The Voice 3 – The Top 12 – Vote For Your Favorite (POLL)

You watched The Voice Top 12 perform. Now, vote for your favorite!

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  • RJ

    Wow… Cassadee has some peeps. Same for Dez. The two I ranked at the bottom might not be the ones to get booted.

  • tomr

    Love Melanie! Unique voice.

  • kmd23

    The iTunes top 100 songs chart has Trevin ,Cassadee,Terry,Bryan, Melanie, Dez and Nicholas on it in that order. Surprised about Cassadee and Melanie as I just don’t think they are that good.

  • Nasstopher

    IMO, only Dez and Cassadee delivered this week.
    Bryan was my favorite from the beginning, but I’m losing interest with each crappy song choice he makes. We need another performance like “It Will Rain” from him.
    And poor Amanda screwed herself with that stellar performance last week. She cannot get anywhere near that level of perfection again I think.

  • bahogbugan_simj

    imo Bryan picked a good song for himself.  that’s a HUGE STEP UP after the banality of Everything I Do and Iris

    and yes among others, i liked his vocals the best that night.  his biggest hurdle in this competition is that he’s not charismatic, maybe because he looks like a douche LOL.  i don’t know if there’s a remedy for that

  • Nanc

    How on earth is Cassadee leading this poll….with all the real talent this year, if she wins I will barf….the girl is never on pitch!

  • Kariann Hart

    I like both Cody and Dez and can see them having some future success.

  • waynestrong

    I voted Cassadee. People are trying to compare her (negatively) to power vocalists but really its not her style. She’s more like the lead singer of Paramore or some of the other rock/punk female fronted groups.

    I also like Nicholas David, but last night’s ‘power of love’ just seemed like karaoke of the original – same old music with similar arrangement and sound. He should choose something current (last few years) or he could even choose something like “Take You Out” off one of luther vandross’s final albums. A little known song by an iconic r&b artist that sounds like it could be a fresh single.

    Terry McDermott sounds good, but I don’t see where he fits into modern music right now. Choose a current song and take it in a different direction giving it new life.

  • Kelli Waner

    None of them sounded fantastic last night. All had their pitchy moments. Bryan had the best performance pitch wise in my opinion.

  • Ronny Dias

    It’s not that we’re comparing her with power vocalists.
    We’re comparing her with people who actually CAN sing, which one would assume is not asking too much in a competition looking for The Voice!

  • Leandro

    Cassadee is always leading polls. no matter how bad are her performances. That’s why I said to people don’t underestimate the power of her rabid fanbase.

  • RJ

    Well, since Cassadee sang a Kelly Clarkson #1 pop hit, she WILL be compared to Kelly. And in that comparison, she comes off very poorly, IMO. Not a good strategy to try to expand your voting fanbase.