Survivor Philippines Finale and Reunion Show Live Blog

For those looking for the Survivor Finale Live Blog it’s pushed back to about 8:40pm Eastern time. First we have to dragged ourselves though 60 Minutes or do like I did and watch Hart of Dixie off my DVR.  I thought I’d open up the thread to talk it out while we wait.

For yesterday’s poll on who will win the million dollars the results are:

Denise – 36.36%

Malcolm – 30.17%

Lisa – 23.55%

Skupin – 9.92%

Apparently almost no one thinks Skupin will win which I totally agree with. Not that I think he’s played a bad game I just think the other three played better overall. I’ll be back when the show starts to follow the results with everyone.

9:40pm President Obama is giving a passionate speech at the Memorial Service for Sandy Hook. It was such a sad moment in our lives and I hope that the US finally gets some sort of Gun Control. I know that it won’t stop tragedy but something is needed.

9:57pm We start we a recap of the season. Recapping the returning players. It’s kind of funny the way Russell Swann says he’ll smack the game in the mouth. I think it was the other way around.

10:03pm If Denise makes it to the final three she will have gone to every Tribal Council as a participant which I think will be a first for Survivor.

10:07pm One downside to Live Bloging is watching boring Canadian commercials. Just saw three commercials for Tim Hortons

10:08pm The final four is dancing Abi’s departure. Malcolm hates how people keep throwing him under the bus as the default winner.Skupin doesn’t see him as the winner. Skupin is foolish.

10:11pm We are going right into a challenge. Not wasting any time tonight. It’s a reward challenge.

10:12pm Obstacle course and puzzle. I was about to lament that such a challenge being wasted for reward but the reward is an advantage in the final immunity challenge.

10:13pm Looking like a three horse race as Lisa falls behind.

10:15pm Seems like a crazy challenge with Malcolm and Denise leading.

10:16pm Malcolm has proved good at puzzles as well as being a physical threat as he wins the advantage. I thought I remembered Skupin being good at puzzles in Season 2 but I was obviously wrong since he was out of the challenge as soon as they got to the puzzle.

10:21pm Malcolm happy to have the advantage. He hates turning on Denise but he knows Denise is the harder person to beat. Denise is smart enough to know that Malcolm not committing to her means that his plans doesn’t include her.

10:23pm Denise is wide open to turn on Malcolm. Lisa is talking like Malcolm turning on her is wrong and then says that she isn’t fully to committing to anything. Of course this is all rubbish if Malcolm wins immunity.

10:25pm Skupin thinks he can beat Malcolm in a physical challenge. Too bad for him there is no way the final challenge will be a pure physical challenge. If it has a physical aspect then there will be a puzzle as well. ‘m actually hoping for an endurance challenge.

10:30pm Skupin thinks Denise is tougher in the final three while Lisa thinks Malcolm is the tougher one. Lisa thinks Denise just played Malcolm’s game.

10:32pm It’s the fallen comrade segment of the finale. From a viewer standpoint I can live without this walk but I’m sure it’s nice for the final three/four. It’s always funny seeing the early eliminations lament how the tribe should have kept them. Seeing Angie again made me want cookies.

10:34pm I thin k Jeff needs to get a restraining order out on Dawson. She may go for it all at the Reunion show.

10:36pm Funny how Artis laments Tandang not sticking together and Pete lamenting sticking with Abi for too long.

10:38pm Even remembering Carter is boring.

10:40pm I’ll be honest. If I was watching this off the DVR I would have it the fast forward button on my remote and I’m sure I could still have recapped the walk and guess what was said by each person.

10:44pm Time for the immunity challenge. Must balance a ball on a wooden beam. Last person standing guarenteed spot in final three and can plead their case for the million. Malcolm’s advantage is that he gets a second chance if is ball drops.

10:47pm Everyone survives the first 5 minute round. The beam is longer thus making it harder for round two.

10:48pm Malcolm drops but gets his second chance.

10:50pm Malcolm is out. That was a bad challenge for him. Denise follows Malcolm out leaving Skupin and Lisa.

10:52pm Both Skupin and Lisa last through round three.

10:53pm Skupin wins and makes it to the final three. My guess is Malcolm goes home next.

10:58pm Time for some action as Malcolm and Denise scramble.

11:00pm Each work to join in the final three. I’m not sure why Denise and Malcolm don’t get back together and force a tie.

11:02pm Skupin wants to take Malcolm so that he can go head to head against Malcolm. Denise is blowing total smoke up Skupin’s ass with stories of friendship over alliances. Nice play Denise.

11:05pm Skupin wants to keep Malcolm out of being competitive and loyal and to make his family proud. Lisa wants Malcolm out because she feels he will win no matter what. Time for Tribal Council.

11:06pm Denise talking about layers to the make up of the final four. Malcolm says that they had to form new relationships to make it to the final four. They say that they had a final four pact which I had thought it was an alliance until the end.

11:08pm Lisa says that her and Skupin`s alliance went though waves as they disagreed earlier in the game.

11:10pm Malcolm argues that Denise is a bigger threat since she has been to every tribal council and never had to turn on anyone. Lisa says there is no reason for her to keep Malcolm.

11:12pm Malcolm is eliminated. He congrats Denise which the jury nods to. I think Denise has this in the bag.

11:14pm I think Lisa made a mistake with how she handled Jeff`s question about keeping Malcolm since she had made the final three alliance which basically makes her a liar which she fought so hard not to be for the entire season. She think it will hurt her game in the end. As for Skupin I just don`t think anyone on the jury ever took him seriously.

11:16pm Malcolm’s mistake was not committing to Denise. It cost him the game. Pretty much the same mistake Penner made.

11:18pm Denise knows Malcolm was pissed about going home but she knows how she will approach him with the fact that she outwitted him in the end. Skupin upset with how Malcolm gave a vote of confidence to Denise but will argue at the final tribal.

11:20pm Time for the final three breakfast feast and the burning of the camp. Always a stable of a Survivor finale. Now it’s time for the Final Tribal Council.

11:27pm Time to see who has the craziest question. I`m banking on Abi.

11:28pm We start with opening statements. Denise says she makes no apologizes for being in the final three. She says she has had to make it through three tribes and she`s makes it though every tribal council. She`s a good talker.

11:30pm Lisa`s statement doesn`t have the same power as Lisa`s statement. I think she hurt herself by staying that she didn`t start playing until she spent time with her brother.

11:32pm Skupin bases the fact that he was a returning player as why he deserves the win.

11:33pm Commercials are driving me crazy. Too many this year.

11:35pm Starting with Artis. He cannot congratulate them on making it to the ending since they said they would play loyal and went against their words. He says Karma is a bitch.

11:37pm Carter feels everyone played a good game. He wants to know what Skupin thought when he knew Carter was going home. Skupin says that friendship and game needs to be separated and Carter had to go because he was strong and well liked.

11:38pm Pete thinks Lisa is hiding behind how she didn`t vote out Artis or Pete. She says she didn`t know Artis was going home which is why she wrote down Penner`s name. He asks Denise why she played better then the other two. She says she was forced to play a more strategic and social game since she went through three tribes. She says that Tandang should have took out Kalabaw.

11:41pm RC is proud of Lisa making it to the end. She wants to know why Skupin never told her it was her going home on day 19 and he says he didn`t know.

11:42pm Tame jury so fa but it`s Malcolm`s turn. Malcolm says that Lisa`s opening statement has made him consider voting for her. He wants Denise to stop trying to give answers the jury wants and actually answer why she deserves to win. She says that she played her game by listening and strategazing and that is how she beat the other two.

11:43pm Jeff Kent says that there are three types of people: People who make things happen, People who watch things happen, and people who wonder what the hell just happened. Skupin says he makes things happen because his name was always on the block. Lisa says she never floated in the middle. She says she was vocal to get him out of the game and gave Malcolm up on his idol.

11:45pm Abi says her heart was broken because people didn’t like her. Lisa says that she deserves Abi’s vote because she stuck to Tandang until there was no other option. Skupin says that that he has outplayed, outlasted, and outwitted everyone else. Denise says she stands by her opinion on Abi but could have worded it better and is sorry if it demoralized Abi.

11:47pm Penner says that Denise can now know that the world will see her as a bitch, He calls out Skupin for believing that he always had a target on his back but his name was never written down and says that is a record that may continue tonight, he says Lisa and himself got close and calls her out for being on the Facts of Life and was America’s Sweetheart as a teenanger and says that she kept that from them. Lisa asks him if he told people what he did as a teenager and he blows off the question.

12:00pm Time to vote. RC votes for Lisa. Penner votes for Denise. Carter votes for someone named Skoopin.

12:03pm Denise is the winner of Survivor Philippines.

I apologize for missing so much during the Reunion show but I was only half watching as I was trying to figure out what happened while blogging since I lost everything. If anything major happens I’ll add it here.


There were 21 straight days of rain.

Dana says hopefully she gets a second chance to play since she never went to tribal and never had a vote against her.

Malcolm knew he was toast on the final challenge. He actually remembers it being the final challenge on Fan vs. Favorites and said that he told his mother that if he had that challenge he was done.

For the ladies Malcolm is single.

Abi says Survivor was a learning experience for her.

RC is still bitter about the game.

Lisa beats Malcolm for the Sprint Player of the Season by less then a percent.

Dawson runs up and plants the big one on Jeff. Jeff plays it good by saying she doesn’t kiss as well as his wife.

Season 26: Another Fans vs. Favorites … Excited since the first one was an amazing seasons.  Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites.

Based on Malcolm’s earlier answer about coming back I am guessing he will be playing again in Back to Back seasons. Especially since EW is speculating that all the returning players would be playing for the second time, as opposed to the third or fourth based on comments from Jeff Probst. That means the returning players will most likely be from the last 9-10 seasons. The next season starts Feb 13, 2013 so we should have names by the middle of January. I look forward to who everyone thinks will be returning so guess in the comments.

I’ll be posting the final Ponderosa videos in the next few days.

It was an amazing season and I cannot wait to start watching season 26. I’ll be in touch with MJ to see if she wants the next seasons of Amazing Race and Survivor recapped and if so I’ll be here again. If MJ wants to do the next seasons I will be pulling over the casts names and other information on the new season as soon as it is available.

Thanks for reading my recaps. I hope you all enjoyed it and I wish you all Happy Holidays.

  • thetrixrabbit

    Go Lisa!!!

  • overthetop1

    Why the heck didn’t Denise and Malcolm keep their alliance and vote for Lisa. Then at least it would have been a 50/50 shot for either Malcolm or Denise, the person Lisa and Skup picked. Malcolm and Denise just rolled o er.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I think Malcolm put too much trust in Lisa and Skupin to keep him. Keeping Malcolm was the wrong choice for Denise as I think if Malcolm stayed he would be the winner. Once she knew Lisa wanted Malcolm gone she ran with it because it was the best think for her game.

  • bahogbugan_simj

    because only one can win Survivor? voting each other off at least insures one will have a higher chance of winning

  • overthetop1

    Wow. malcolm’s awesome.

  • Lori

    I’ve never commented on one of these live blogs before but I’m livid that Penner just outed Lisa at the final tribal. WTH does her childhood career got to do with this game?! I think Denise deserves to win but that was just so wrong of Penner. What a sore F***ing loser!  

  • Eric Mitchell

     That was horrible on Penner’s part.

  • yoshirox10

    I hate how bitter some jury members are and how “disappointed” they are that people lied.  Have these people never watched the show before?  Lying and scheming is part of the game.  Your gameplay was your decision and yours alone, you knew what you signed up for, and you lost.  Get over it, accept defeat, and don’t make the final tribal all about you.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I agree that they shouldn’t be bitter since they were playing Survivor but bitter juries make for great final Tribal Councils.

  • poipugirl

    Darn it!  I didn’t want that person to win.  

    What did Penner say about Lisa being a childhood star and not deserving to win?

  • Eric Mitchell

     He didn’t really say she didn’t deserve to win. She said she was lying to everyone by not telling everyone she was “close” to that she was on the Facts of Life.

  • bannanafish

    I thought Denise had it in the bag going into final council, but then I thought she came across the worst of the three. Her speech was a bit condescending to the people that she was asking to vote for her. Lisa’s was a lot more inspiring. Then the questions seemed to be directed to Lisa & Skupin more than Denise making her seem like the outsider. Then Penner ripped her a new one and called her a bitch, and it seemed like Malcolm couldn’t stand her (the whole “Don’t you dare nod”). My biggest disapointment was that Malcolm didn’t say something that showed he had her back all the way to the end, and that Penner outed Lisa. (Totally lost a  lot of respect for him for doing that.)

  • Stefan Wind

    So happy I was wrong and it was a final 3 with Denise winning. It would have been a perfect season for me if Malcolm either made the final 3 too or won the 100K, but whatever I’m sure we’ll see him on another season in the future. He’s now a Survivor for life haha.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I think we’ll see him in Season 26. I will be shocked if he is not on there as a Favorite.

  • overthetop1

    Being on back to back seasons must be so debilitating if the contestant lasted far into the first game. I wonder how much weight Malcolm lost? (the weight loss looked great on Penner.)

    Thanks for the blogging and recapping, Eric.

  • Eric Mitchell

     You’re Welcome.

    I couldn’t imagine doing back to back seasons. I think the last one was Russell in Samoa and Heroes Vs. Villains and he went to the final tribal on both seasons.

    Just the way Jeff asked Malcolm if he would do it again makes me think Malcolm will be one of the favorites. Especially since Malcolm was the only one he asked. I remember after Heroes vs. Villains Jeff said they has the majority of the cast picked back left 2-3 spots as back ups in case people stepped up during Samoa and Russell was the only one who stepped up enough to be invited back so they filled the other spots with other players. I can see them doing the same thing this time and filling a final spot with Malcolm.

  • mmmtx

    Thanks Eric for handling the live blogging for both Survivor and The Amazing Race.  Excellent job on both!  I would have preferred Lisa to have won and wonder what effect on the jury Penner’s comments about “The Facts of Life” had. But it was a great season and I was ok with any one of the final four winning.

  • Montavilla

    I don’t know what I think of Penner giving away Lisa’s secret.

    I don’t either.  In one way, it was a terrible thing to do to her.  But, I can see how that’s an important piece of information for the jury to know.  I have to say, though, that it was great television.  :)

    And I thought her answer was equally good.  


    And thanks, Eric for blogging the Seasons of Survivor and Amazing Race. Terrific job!

  • hcpoirot

    The only chance for Lisa or Skupin to win if they cut off Malcolm and denise in top 5 and bring Abi to top 3.

    Lisa and Skupin didnot had votes from their own tribes. (Artis, Pete and Abi) who really didnot like them since the beginning and so bitter when they get betray though they want to vote out Lisa and Skupin so many times.

    Meanwhile Malcom and Denise who came from a tribe who lost 4 in a row and then had to join other tribes, scream underdog big time. So they will get many votes from the jury.

    But at the end all this 4 whoever deserve to win cause all 4 of them play real hard to stay and reach final 4.

  • Miz

    First, thank you Eric for blogging the season. This is the only place on the net that I participate regularly, so I was happy to see one of my favorite real people competition shows covered at MJ’s.

    Second – I.Fell.Asleep.! during the immunity challenge. I swore I’d stay vertical and it didn’t happen. I’d make a terrible Survivor.

    I’m very happy that Denise won and not at all surprised. I’m glad that Lisa won fan favorite, though I’d also be happy for Malcom getting that. Understandable that it was close.

    I never understood why Lisa being a teen star (the woman is 50!) had to be a secret. Maybe she was afraid of people thinking she had some big insider advantage. Penner is a jerk for bringing that up. Has nothing to do with the game.

    I’m sure Malcom will be back for the next season. I’ll root for him. 

  • thetrixrabbit

    I think the people’s knowledge of Lisa’s teen star past means people immediately assume “She’s already got a ton of money, why is she here going after something that I need?” I think it’s a knee-jerk reaction to any celeb or sports star on the show. But I LOVED her follow-up to Penner’s outing about him not talking about his teenage job.

    The one vote I cannot fathom is knowing that Abi voted for Denise. Denise was the one who said the most blunt (although true) things about Abi and put Abi over the edge in her frustration and anger. How on Earth does Abi vote for Denise??? Really???

    I do like Denise, but I still don’t think she outwitted or outplayed anyone. In fact, like a lot of folks suggested, she and Malcomed failed HARD but not both voting for Lisa and forcing a tie. Why throw your hands up and give power to Lisa and Skupin? You saw these two good players beg like dogs. What happened? Why NOT force a tie? At that point, neither Malcolm nor Denise deserved to win. I’m sorry, but that was a horrible play at the most crucial moment. They handed control over without even a whimper.

    I do hope Malcolm gets another shot though; overall, he was a great player.

  • Whiteshirt

    I hate it when coattailers win, and coattailers always win this show. Denise did not arechitect one ouster or win one individual challenge. She let Malcolm do all of the dirty work and hid. Ugh. I think the complete fail of last season was because they were all coattailers.

    I knew I should have continued my tradition of watching the entire season and skipping the finale.

    Other than the finale, it was a great season.

    At least America got it right — Malcolm or Lisa should have won. Well, anyone but Denise should have won.

  • Stefan Wind

    I love Denise and thrilled she won, but I agree with the last big move that should have been made. I blame Malcolm for that mess up though, because they show Denise talking to him about forcing a tie and he never follows through to her about it. It would have been funny if Denise won that last immunity challenge if he would have been changing his tune.
    Personally, I would never leave my fate in the game up to anyone, but that’s just me.

  • Eric Mitchell

     Based on post game interviews Malcolm says he made Lisa and Skupin swear on their children that they would be final three so he was so convinced he was safe at final three.

    That said she should have lied to Denise and pushed for a tie to keep all options open. That was his mistake to trust Lisa and Skupin too much.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I disagree. I don’t think someone who has gone to all tribal councils and had a target on her back multiple times is riding someone’s coattails. Malcolm benefited just as much from his alliance with her from the start and when they were separate after Matsing she could have easily been voted out before the merge.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I disagree. I don’t think someone who has gone to all tribal councils and had a target on her back multiple times is riding someone’s coattails. Malcolm benefited just as much from his alliance with her from the start and when they were separate after Matsing she could have easily been voted out before the merge.

  • R Gray Shaw

    You can actually search the list of the returning players online (not gonna spoil them), if you wanna be spoiled… I always prefer all new players TBH and returning players are always on an advantage

  • Claude Dee

    I think Penner asked Lisa if it was okay to “out” her secret. :)))) 

  • Miz

    Penner asked her if she wanted to tell them her secret or should he.