1.5/4 5.24
CW Vampire Diaries 1.2/3 2.97


CBS Rob 3.4/9 11.00


ABC Grey’s Anatomy 3.9/10 10.10
CBS Person Of Interest 3.3/8 15.07
NBC The Office 2.5/6 5.16
FOX The Finder 2.3/6 6.25
CW The Secret Circle 0.8/2 1.77


NBC Up All Night 1.8/4 3.70


CBS The Mentalist 2.9/8 14.36
ABC Private Practice 2.3/6 6.63
NBC The Voice (R) 1.5/4 3.50

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  • Anonymous

    I’m a little surprised at the ratings because I thought some people would stop watching since there was no singing & all “drama.” But I guess people thought there would be singing at the end of the episode. But good ratings still for Idol.

    I watched & didn’t care that there was no singing. The 1st hour of group round usually has very little singing anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Even though TBBT beat it in the half hour slot, idol still ended up beating it overall.

    The ratings this week have been good news for idol. The Voice seemed to have no effect on furthering a ratings drop-both days improved this week over last week, and I think this might be the best Thursday night ratings so far for the season. When it’s all said and done, I think idol will end up averaging 18-20 million viewers for the season, which is great for a show in it’s 11th season and facing competition.

    My only worry is that hopefully last night didnt turn off too many people. According to spoilers, there were a lot of fantastic performances in round 3.

  • Anonymous

    Not bad at all. I can’t wait to see how Idol does against BBT when the live rounds start…

  • Anonymous

    I think that Fox/AI made a mistake with last night’s show that could have an impact on next week’s ratings, but if they make better decisions from her on out, it will be interesting to see if the show continues to see these 2 to 4% increases every week.  If the show has cast some buzz worthy contestants we might see some of the live episodes outperform this season’s debut episode.

    The problem with last night’s show wasn’t the drama, since one of the best things about Hollywood Week is the drama that happens during the group round. The mistake was not balancing the drama with actual singing, or letting us see more of the contestants.

    Also, while drama is good, last night’s drama paled in comparison to what we usually see.  Heejun was funny, but aside from him we didn’t have anything that was like JC’s situation last year, the twins, the minors versus James Durbin’s group, or anything that actually looked real.  The editing could have been better too.

  • Tinawina

    Yeah, I’m good with these ratings. Both Idol and TBBT did well, and I like both shows so I’m pleased.

    Next week will have two 2 hour episodes, and those usually have higher ratings in the 9pm hour. It should be a good ratings week, fingers crossed.

    ETA: it’s hard for me to believe last night’s episode will really hurt them that much. We’ve had episodes people hated before and nothing happened. Also, we saw plenty of singing Wednesday so it was only one night without, and it was pretty clear the singing will be back next week. If they cut good promos for the upcoming week on top of it all, all should be well I suspect. Only if the “Voice is so much better” buzz is really that strong can I see Idol being hurt by last night, and even then all it would take is one night of strong stuff for word to get around and for people to check the next ep out.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, just checked, the highest Thursday ratings so far for this season is 5.7. Once it’s adjusted up today, it will be the best rated Thursday episode so far this season! Things are looking up.

  • Anonymous

    How about they show some singing? Just a little bit ?  

    I know there has always been too much idol puff and sob
    stories between the music, and that commercials more than those combined, but really  

    Have we ever heard so little singing?  

    Did we get over 90 seconds of actual singing during the 60
    minute show slot ?  

    I’m thinking it might have even been less than 60 seconds and, if
    you didn’t count the parts we hear over Ryan’s voice, maybe as little as 45

  • aquayers

    I’m shocked at the rating. Is it just me or anyone else feels this season have been very underwhelming?? At least S9 got some great performances in Hollywood round (Crystal,Lily,Didi,etc),and S10 Hollywood Week was amazing.

  • Pam

    I was disappointed we didn’t see more singing last night.  It wasn’t the drama between the contestants that bothered me so much as seeing some of these kids getting physically sick.  Honestly, was that really necessary?  Heejun somewhat salvaged last night’s trainwreck of an episode.   lol

    I’m glad to see the numbers up just a bit and I’m glad to know that we are supposed to see a bit more singing next week. 

  • ladymctech

    Truthfully, last night’s Idol was one of the first that held my attention this season. I felt like I got to know some of the contestants better, like Heejun who I think is great. There is plenty of time to hear singing from those who will make the semis in the weeks to come. I felt like the auditions were a little too much like an automated line. Everything is “Beautiful” to Steven and the same line “You’re Going to Hollywood” is handed out to each contestant who makes the grade. I sort of miss the days when a few more bad singers were mixed in for a little variety, LOL.

    On the contrary, The Voice is interesting during auditions when you see who each judge selects. After that, unless I’ve found someone who really catches my interest, I tend not to stay with the show, as to me it just becomes another singing competition. If I want to hear/see Xtina, Blake, Cee Lo, or Adam, I’ll find them in other places.

  • Anonymous

    Ive said this before, we don’t start seeing amazing performances until they start singing with music. In season 9, they sang with instruments if they wanted, so that made things a little better. Last season, we didnt start to see amazing performances until round 3(Casey’s Georgia on my mind, Haley and Jacob’s God Bless the child, etc). I looked back last year, and people weren’t overly impressed with the Hollywood round until round 3-and last year ended up being the best season IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Well there wasn’t alot of singing last night, and I kept wanting to hear some, but Heejun became a star last night, imho.  He carried the entire episode, I laughed so hard, it was an entertaining hour of teevee.  If this singing gig doesn’t work out for him, I think a certain reality singing show is in need of a host? Ha!

  • aquayers

    But last season,people already saw Lauren Alaina’s amazing audition. Scotty,James,Casey,Haley already had their audition aired by the time of Hollywood Week. I loved Scott Dangerfield audition last season. This season, I haven’t seen anyone special from the audition episodes. Hollywood week have been underwhelming so far. Did TPTB intentionally hide the amazing talents?? I haven’t seen the spoiler,but I saw some people brag about the strength of this season’s Top 24. I hope it will surprise me. I don’t want to be bored again like the past 2 seasons.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad to see ratings uo, but I agree with aquayers, I think lots of people are just holding out because the last couple of seasons have been pretty boring. Following S7’s buzz about how David Cook might change up the songs and S8’s buzz about Adam (both for good and bad), S9’s Too cool for school and S10’s forced to be by the book, do it like its been done 100 times performances (for the vast majority) were a huge letdown. There isn’t anything about Idol this year that is seperating it from its competition. In a way, I think last night’s behind the scenes look at least was a step in that direction.

    However, if Iovine continues to rule with such an uninspired and unoriginal hand once the competiton starts in ernest, I expect to see anyone who watches this show for any reason other than loyalty or routine drop away from this show. Maybe for good.

    Heejun was a breath of fresh air because he brought some much needed originality back to the show. I hope he stays for the long haul and proves he can do the same with his performances.

  • Kylee

    I thought Season 10 was better than Season 8. So much diversity. And Naima and Casey both flipped songs last year, but Naima never seemed to get credit as a female. Her arrangements were very interesting. I don’t think Jimmy will make people stop watching, most people actually don’t care about “creativity” in arrangements anymore. Season 10 was still popular without all that. Besides, I don’t think it was Jimmy’s fault at all. The contestants all have the final say, and Jimmy is a well respected producer.

    I like how idol has gone back to its pre-season 7 roots in a way. Those first 6 seasons were still wildly popular, and they didn’t need David Cook or Adam Lambert to carry those seasons.

  • Anonymous

    I was so sure we were going to get a few performances at the end of the episode and then I glanced at the clock about 10 minutes from the end and realized that I had just fallen for Nigel’s tricks again. I feel a little dirty.

  • Banished

    Wait, how comes the last sentence says “Big Bang Theory still rules” when it looks as if AI beat it? Am I reading the numbers wrong?

  • Kylee

    FOX research tweeted this:

    Final Nationals: Adjusted up to 5.8/16 A18-49 & 18.1 mil Total
    Viewers — highest performance for Idol on Thursday this season

  • Anonymous

    I loved Season 10…beginning to end.  A little worried about Season 11 even coming close to measuring up for me.  I’ll watch though because every once in a while there’s a season that knocks it out of the park…a season where you just love all the kids.  Again and again there is evidence that what appeals to one doesn’t to another.  Just hang on and it will be your turn for an amazing season.  One’s own favorite can’t win every time.  I waited 8 seasons to be blown away with my favorite again.  Figure I can’t expect it again this season. 

     Heejun is a cutie with a dry sense of humor.  Now if he can only sing!  “pretty people and cowboys” LOL!!  (((Heejun)))

    Fiddle-dee-fart on the ratings ;)

  • Pam

    Here are the final adjusted ratings which matches what Kylee posted earlier:

    Lots of one tenth adjustments up and down with adults 18-49 vs. the Thursday preliminary numbers.

    Up a tenth:  American Idol, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist and The Vampire Diaries.

    8:00 FOX American Idol 5.8/16 18.13

  • Anonymous

    Well to each their own. I was never tempted to watch AI before I got a glimpse of David Cook, and never heard any discussion about the show prior to that season that didn’t involve Blake (for his originality) or any of the Alabama contestants (for their proximity). I was hooked after seeing DC step up the creativity, and I tuned in the next season because news of Adam’s participation had echoed through the various theatre communties with which I was connected. I stayed because of his talent. (Kris also impressed me that season with his arranging and I loved Allison) The people I talk about the show with (and I) are drawn to the more original contestants and those who can bring something new and fresh to the stale overused themes.

    Compare DC’s mesmerizing performance of “Hello” to Stephano’s strained echo of the original.

    There is a reason Idol is dismissed as a kareoke show, but IMHO, the show shines when it transcends this genre. Those are the performances which are remembered. At least in my little world. That is the kind of contestant I hope to see in S11.

    ETA: Yes, by the end of the season the contestants were bucking Iovine and doing more of their own arranging. Some S10 contestants such as Naima, Haley and Casey did manage to put their own stamp (yeah)

  • aquayers

    I agree that Iovine should let the kids pick the song themselves and not controlling it too much. I don’t want to see them stay in their comfort zone all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Whew.  Glad Idol is up. But I love that more reality show feel to to Hollywood week. Its so  much messy drama and you get to see what sort of people these contestants can be. Yes, things are cut to make good tv but people said and did what they did. Hollywood week bring out the best!  Or the worst. LOL!  Like I would never like Cop woman after hollywood week. or Cowboy. LOL! Blame editing!