Scotty McCreery – Back on the Ground – Song Demo

Listen to a demo of the Scotty McCreery song, “Back on the Ground”, written by Neil Thrasher, Casey Beathard and Tony Martin. Warning: It’s sung by a woman. And Scotty’s version? Is way better. I almost hesitate to post it.

  • To get there: Click this link. Click the “music” tab, then click on the song title. You’ll be treated to Danny Gokey’s “Second Hand Heart” as you click away!


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  • hoa_teca

    It’s an emotional song with meaningful lyric.

    But the girl’s strong and powerful voice (almost screaming at times) kinda ruins it.

    It should be intimate. And that’s in Scotty’s wheelhouse.

    Hm, so now we know quite a lot of songs in Scotty’s album, is it safe to say that he’s more inclined to ballad songs (while Lauren seems to favour uptempo songs)?

  • larc

    With Scotty’s voice and gift for story telling, this will be one the old-time country lovers are gonna eat up. :)

  • eyelinerandcigarettes

    Yep. This is my favorite of all the demos I’ve heard so far. I can’t wait to hear Scotty’s version of CAD too.

    This is looking to be one heck of an album.

  • LexieN

    MJ, I saw on twitter where Mercury sent you the album? How great for you!!!

    I saw where Blair Garner of After Midnite said it was great and Pam Green from a NY radio station said both Lauren and Scotty’s albums were wonderful…

    How many do you think get sent out?

  • chearts77

    MJ, you got a copy of his album? LUCKY YOU!!!! I can’t wait to hear your review of it. His album seems to be well received by those who have heard it.

    As for this song, I really like it and wonder if it wouldn’t have been a better single choice than TTWG? I still wish they went with an uptempo song. Out of Summertime would have been perfect for this time of year…since we are “out of summertime”.

  • rivermaya

    Good song and some really good lyrics here.
    I agree that with Scotty’s storytelling abilities, this is right in his wheelhouse. Can’t wait to get my hands on the album!!!

    eta: MJ, if you do have CAD, I’m also so looking forward to your review of it.

  • Kirsten

    MJ, I saw on twitter where Mercury sent you the album? How great for you!!!

    MJ is hitting the big times! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

    Back on the Ground does seem right in his story-telling wheelhouse.

  • Pam

    This song does seem like a good fit for him. I have no doubt that Scotty’s version is better. Thanks mj