Scotty McCreery, Demi Lovato, Chris Mann – Christmas in Washington – VIDEO

Christmas in Washington featured artists from some of your favorite singing shows! The roster includes Scotty McCreery (American Idol s10 winner), Demi Lovato (X Factor judge), Chris Mann (The Voice 2 alum) and Megan Hilty (Smash).

I left in introductions from host Conan O’Brien because they were pretty hilarious. Scotty’s especially. The first family had a front row seat. Check out the shots of them bopping along with the music.

Christmas in Washington aired on TNT Friday Night.

Check out the performances below.

Demi Lovato – All I Want For Christmas is You

Chris Mann with the  US Naval Academy Glee Club – I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Scotty McCreery – Santa Clause is Back in Town

Medley of Christmas Carols

Scotty McCreery (Mary Did You Know), Demi Lovato (Silent Night), Megan Hilty (O Come All Ye Faithfull), Chris Mann (O Holy Night) + Bonus Diana Ross (Amazing Grace)

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  • Erlinda

    I love this song. Scotty sound great. Love it!

  • Chris

    The medley was beautiful! I like the contrast of Scotty’s deep Mary, followed by Demi’s sweet Silent Night.

  • Chris

    And Diana never disappoints, true diva. That dress took up the whole stage.

  • Kariann Hart

    Very nice.  I enjoyed the medley!

  • durbesque

    I’m glad to see Chris Mann getting around as much as he is.  This is the season for his style.  I would prefer his voice a little less breathy and precious, but it’s his career, not mine.

  • jennyl2

    Wow, Diana was so magical. Loved all the performances. Demi is amazing. It’s hard to believe she’s only 20. It’s great to see mix of TV stars from different shows singing a gig together. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Everyone sounded and looked great! Also, a really nice variety of Christmas songs.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Demi impressed me tonight. She sang with less melisma than she usually does, and I think that was more to my taste. Great young talent.

  • kmd23

    I watched all of the videos. Chris Mann had the best vocals by far of the three. His voice is just made for Christmas music.


    Really liked all of them but of course Scotty was the best. He absolutely shines singing Christmas music.

    And the President and the First Lady seemed to really enjoy Santa Claus is Back In Town. Also Mike and Judy McCreery(Scotty’s parents) were sitting next to the Obama’s.

    Pretty special night for Scotty and his family.   

  • Larc

    A different audio track must have been transmitted to my house.  I heard some very sour notes from Demi and thought her first performance was the worst of the evening.


    I see Michael Buble is mentionned in here. I’m Canadian but I will take Scotty’s singing 1000 times before Michael. Obviously, with his success he must have some appeal but I just don’t see it.

  • Connie

    This was a great show. Must note, Diana Ross still ‘got it’. She sounded wonderful and is as beautiful as ever. 

  • lightoftruth777

    Personally, I don’t care for Chris Mann. I’m not saying bad things about him. You should have said that he’s the “best by far” in “your opinion” and left it at that. There is no need to post simply so that you can bash Scotty’s voice and laugh about it. For thousands of us, Scotty McCreery’s voice is made for all kinds of Christmas and Country music. There is no reason we should be “sorry” for that. Do not compare artists… Everyone has a personal preference and saying Scotty is no Michael Buble is ridiculous. IMO…Chris Mann is no Scotty McCreery.  See? There is no reason to compare artists when everyone has a different opinion… You were just trying to be rude. 

  • kmd23

     Actually I think Scotty might have been trying for Elvis in that performance. lol. Either way it just did not work for me. JMHO. lol

  • CanadianLady

    Love Scotty singing Christmas songs or anything he wants to sing.

  • EvenMoreron

    Chris Mann sang O Holy Night last night on Leno.


    I think it is a well known fact that Scotty has been an Elvis fan since he was a small child. So him singing an Elvis song, he’s obviously going to sound like him and not like Michael Bolton.

    He has it on his Christmas album and sounded exactly the same singing in Washington. Amazing.

  • kmd23

     Chris sounded great.

  • Jordana33

    I don’t think the first song brought out Scotty’s best vocals. We didn’t get to hear much of his rich baritone voice and I agree about the Elvis channeling, LOL. However, it was still a fun performance and he gets points for experimenting with different styles.  I thought he sounded lovely in the medley with “Mary did you Know”. Chris Mann and Megan Hilty were also great. 

  • dd999

    What a great show! Scotty was terrific, such fun with ‘Santa Claus Is Back In Town’ and beautiful rendition of ‘Mary Did You Know’. Love that deep voice of his! Gotta say too Diana Ross has an amazing voice, loved her version of ‘Amazing Grace’ maybe the best I’ve heard!

  • therivermaya

    Santa Claus is Back in Town was a fun song.
    BUT, Mary Did You Know brought out the best in Scotty!
    Either way, I enjoyed both songs.

  • Donne

     I suddenly remember one weird man who auditioned for XFactor US 2012 who said Demi is using auto tune? 

  • artemis112

    Chris Mann is everywhere this season! He sounded fantastic. I also thought Demi Lovato and Megan Hilty sounded really beautiful. The medley was lovely.

  • SaSa8

    I loved both of Scotty’s performances!!  Santa Clause is Back in Town was a fun performance and loved the ending when he wished everyone and the President a Merry Christmas.  And Mary Did You Know fully showed his deep, rich voice and is one of my favorites on his Christmas Album. I personally like how he performed two totaly different sounding songs both in the Christmas spirit.  I have really enjoyed him appearing on all these TV Christmas specials.

    Overall, it was a really good show and I thought that Chris Mann and Megan Hilty sounded nice as well.  Of course, Diana was beautiful.    

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I’m sure there weer other tweets exchanged, but I enjoyed these…

    Chris Mann Music ?@IamChrisMann
    @ScottyMcCreery well done tonight sir! hope to see you soon! #XmasinWashington

    JuanaM ?@JuanaM__15
    @ScottyMcCreery Thank You for making 18 girls’ dreams come true in Christmas in Washington It was an honor singing with you.

  • ?Marie Theresse??

    woaah Scotty’s Mary Did You Know WOW!!!

  • scm101

    Powerful performances from everybody esp. of course and obviously, Scotty.
    He can sing anything…low or high notes…amazing voice. He is destined to be a big star someday.

    Thank you for posting.

  • durbesque

    Thanks for the Leno link.  Very classy version of ‘O Holy Night’ by The Mann.  He’s a cover-type singer, so his choices are limitless. 

  • tibitibis

    Well i don’t think either he’s pretending to be a Michel Buble 2 , he’s doing his very own interpretations of Christmas music according to his style and i think that what he did fit his voice very well or at least is enjoyable to many , now i agree with Christ , he did an amazing job balancing the interpretation between a pop with operatic elements, Impressed with the  ‘Smash’ girl :0 , and i love sweet Demi and of course the Diva Diana … so a beautiful show let me say. :D

  • kmd23

     I enjoy Michael Buble singing on Christmas specials as opposed to some other music artists. That was my only point. It is interesting to me that it is OK to be critical of some Idols performances but not of other Idols. lol. Not everyone is a fan of every Scotty performance.

  • journey1

    Liked Megan Hilty a lot.  Demi started out a little shaky.  I know she was trying to build the song, but she ended it quite well.  Chris was good, too.  Scotty is a great kid, but I just don’t like to listen to him.  To me all he has going is an unusually low voice for a young guy.  He isn’t horrible, but I just don’t feel his voice at all.  I wish I did, because he is the kind of good person I like to follow.  I will keep trying.  I love Mary Did You Know, so I was hoping he would move me in some way.  I am happy, though, that he has many ears out there who love to listen to him.

  • Maya100

    I know I’m in the minority, but I just think Chris’ voice has shrunk since the Voice.  I don’t see him as classical crossover – he’s more along the lines of a Buble or Michael Feinstein crooner (but especially Buble’s voice is fuller).  He’s sort of abandoned any remnants of classical style.  

    That’s fine and he seems like a great guy.  He might be better in the long run to stay away from the big voiced classical type singing.  It’s just not for me.

  • mmmtx

    Since Michael Buble was not a performer on this particular Christmas special, I see no reason to bring up his name.

  • kmd23

    Good Point. Diana Ross and Chris Mann and Megan Hilty sounded great to me in those videos I watched. Some music artists just have the vocal ability to sing Christmas songs. Others not so much.

  • durbesque

    “shrunk” is one way to put it.  I would say that he has “lightened” his tone, to make it more compatible with pop songs.  His voice was never operatic, by any standards.  I think the connection to opera was merely a PR tool, to set him apart, and explain away his classical style.  He is making the transition quite successfully, imo.