Scotty McCreery Dishes on His American Idol Audition

On the three year anniversary of auditioning for American Idol, season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery, reminisced on twitter about his experience. The producers didn’t seem to know what to do with a 16 year old country boy!

Three years since I auditioned for Idol! Crazy!! Here’s a little inside scoop from audition day I don’t think yall know about… Fun Fact: For the Idol auditions you have to sing a song that is cleared by the show for rights and stuff. Your Man wasn’t cleared my audition day. If you sang a song that wasn’t cleared they wouldn’t put your audition on tv, which makes it tough on ur chances of making it far on the show. I told the producer’s I didn’t care, and I was singing Your Man. Miraculously, about 15 mins b4 my audition they told me they got it cleared! If that had not happened, we would’ve never got to hear Stevens crazy line, and who knows if I’d be here today!

Wanna hear some other fun facts?? My very first audition, the one thats not filmed in the arena, I sang Your Man too. The producer ‘judge’ (who I love) looked at me n said “this isn’t Nashville Star ya know?” I told her, ‘I know, just gimme a chance’. She asked me to sing something besides country, so I sang The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra. Imagine that in my country voice, haha. Then she asked for another non country song and I told her I didnt have one ready, and I didnt want to butcher one. So I sang In Color by Jamey Johnson. Then after some thinking she finally gave me that first arena golden ticket, but not without some homework. She told me to go to the hotel, learn a pop song and sing it the next day at day 2 of the non filmed auditions. I went and learned Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer and sang that the next day.

And guesss what… Day 2 of the non filmed auditions, they make all the contestants learn a single song(the same song for every contestant) that they choose. The song everybody in Milwaukee had to learn? Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Hahah… They tell you, you may or may not have to sing it, but its required you know it if they ask you to sing it. So day 2 I sang, Your Man, then Slow Dancing.. and at that point I could kindaaa tell they were gonna send me through, then they stopped talked amongst each other(the 3 producer judges) and then asked me to sing Bad Romance…. smh. I started into those rah rah’s and then stopped midway through and told them “this aint on my country station back home, I don’t know this”.. They busted out laughing and said they just wanted to hear a country boy sing Lady Gaga, lol. I love all those producers 2, theyre cool! but then they sent me through to round3! Hahaha.

Really tho, auditioning for @AmericanIdol was 1 of the best times of my life and has changed my life forever! Season 13, who’s it gonna be?! I’ll try n think of some other cool stories and have twitter story time on here again sometime. Hope yall enjoyed a little inside scoop, lol

Nineteen year old Scotty is now recording his sophomore album, touring and attending North Carolina State University! He’s come a long way in 3 short years.

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  • NatSasic

    That makes for very interesting reading on the whole Idol process. Love the irony of the ‘Nashville Star’ comment, only to have their two finalists that year both be young country singers, and hiring Keith Urban as a judge later on! I also always wondered how they compiled those clips of auditionees singing the same song…can’t believe they actually force them to learn it in advance!

  • girlygirl

    I always figured you could fake it and just lip sync for those group shots they show of everyone singing the same song. Interesting that they actually tell you ahead of time to learn it.

  • Blou38

    That was fun…love Scotty!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    It’s like he invented a new way of twittering (is that a verb?), story time. Even if he didn’t, it was still cool and made the fans happy. And the info. itself was interesting to learn.:))

  • dd999

    Lol! I really enjoyed Scotty’s account of all he went through as a country singer to get approved by the judges. I can definitely hear Scotty sing a Frank Sinatra song and do an awesome job of it, but Lady GaGa not so much. Wasn’t it J-Lo and Randy that said after his audition something to the effect, ‘we discovered him, and he’s going to be big’! Well, he surely is and he became the AI winner in a big way. I will always remember the excitement to hear Scotty perform, not only here but some of the tapes from the! they went wild over there when he hit the stage!

  • Rand

    I wonder if Idol is asking their “success stories” to do this to try to get people interested on the auditions.

  • Onescoopyes

    Naw, I think he is just feeling nostalgic on his audition anniversary. If Phillip, Carrie, and Kelly start doing the same thing, then I might begin to think so…

  • Reflects On Life

    I enjoyed this story very much, and even more, I enjoyed the way that Scotty told it (assuming he wrote it himself). He clearly has a knack for storytelling.

    From an AI perspective, they should convey more such stories, maybe an “AI Looks Back” retrospective as part of each results show. Or at least in the social media sphere, if not on the actual TV show.

  • ohreli

    Its so nice hearing someone affiliated with Idol actually saying something positive about someone else affiliated with Idol! Ah, the old days….

  • Onescoopyes

    Loved hearing his story. It’s interesting that they made him sing something else besides country, and that whole “Nashville Star” comment. I think he opened up the door for more old-school country artists making the live shows like Skylar and Janelle.

    I also love how positive and humble he is about the whole experience. There are other contestants and even winners who have said not so positive things about the show or their experience.

  • L. R. M. L.

    Anybody who has attended Scotty ‘s Tour know that Lady Gaga story is the prelude to George Strait’s cover by Scotty.

    Scotty has an amazing sense of humour and can be totally hilarious at times. He just treasures his Idol audition stories. I’m guessing it comes from Idol completely changing his life and rocketing his career to what it is today.

  • mmmtx

    As a long-time faithful American Idol fan, I loved hearing some of “the nitty-gritty” of what happens behind the scenes. As a Scotty fan, I was once again thoroughly impressed with the confidence this boy had, along with a quick wit, to stop in the middle of an audition and say, “this ain’t on my country station back home, I don’t know this…” And, as a fan who has met and talked with Scotty more than once, this easy-going twitter conversation he had with his “followers” is typical of the way he is in person with his fans.

  • Anny_nanny