New Crystal Bowersox Album Set for March (PHOTO)

Crystal Bowersox at  Klickitat Band Camp in Portland.  Photo: Steve Rosenfield.

Great news! American Idol season 9 runner up, Crystal Bowersox, will be releasing her second studio album in March via Sanachie Entertainment.

According to the press release, below, the album will be recorded in either Nashville or Los Angeles. Crystal will be working with collaborators such as Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, Jakob Dylan and John Lee Hooker.

I expect the album to be really raw, considering it’s due out in two months and she hasn’t begun the recording process yet.   I’m looking forward to where she goes musically a few years after her 2010 debut, Farmers Daughter, and  a new label that’s sympathetic to her vibe.

ETA: Crystal tweeted, “So, the cats out of the bag!!! Mr. Steve Berlin is Producing this next record, and Mr. @jakobdylan and I sang a little diddy together.”

Press release.

Every now and again in an industry that is saturated with over hyped –here today and gone tomorrow talent- an artist comes along who truly embodies a unique sound and vision. Crystal Bowersox is that artist. The small town Ohio born singer/songwriter and guitarist whose early performances began in coffeehouses and later Chicago’s underground subway circuit, was catapulted to stardom when she captured the hearts of millions as a finalist on Season 9 of American Idol. Earning a slot as the season’s runner up, Crystal Bowersox’s gentle strength, quiet wisdom, immense emotional depth and angelic voice made a connection with the show’s viewers and indeed her debut album outsold that year’s Idol winner.

With a confidence and rich soulfulness well beyond her years, Crystal made a lasting impression. March 2013 Shanachie Entertainment will release Crystal Bowersox’s label debut. Shanachie Entertainment General Manager, Randall Grass, says, “On American Idol, Crystal Bowersox stood out as a real singer with a big voice who made an emotional connection with the audience, similar to the way Adele does. Yet we feel the true depth of her talent as a singer and songwriter has not yet been fully exposed and we look forward to achieving that with her new album. We are very excited to be working with her.” Bowersox adds “Shanachie is a good fit for me and my music. I am happy to join the label’s growing list of critically acclaimed and well-respected recording artists. I am really looking forward to working on this new project.” Bowersox is currently in the studio and has been writing consistently to come up with a batch of very special songs that will reveal her true essence as an artist. Crystal is joined on her new album by producer Steve Berlin of Los Lobos (Rickie Lee Jones, Sheryl Crow, Raul Malo, Crash Test Dummies, John Lee Hooker, etc) as well as special guest Jakob Dylan among others.

Inspired by everyone from Bonnie Raitt, EmmyLou Harris and Michael Franti to Aretha Franklin, Jewel and Janis Joplin, Crystal Bowersox is a consummate artist with a broad musical palette to draw from. Her rich amalgam of emotive folk-rock-country and soul makes her easily one of the most dynamic artists of her generation. Not yet thirty, she has emerged as a truly gifted songwriter who is able to easily tap into the raw emotion of any song. While on American Idol in 2010, Bowersox had the opportunity to perform alongside the likes of Joe Cocker, Harry Connick Jr., and Alanis Morrissette. The experience of Idol was full if lessons for the young artist, wife and mother. A grounded person with a great sense of humor the singer shares, “I’ve learned that you’re not allowed to wear the same outfit twice on television and I’ve also learned not to burp and curse so loudly in public. But best of all, I’ve learned that forgiveness starts with forgiving and accepting yourself as you are, it makes it easier to accept others as they are. I’ve learned that as you grow older, time becomes more precious than it’s ever been, so don’t sweat the small stuff.”

2010 was a big year for Bowersox who married fellow musician and longtime friend Brian Walker and released her critically heralded Farmer’s Daughter. Her recording debut was a powerfully moving and personally revealing recording that dealt with real life issues including childhood abuse, love and life’s everyday challenges. The direction of Crystal Bowersox’s Shanachie debut is still taking shape and will be recorded in either Los Angeles or Nashville. The album’s producers are in the process of being selected and the material will feature mostly originals. Crystal shares, “I feel like I’m finally achieving a sense of balance in my life and it’s making itself evident in my new material. My career is really still in its infancy and the possibilities are limitless. This will be my second studio album and I’m excited to see what happens. The silvery residue from Idol has faded a bit and now it’s all about what’s true and real in my world. I’m paying way more attention to the things that really matter and making more of my decisions based in kindness and love. My son has taught me so much about that, how strong I can be, even in my weakest moments.”

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  • usedtobelucy

    Excellent! New Crystal music — looking forward to it. I really love her voice.

  • Valarie

    I picked Crystal as my favorite, from the first clip Brian Mansfield posted of pre-season 9. The more I watched her as the season progressed, the more I disliked her as a person. This article seems to be aimed at softening her image a bit. I think it may take a bit more to change my opinion.

  • chillj

    I have been waiting for a looong time.  Thanks, Crystal!

  • quickjessie

    Yay.  I play the first CD constantly and cannot wait to have another.  

  • sabbia

    Looking forward to hearing the tracks on the new album. Wonder if any will be similar in style to Ohio Flies By. I really enjoy that song.

    Was looking thru the CDs at my local library under “Rock” and stumbled across Farmer’s Daughter. Not knowing a thing about Crystal except for the free download of OFB months earlier, I took it home. Not at all what I expected—way too country for my tastes. How it got catalogued under Rock is beyond me.

    If the new album leans more folksy, I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  • Danny Latham

    Not a bad choice of guests and producer for Crystal. I do look for this album to be real Bowersox where FD was more 19/Sony glitz. Git er done, Mama!!! 

  • Tinawina

    I am really looking forward to hearing this. :)

  • Eilonwy

    Oh yay! I’m looking forward to this album.

  • CB40

    Best post-Idol debut album ever.

  • LA944

    Cannot wait!  I really enjoyed her album and EP. Her voice is breathtaking. She is a wonderful songwriter and musician as well–just an all around talent. Rickie Lee Jones, John Lee Hooker etc–Damn this is gonna be so good!

  • Caro3278sweet

    Her voice is breathtaking.

    Yep. It truly is. I would say it’s up there with Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. Really.

    I’m excited to see what she comes up with now that’s she unleashed from commercial radio concerns.

  • steph6449

    Good news for Crystal and her fans.

    Can’t help but say though, who talks like this (especially about themselves, lol). Press release writer could use a little help.

    Bowersox adds “[..] I am happy to join the label’s growing list of critically acclaimed and well-respected recording artists. I am really looking forward to working on this new project.”

  • Jake Williams

    Looking forward to it. She and Jessica Sanchez are my favorite Idols.

  • girlygirltoo

    Interested in hearing what she comes up with. That is a very tight recording schedule if it’s coming out in March. But then again, Crystal’s music doesn’t seem to need a lot of bells and whistles in terms of production.

  • revolution

    She has been recording the album for a couple months already in Portland…Hollywood Reporter threw in quotes from the story of her signing with the label. They were old quotes about Los Angeles and Nashville…She tweeted the night she recorded the duet with Jakob Dylan its a pretty song based on her tweets….This is not rushed and the label is really excited about, one of their reps tweeted that he couldn’t wait to share the music he was hearing from her with the world. 

    If you go back on Crystals tweets the last couple of months she dropped hints about the album.

    She will also be on the pilot of a TV series “Cinnamon Girl” Its going to be a big spring for Crystal!

  • revolution

    I have been a huge fan and met her numerous times, She is a down to earth beautiful person. If you think back to vegas week, you remember the other contestants singing along and being excited when she finished natural woman. They all called her Mamasox. I never understood the wrap…she was confident but not cocky to me. 

    I think some people didn’t like her responding to the judges, but she knew who she was, simon even said he respected her for that.

  • revolution

    Paul Rigby, who also plays for Neiko Case is also on the album…

  • Kariann Hart

    I liked Crystal on the show and she is fantastic in concert.  I wish her much luck with her new album!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m hoping that Crystal’s new music will be more folk rather than country, since I like her folky songs. Regardless, I hope for the best for her in this next chapter of her career.

  • Jonathan

    Bought the album, bought the EP and cannot wait for album #2. I see this 2nd album is going to be a fusion of Crystal’s first two releases: the rawness of the EP and the full band awesomeness of FD, but still having the same great songwriting and of course that sweet, gorgeous voice. 

  • Jonathan

    Yeah, I remember reading somewhere or maybe on her twitter that she has finished recording vocals already. 

    Gotta say, Season 9 was a loooong time ago, but I still do not get the alleged “attitude problem”. Now, a lot of people don’t see it, I was actually pretty surprised myself, but she’s actually pretty warm, funny and goofy in her appearances (as I watch them on youtube). Too bad some people saw her as too serious and “cocky” on the show. 

  • revolution

    Steve Berlin is the Producer, the names listed next to his names are other artists he has collaborated with…Jakob Dylan is featured on one song and I repeat, the recording of the album is nearly done, its not a rush job, she has been tweeting updates on it for a couple of months…She was giddy the night she recorded with Jakob Dylan…called it a lifetime goal achieved…She didn’t tell us who it was and here facebook and twitter turned into a guessing Frenzy…I went with jewel, nobody guessed Jakob Dylan. She recorded it in Portland not Los Angeles or Nashville, although she did go Los Angeles for an acting gig.

  • LA944

    I didn’t get the “attitude” bit either. She may have not had the perfect “idolette” personality–but so what? She seemed fine to me. Don’t forget what a f’d up yr that was–Simon throwing the show under the bus the best he could. I feel a little sorry for everyone who was on that season.  The whole thing had kind of a bad vibe–not due to the contestants though. It was all the other BS going on. In fact, the only bright spot after a few good girls were eliminated was Ms Bowersox. I watched just to see and hear her.

  • revolution

    Crystal Bowersox ?@crystalbowersoxRunning vocals through a leslie = good times.Expand
    3hCrystal Bowersox ?@crystalbowersoxJust finishing up some a few songs you’ve never heard :)

  • revolution

    previous tweets are from tonight…someone at the label put  out a sloppy press release…The Album is almost done…

  • revolution

    To hear the effects of a Leslie, listen to “Tomorrow Never Knows” by the Beatles…Girl is going old school…

  • revolution

    rickrosenberg ?@rickrosenberg
    Can’t wait to share this new @crystalbowersox I’m hearing with the world. Wow!

  • standtotheright

    Press release writer could use a little help.

    I think it’s in the manual that the pull quotes have to sound as stilted as possible. Heh.

    Anyway, I’m really glad to hear this. Farmer’s Daughter wasn’t perfect, but it had a good narrative arc and was certainly the best roots-folk-rock album the show has yet produced (yes, better than Moon IMO).

    And I still don’t get why people thought it was more country than the average roots rock album; if anything, I thought the producer shaded it away from some arrangements that could have sounded more country.

    Very curious to hear the song with J Dylan. I saw him tour with Neko Case and they played very well off each other; I think he’d let Bowersox shine here.

  • revolution

    She will shine for sure…It’s her album…

    I wonder the same thing…after Riding with the Radio, the steel guitar wasn’t out front…I guess the first impression of the Steel on the oppening track might have influenced people.

  • Danny Latham

    The album is called All That For This. She just announced it tonight at the Koffeehouse Chateau at Sundance.