Survivor Week 12 Discussion and Recap *Updated*

Welcome to another Wednesday. Last week we lost Penner who was one of the highlight players this season. I seriously think this is the week Abi goes home because I can’t see her winning back to back immunity idols. But like everything else this season we will see what happens.

Personally while I am glad it was Penner who left over Denise as a fan of the show I think Penner’s suggestion to side with him made more sense. I don’t think anyone can beat Malcolm or Denise in the end. They are the best talkers and can keep a level head. Also I think will turn on Lisa and Skupin if it was needed to be done. As great as Lisa has been as a character in the game is not a great player because she is too loyal in a game based on deception. I am excited to see how it all plays out.

My recap will be up later most likely after the West Coast airing.


We pan into camp as the last six castaways arrive from Tribal Council. Abi sits by Carter and asks how he feels about the other four being in an alliance. Frustratingly Carter says he is not thinking about it.  I’m hoping he just doesn’t want to discuss the game with Abi because if not he’s crazy to not worry. Abi for her part tries to reinforce that she has the idol which to anyone with common sense would know she doesn’t have it.

Elsewhere Lisa says Penner was right when he said it was crazy going to the end with Malcolm and Denise but it goes against what she believes to break the trust.

Straight out of commercial we go to the reward challenge where survivors will be paired up with loved ones. This challenge always gets to me because the castaways always get so emotional.

Mike Skupin comes out to join his father Mike Skupin. Carter’s Mom runs out and jumps into her son’s arms. Denise gets to see her husband and she jumps into his arms and kisses him. He is now a survivor because he met the requirements for step one by getting snot on his shirt.  Lisa gets to see her brother who runs out chanting sister. Lisa loses it when she sees him.  Abi’s mom comes out next who doesn’t speak English clearly. I was kind of surprised at how different they seemed.  Malcolm gets to to see his brother who is also a huge Survivor fan. I have a feeling we’ll see him on a future season.

The challenge consists of Survivor tossing a muddy bag to their loved one. The loved one then must knock down bamboo poles. First team to knock down all five wins.  Winner gets to take loved one back to camp for an overnight stay. Everyone is close except Abi and her mom but in the end Malcolm and his brother wins. Malcolm gets to pick two people to bring back their loved ones and he picks Lisa and Skupin as a reward for sticking with him and Denise instead of flipping to Penner. It’s a brilliant decision and great game play but I had expected him to choose Denise so it shocked me.

Personally if I ever made it to the loved ones challenge I think I would want to throw the challenge and not have to worry about not selecting who to bring back to camp. You are bound to hurt someone’s feelings. Of course chances are I’d be so overwhelmed with emotion that I would forget that plan and go for the win. Luckily for Malcolm he doesn’t really need to worry about Abi and Carter and I think Denise is level headed enough to see the big picture.

Back at camp Malcolm is worried about his brother doing something stupid and ruining his game.  Skupin Jr. is just a klutzy as his father as he falls out of a tree while trying to get some coconut. Justice is trying to get Lisa to really play the game and blindside Malcolm since he feels safe. Skupin seems to be ok with this play. Lisa seems to be holding to her desire to keep her word to Malcolm. Justice points out that Malcolm has already showed that he knows it is a game and that he probably would respect her for making the move.  Lisa seems to have a fresh perspective on the game based on this talk and is now all in on playing a deceptive game and turning on Malcolm. I’m sure she’ll go back to doubting how she plays the game the moment Justice leaves.

Back from break Lisa and Skupin are praying for the Lord’s will to look over their plan. I have nothing against people who pray. I believe there is a higher power but I hate when people pray for something in the game of Survivor.  I just don’t think God cares what happens on Survivor. At least Lisa knows God doesn’t make it so certain people win.

Malcolm is wise enough to see the danger of bringing Justice back to camp. He notices that Justice is level headed and could have put Lisa on a path to take him out.

After the loved ones are sent home it is time for the immunity challenge. Castaways must run across a bridge in the water and use a hook to retrieve three bags. They must then get back to shore and tie together sticks with ropes to make it long enough to hit a target to win immunity.

Carter is the first to get three bags and is followed by Skupin, Lisa, Malcolm, Denise, and then Abi. Abi takes her time and Probst calls her out for being slow and seemingly not being worried. Lisa is the first to attempt the stick and isn’t long enough. Skupin and Carter follow and are also short. Malcolm and Carter attempt next and after a tense showdown Malcolm wins immunity finally destroying Lisa’s plan to blindside him. She doesn’t seem that upset that she gets a free ride out of having to lie and deceive Malcolm.

Malcolm is relieved that he gets a free pass tonight and doesn’t need to worry about people roaming off to make plans to blindside him. He also notes that this immunity combined with his idol gets him into the final four without sweating.

Lisa and Skupin are off on their own. Lisa says they prayed that if that was not the right way that the door would be closed. Skupin for his part takes the time to point out a giant ant that is crawling on a tree.  Skupin asks Lisa if it is Carter or Abi and Lisa doesn’t say anything.

Skupin and Malcolm weigh the pros and cons. It’s peace at camp vs. strategy since Carter has already won two immunities and almost won today. Carter bases his plea on asking the others to have respect for the game and respect for him by keeping him. In a game for a million dollars it is the worst plea ever. They say they are still trying to decide so he says that he will allow them to think it over.

Abi makes it really awkward for everyone as she laments not being in the safety of the four person alliance. Malcolm is spot on when he compares her to the Dementer’s in Harry Potter.  While she seems to suck all happiness out of the world, at least she makes for great TV.

Abi again tells everyone that she will play her idol at tribal which should basically tell everyone that she doesn’t have one. Her craziness has made everyone strongly consider voting her put rather than playing strategic and getting rid of Carter.

Malcolm says that he felt really save in his group of four but it is still nice to have immunity. He is upfront with who is in the alliance. Carter notes that with all the talk of not taking unworthy people along so they should keep him because he deserves to be there. Skupin says that considering voting out Carter is like considering voting out his own son.

Lisa finally shows she is playing the game by admitting that at this point she wants to sit next to someone she can beat to make it easier on herself.  Abi is shocked that she may stay but announces that she will play her “immunity” although it is clear that no one believes her.  Denise says her relationship with Abi has improved but she would not take her to the end. She also says Abi has no chance of winning if she makes it there because she hasn’t played a great balanced game.  With that it is time to vote.

We see that Carter votes for Abi and Abi votes Carter.  Carter is eliminated in a 5-1 vote.

I understand the decision to vote out Carter over Abi but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I was hoping that Carter and Malcolm would slug it out in a few more challenges especially since challenges start getting more physical when it is down to four and five people. But it makes better sense in the game to take out Carter when they have the chance since it is unlikely Abi will win another challenge especially if they are physical challenges.  My prediction for next week is Malcolm wins immunity and gives Denise his idol thus opening the door for Abi to go to Ponderosa.

Next week on Survivor Lisa is considering taking Abi to the end after Abi seems to convince her that she is number four in the four person alliance.

  • Miss Chaos

    Thanks for your recap again.  I was surprised that they voted Carter out, I thought for sure they would get rid of Abi, I kinda like her, shes not as dumb as she seems, she gets it.  Next week should really be good, depending on who wins immunity.  If Malcom wins its a no brainer to give his idol to Denise.  If not, it still will be challenge for Malcom to decide who they will send home.  Keeping Abi would really be smart, as she wont get any votes at the end.  Denise and Malcom will split votes.  They really need to send Skupin home as he will get votes at the end.  Altho Lisa will too.  I think the vote will be close for the money.  Is the final on Sunday, or does it go till next week.  I hate when the show is over.:(

  • Montavilla

    I still can’t decide whether voting Carter out was a good idea or a bad idea.  I think Carter (barring an immunity win) would have gone quietly into that good night next council, while Abi is definitely going to try to shake up the vote to oust someone else.  Probably Denise.

    If Denise does go, then Malcolm is in danger if he doesn’t get immunity, since Lisa and Skupin (and Abi) would vote him out.  That leaves the three of them to face the jury, with Lisa having the edge, I think.

    If Abi goes before Denise, then there would most likely be a tie at final four.  Lisa/Skupin vs. Denise/Malcolm.  That would be interesting.

  • thetrixrabbit

    Oh boy! I love that Lisa is back to playing the game. If they can keep Malcolm and Denise from winning immunity, Lisa and Scupin will be golden! Malcolm would use his idol and they would easily get Abi to help them vote off Denise, the one Abi hates the most. Then it would be the three of them against Malcolm. Granted he’s the most likely to win immunity challeges though, so he’s the easy favorite at this point. But it would be possible for Lisa and Scupin to take Abi to the finale with them. It would certainly be the option with the biggest unknown as far as the winner goes. If Malcolm is there, he wins. It’s a no-brainer. Just a great season all-together.

  • Montavilla

    BTW, I want Abi back again on the next All-Stars season.  I have the perfect theme.

    They invite back all the most obnoxious, annoying villains and call it Survivor: Purgatory.

  • Eric Mitchell

     There is an episode next Thursday and then the following Sunday is the finale. This Sunday is the Amazing Race finale.

  • Eric Mitchell

     For Malcolm/Denise it made the most sense to vote out Carter because he was the biggest physical threat. With Carter gone he can try to win the next immunity and give his idol to Denise getting them both to the final four. For Skupin/Lisa it was probably better to keep Carter to combat Malcolm and maybe get him as a swing vote.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I love the idea but I don’t think a season of all villians would work unless you can turn some of the villians to heroes like what happened to Boston Rob during Heroes vs. Villians. Also if there is another all-star season I am positive Malcolm would be back and he would never be considered a villian.

  • bannanafish

    After the immunity challenge, when Lisa/Skupin’s plan to oust Malcolm fell apart, I don’t get why they didn’t even consider teaming with Carter & eliminating Denise as an option. Granted, with 5 people still left it could come back to bite them, but sticking with the status quo is heading for 2/2 tie at final 4, with Malcolm & Denise clearly the stronger pair in every way.

  • Claude Dee

    Carter was a great physical player. He could have done better as a social player, though. I think Abi Maria will be sent home next week. 

    There are a lot of rooms for a game changer, but no one has the balls to do it.
    Malcolm is the biggest threat so far. I’m pretty sure he won’t be in the final 3 if he’s sticking to his alliance. 

    If I were him, he should team up with Abi Maria and let him carry her way to the Final 3 cause no one will vote for her. (Give her the hidden idol next episode and then send Denise home. So it’ll be 2 (Skulpin/Lisa) vs 2 (Malcolm/Abi)). 
    But I don’t think he has the guts to do that. 

    Not too many villains this season, but it was one of the best seasons of Survivor.  Just not digging the final 5 that much.

  • Miz

    I hate that Abi is still there. I know it was smarter to vote out Carter, but I just don’t like her. I liked her Mom though. :)

  • ChrisBaron42

    After Jonathan left us last week I figured we would be in
    for two really boring episodes getting to the final four, but thankfully the
    family reunion spiced things up a bit.  I
    still have my doubts that Lisa will actually start playing dirty and backdoor
    Malcolm next week.  I was talking to a coworker
    at DISH who thinks that if she does it will only mean her own elimination, but I
    don’t think that anyone would expect it and they could actually eliminate
    Malcolm if they are careful.  I nearly
    missed the show because we were hosting my son’s youth group, but thankfully my
    DISH Hopper recorded it with Primetime Anytime. 
    I love how it records everything during primetime on the four major
    networks and saves it for a week, so I never miss any of my favorite shows.  I am glad that I caught it because it gave me
    hope that we could actually see some action next week instead of 60 min of
    nothing leading to Abi’s elimination.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I know what you are saying but I highly doubt Malcolm will be going home next week since he has the last hidden idol and final five is the last time it can be played. Denise is a better choice for a surprise elimination if Lisa decides to play and join with Abi and bring Skupin but even then I have my doubts.

  • Eric Mitchell

     There is no way Malcolm turns on Denise now to go with a flake like Abi who will turn around and jump to the other two if it gets her to the final three. Malcolm or Denise need to win the next immunity and if they do can then think of working with Abi to take out Skupin.