The Voice: Rae Lynn Premieres New Songs (VIDEO)

With the new season of The Voice premiering tonight, it’s a good time to check in on s2 contestant Rae Lynn, who performed new songs at a few concert dates opening for Miranda Lambert. Star in the making, vocal trainwreck, or both? Check out video, after the jump!

During s2 of The Voice, Rae Lynn proved to be a polarizing contestant to say the least, earning major backing from coach Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert though many viewers couldn’t wrap their heads around her off key vocals, phrasing quirks, and wild variations in tone. No doubt though she was a stand out personality on the season, leading to predictions here that if The Voice had a breakout star from s2, it would be her. Sure enough, Rae Lynn landed a record deal with Republic Nashville and has written a song called “Lie” with Miranda Lambert while also opening for Miranda at a few concert dates last month.

Now, we’ve got partial video of some more new tunes, performed live. Let’s just say they exhibit many of the same qualities that made Rae Lynn so noticeable when she was on The Voice.

“Baby That’s My Type” (partial – Rae Lynn wrote or cowrote this before The Voice)

“Boyfriend” (partial – cowritten by Rae Lynn, fellow Voice contestant and songwriter Nicolle Gallyon, and Hailey Steele)

“Blame It On The South” (starts around 1:25 mark – partial – cowritten by Rae Lynn, Nicolle Galyon, Jon Randall, Jon Stuart Wiggins)

What do you think about Rae Lynn and her new tunes?

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  • DB987

    Yikes and not in a good way.

  • chillj

    Oh my, verruh verruh pitchy.  And I LIKED her.  Oh my. (She almost sounds like a country music parody on “Boyfriend.”)

  • Huba Buba

    Just as horrible as I remember from her time on the Voice.

  • Leandro

    She is really, really subpar compared with ANY famous female country singer I’ve heard, even Taylor Swift. And her songs aren’t that good. She doesn’t have one of the biggest fanbases from the Voice to guarantee initial sales, so I have no idea what Blake Shelton is doing.

    ETA: well, may I have…

  • girlygirltoo

    Whoa, pitchy. Doesn’t seem like she can sing well live. 

    What kind of reception/reviews did she get when she toured with Miranda?

  • DoesMonaKnow

    The only one I sort of remember is the “Boyfriend” song. Yesterday, I was saying I wanted more women to make it in country music, but if the next big thing is RaeLynn I might have to take that back. I kind of want her to be a success for the lulz but realistically that means one less chance some other more talented woman has to make it.

  • b_james

    Just thought I’d throw this out there… RaeLynn’s cousins are a great, fairly successful Christian worship band called Leeland (the first name of the lead singer), and I remember them really rallying people to vote for her on Twitter last season.  Maybe that helps explain at least some of the votes she got?

  • b_james

    If you close your eyes and listen to the later videos, she sounds like a drunk, countrified version of Haley Reinhart.  (And I LOVE Haley, so don’t hate me.)

  • DB987

    Ah Devine intervension talk about a misuse of power.LOL

  • Sharil Brown

    Well I am going to be the odd one out on this one because I like Rae Lynn. She is young and she is pure twangy country and I think you have to love old time country music to like her.  I can’t judge pitchy because the sound is not the greatest on any of the videos.  I don’t think she will ever be a Carrie but I think there is a lot of people in country that will love her.

  • kansasfemale

    young and attitude = WIN in my books
    esp last song
    you go girlfriend!!

  • fuzzywuzzy


  • SullyD

    I think it would be hilarious if Rae Lynn was the breakout star of a show called “The Voice”.

  • leilamaurizia

    I will never (ever!) question how powerful Blake and Miranda are in Nashville if they can get Rae Lynn nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year.