The Voice 3 – Top 4 Semi-Final – Who Was Your Favorite? (POLL)

You watched tonight’s The Voice Top 4 semi-final, now vote for your favorite performance!

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  • b_james

    Cassadee has been at the top of iTunes every week.  If they really are totalling all of those for the finale vote like they said, there’s no way she can lose.  I’m not complaining though.  

  • sweetmm

    Wow at the moment Cassadee has managed to reach #1; Terry is currently #3.  Here’s hoping Terry manages to overtake Bruno Mars too :)

  • sweetmm

    Yessssssssss St Nick is at #10 at the moment :)

  • Kesia Monteith

    Wow, Trevin is still below the top 40. Kind of an embarrassing showing. A real bad song choice with that one, plus a not so great vocal either. It’s for the best. He’s young, he can improve, he does not need to win this show, because the record execs wouldn’t know what to doe with him anyway. I think Terry has a real possibility to win against Cassadee. His itunes showing is starting to catch up to Cassadee, and didn’t he and Nick jumped ahead of her in sales?

  • Jonathan Frahm

    iTunes numbers as of 10:50 PM
    1. Cassadee – Stupid Boy
    3. Terry – Let It Be
    7. Nicholas – You Are So Beautiful
    45. Trevin – Wind Beneath My Wings
    (58. Cassadee – Over You)
    (87. Nicholas – Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
    (91. Terry – I Want To Know What Love Is)

  • blackberryharvest

    I would love it if Terry won-its obvious the show is manipulating the win for Cassadee.

  • Leandro

    I didn’t even watch yet and I voted for Nicholas. The guy has been madly consistent the whole season. But I think Operation: Cassadee will be accomplished next week. Heard she was good today. The Voice probably reserved a team of vocal coaches to support her 24/7.

  • Claude Dee

    well, that was boring.

  • Yanyan | RR

    He only got lucky last week because if it wasn’t for “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, we would have either Melanie or Amanda competing against the other three. With Amanda gone, I think votes for her were split between Terry and Cass. Hopefully they’ll reveal the poll numbers after the season so we’ll know how far apart the votes are for each method.

  • Yanyan | RR

    He only got lucky last week because if it wasn’t for “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, we would have either Melanie or Amanda competing against the other three. With Amanda gone, I think votes for her were split between Terry and Cass. Hopefully they’ll reveal the poll numbers after the season so we’ll know how far apart the votes are for each method.

  • Kobe

    As of 6:05am EST, the iTunes ranking are:

    #1 Cassadee
    #2 Terry
    #6 Nicholas
    #39 Trevin

  • scorpiokat

    Cassadee was the strongest performance of the night and she has been consistent throughout the season getting better with each performance.  I am rooting for her to win.  I think Terry’s performance was 2nd best.  He sang it well, but I don’t see any originality with his performances, whereas, Cassadee always makes the song her own making it sound new and fresh.  The person I feel should go home is Trevin.  I felt bad for him because he was way off pitch, but nobody said anything and I was thinking, did I hear that right.  It did not sound good.  I think he might need more vocal training to control his voice better.  He definitely has talent, but some young teens are ready sooner than others.  I know that I really like an artist if I download their song and the only songs I downloaded were all of Cassadee’s and one from Amanda (Stars).  Although I really like Terry’s voice, I just don’t hear anything new and fresh in the studio versions.  Nicholas and Trevin are just not my type of singers.  Cassadee for the win! 

  • Jordana33

    The Voice’s final four seems to get worse with every season. I had to watch the competition on DVR so I could fast-forward through parts of the boring performances. Trevin was predictably dull, but I was really disappointed in Nicholas, my favorite out of the remaining four. Is Blake the only coach who lets their contestants choose their songs?  Both Adam’s and Cee Lo’s team both had some pretty bad choices these past two weeks…like throw-your-contestant-under-the-bus type choices.

    Team Blake won on song choice alone, but that’s not saying much.  “Let it be” should have been a “moment” for Terry, but he seems to be struggling with  vocal strain, so I’d give Cassadee the edge tonight. Cassadee seems to do much better with country music than pop rock, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how they market her.  My main gripe is that Blake actually had much better country singers on his team than Cassadee, and I wish he had given them the same chance to get to the live rounds (Gracia, the yodeler, comes to mind).

    The only thing that will make this finale bearable is if they let some of the eliminated contestants return to perform, or if Nicholas rejects Cee Lo’s song choices and does his own thing. I worry that he’s in danger, though.

  • Miz

    I haven’t been watching, but I did tune in last night. I was surprised that these people really don’t sound that good. It seemed there were a lot better people in the blind rounds.

    I’d put Cassadee at the top followed by Terry

  • Nanc

    I am hoping Nickolas or Terry can overtake Cassadee…I just.don’t.get. it.
    Her voice does nothing for me, and she can’t stay in pitch to save her soul….but the show’s manipulations and lame i-tunes rules will ensure her win….and mark my words, she won’t sell either

  • Niels Bohr

    Can I vote for Blake Shelton here? This episode made me cry. 

  • chillj

    It was a bad night for two of them, who usually don’t have bad nights.  I’m not sure what the problem was, but Cassadee and Terri had unusually good nights, I think.

  • EH

    Cassadee has this in the bag. Still not exactly sure what she is doing on this show, but she seems like she will be more marketable than previous winners. Hey Monday is pretty bad, but so is most music made for the Hot Topic crowd. She’s showing some growth as a singer and she’s connecting with people, so more power to her. It’s always nice to see a girl win these things. 

    I’ve become a fan of some of Terry’s bands’ stuff, but no way am I downloading Boston, Bryan Adams and Journey covers. His Let it Be cover sounds beautiful though.  I hear some really eclectic influences in his original stuff, but nothing like the cheesy 80s American rock he’s done too much of on the show.  I guess they’ll give him a youngish band (and maybe keep part of his current band), work on his current crop of demos and see what happens. He’s in an interesting position of having been signed in the alt rock genre before. 

    I don’t know what will happen with Trevin.  Teenaged boy singing Whitney, Bette and Dreamgirls?  Uh, Glee? 

    Blake was the sweetest last night. I like almost everything about him except his singing. 

  • Kesia Monteith

    “and mark my words, she won’t sell either”

    I personally think the contestant that may sell from this season, is the one they didn’t expect to sell much in the first place.

  • Whiteshirt

    Cee-Lo is missing a huge opportunity with Nicholas. His voice is unbeatable, but he keeps giving him songs from the retread aisle.

    If Nicholas can move You Are So Beautiful to #6 on iTunes, then just think what he could have done singing songs from this century.

    I am so tired of Michelle Branch — I know she is not going home tomorrow and will likely win this thing. But I would so much rather see any of the other three win instead.

    I think it really threw things off having each of the 4 only sing one song as a “semi-final” event. It’s almost like they threw in an extra episode. I would rather have had 4 in the finale.

  • aj rabin

    Check out how Paris Bennet sang Wind beneath my wings on Season 5 on idol. Now thats how it’s supposed to be sung

  • Kobe

    As of 10:00am EST, the final iTunes rankings are:

    #1 Cassadee
    #2 Terry
    #5 Nicholas
    #34 Trevin

  • Nanc

    Ok….I’ll bite, who do you think will sell?

  • Kobe

    Last week Terry, Nicholas, and Trevin was in the iTunes top 10 with one of their songs but Cassadee had both of her songs in the top 10 so she actually had both of her songs multiplied by 10. Therefore, she lead the iTunes sales last week.

  • windmills

    Jordana33: Cassadee seems to do much better with country music than pop rock, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how they market her. 

    She has done better pop/rock versions of country songs because the songs themselves have generally been better not because she’d do well in the country market. Stupid Boy is a great song, and Cassadee introduced it to mainstream fans who watched The Voice and don’t know Keith Urban’s MUCH superior original version. I’ve heard the cowriter Sarah Buxton’s version and that’s much better than Cassadee’s version too. As I was saying in the recap thread, Cassadee sang the song with passion but without any sensitivity for the lyrics. That lack of sensitivity to lyrics is what would do her in in the country market, which is already not too open to females. 

    I don’t think Cassadeee’s a terrible singer though she doesn’t do much for me. If there’s a lesson from her country covers selling better it’s that she should do what she has been doing this year, which is writing up a storm with Nashville songwriters – not country songs, but pop/rock songs. I don’t know if she can make a mark in the pop market but maybe things’ll trend her way if Taylor Swift can continue to do well in CHR. I definitely don’t think Cassadee would last long or do anything in the country world, it’s just too obvious she doesn’t belong and her heart wouldn’t be in it anyway.

    I wasn’t blown away by any of last night’s performances and so I’m not sure who I’d vote for. 

  • Kesia Monteith

    Yeah late reply. LOL. I don’t know really, just feel someone who you didn’t expect to see have success. Not a lot, just a decent amount. Even someone that was not all that much loved on here, like even Dez, LOL. Melanie can carve a nice indie niche for herself. Possibly Amanda? I wouldn’t be shock if no one from this season doesn’t sell well. Just saying, the label shouldn’t just count on Cassadee to be a huge seller. Someone else I think can have a nice shot at the bigger success.