David Cook Gets A Little Help From His Friends

David Cook was at the center of a mini-reunion of   the Season 7 Idol cast when he and his band played a concert in Los Angeles last night.

Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado and Ramiele Malubay all came out to see their friend play. And they tweeted about it!

@Mjohnsmusic: Cook n the boys put on a great show. Hung with Dave for 20mins caught up I’m proud if his success catch his show if his in ur area

@Syesha: I love you my friend. We are all so proud of you. You rocked it tonight! :) http://twitpic.com/h6fjw

@JasonCastro: @thedavidcook if i hear the loop… im come in on cue! haha lookin forward to it!@CarlySmithson: What a show People !!!!! Been too long since we all laughed together in the same room . @thedavidcook Im proud of you man. Your a force !

@RamieleMalubay: @carlysmithson lov yah for holding me up at the concert haha

@CarlySmithson High Five to @realbrookewhite who channeled her inner Moses and parted the crowed . Thanks to all the fans that helped us get to the front

@realbrookewhite: http://twitpic.com/h64ww ‘“ Leave a little light on

@realbrookewhite: http://twitpic.com/h6afa ‘“ Good show Good friends Good times

@realbrookewhite: http://twitpic.com/h62fp – Don’t lie to the cookie

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  • sma11ie

    I gotta run, but thanks MJ for giving this a post! Season 7 4EVA! Hahaha. Following these reunion show tweets last night and today was a blast. Love them. Carly’s tweets crack me up. Go Moses Brookie!

  • ladymadonna

    Fan reports said Chikezie was there too, but no twitter confirmation from him yet AFAIK.

    The buzz last night over this show was intoxicating. I love S7. I want to squeeze S7’s head off, and dangle it from my rear-view mirror.

  • Jae

    I love Adam Lambert but I STILL ADORE S7. The best season ever. I love the whole s7 gang.

  • leome

    LOL I love that picture. I love that they were there. I loved seeing it happening on twitter. And I love how supportive and friendly they are of the others. Unless they’re the best actors ever, they all seem really genuine. And I’m happy that all of them (well… no Ramiele, I think) are working on their projects.
    I’m sure Archie would have loved to be there.

    Doesn’t KLC have twitter? She just seems to have disappeared.

  • Trina

    Another comment from Brooke:

    @realbrookewhite we all loved ya last night, it was loads of fun, and mr. sensitive and bar-ba-sol are my faves

    I didn’t hear anything about Chikezie being there..and FWIW he just responded to David’s tweet asking for Mexican food recs but didn’t mention the show.

    Between all this and reminiscing about the finale I’m all sniffly today LOL

  • unidentified

    Aw, my favorite season. Glad they could get together. Nice they try to keep in touch.

  • will

    Where’s Archie?

  • wellhesback

    This was DavidC’s Twitter response “To everyone who came out last night, Thank you. One of my favorites to date. So cool a bunch of my fellow idol alums came out. love u guys.”
    He’s up to 47,000 twitter followers @thedavidcook trying to get to 50,000

  • LaraC

    Adored everything about that season, by the end of it I learned to really love each and every one of them.

    I love how they all found out day of on twitter and still made it there.
    They seemed really excited about the whole thing.

  • progression

    So glad that this nice, talented bunch of kids came along in Season 7, before the format changes of last season.

    And congrats to David Cook, rocking a sold out 117th show in LA with his Idol pals, Simon Fuller and RCA execs were in the house. Good times indeed.

  • jan

    I think it’s really great that they all still get along so well and went to the show to support David.

    Syesha tweeted some other pics from the night:
    Syesha, Ramiele, Brooke
    Syesha & Ramiele in photobooth

  • abbysee

    The idol fraternity is a strong one. They are bonded together, and it’s nice to see. Season 7 was one of my favorite ‘casts’. Glad they had a good time together again.

  • nycgirl

    Thanks so much for this thread! I check MJ’s every day looking for any and all Season 7 info. This reminds me of how much I love them all (though Cookie first and foremost!)

  • ladymadonna

    I didn’t hear anything about Chikezie being there..and FWIW he just responded to David’s tweet asking for Mexican food recs but didn’t mention the show.

    Shrug. Not sure about Chikezie. But here’s the fan recap where he was spotted.

  • alxsavage

    I love Adam Lambert but I STILL ADORE S7. The best season ever. I love the whole s7 gang.

    My exact same feelings!

  • babe

    Season 7 is my favorite season ever!!! Love those guys! I don’t even have a favorite from season 8, but they are a bunch of talented kids too. What’s wrong with me? (for not liking anyone from season 8 )

  • BootStar

    The buzz last night over this show was intoxicating. I love S7. I want to squeeze S7’s head off, and dangle it from my rear-view mirror.

    Aw, R.I.P, Pauler! ;-)

    Yeah, for me (for you?), I loved Adam, Kris & Allison last season but, on the whole, it didn’t hold a candle to S7. Loved everything about that season, especially the very end. :-) I don’t think there will ever be a season as good as that one, unfortunately. Not with the return of the Top 36 format.

  • tierbee

    Still love Season 7 – what a great bunch. Never that invested before… don’t plan to be again ;) !!!

  • k4dc

    Awww, thanks for posting this, mj! My favorite group, supporting my all-time favorite Idol! I just get all sorts of warm fuzzies seeing them together and reading their tweets. David Cook has a forever fan in me!

  • k4dc

    P.S. babe, don’t feel bad, I’m in the same boat!

  • sanrio76

    I flove season 7. Every now and then I watch the finale’s group performances and think how well they meshed together.

  • gingerly

    I think Chikezie found out too late to be there. He tweeted yesterday that the show was sold out. It was pretty late by the time he tweeted that. It all came together rather organically. The girls from Season 7 seem to keep in closer contact (as women often do), but I think they still are all close. Archie had tweeted earlier that he was in SLC (sad he couldn’t have been there), and I’m guessing KLC is in Nashville.

    For me, best season ever up to and including the win which I think was by far the most touching ever. I’d have been fine with Archuleta winning, but it’s all worked out fine for both of them.

    I’m also one who doesn’t have a Season 8 favorite. I’m still invested in Season 7 and have no time for more.

  • cjinsd

    Sigh…I miss Season 7. They were such a sweet, pretty, funny & talented bunch. I like Adam alot and Kris & Allison, but really hated the format & judging.

  • brie200

    My favorite season as well. I have no disrespect towards the S8 kids as they are all talented kids and seem nice to boot, but I just love the S7 crew. I’m so glad so many of them made it out last night and on such short notice.

    KLC really fell off the face, didn’t she. I realize it’s in part because she’s just not LA based, but still.

    I’m not sure the girls are closer so much as they are just chattier with each other on Twitter and the like. I do believe that these guys are mostly all friends (unless they are good actors), but what I find funny is that some of the closer pairings coming off the show and tour aren’t the ones I expected. Mavid and Castroleta of course. But like I never expected MJ and Brooke to be close and it seems like Carly and Jason have also become pretty close.

    I want more pictures from last night though!

  • PattyH

    I was there. Definitely did not see Chikeze. They were all haning out together, so he would have been seen if he was there. It was sure fun to see them all, though. The fans were very respectful about not bothering them.

  • lifeisfun

    I saw David Cook perform at the Fillmore Tuesday! He is amazing! He’s more talented then i could ever expect, plus he is hilarious. This person made him a pillow case with his face on it and his reaction for what he should do with it was so funny. “Do you not understand how weird this is? should I give it away as a gift?” Also when he sang “Lie to me” accapella, it was such a cool moment.

    Coming from a big David Archuleta fan, David Cook deserved to win. I’m glad the other idols could watch and learn from him!

  • lifeisgood

    Loved Season 7 – The first year I ever got into AI:)

  • wordnerdarchie

    “Season 7 was blessed that no performers got really sick while on tour.”

    Some did get really sick on tour, were throwing up back stage, but came out and sang anyway. Season 7 kids were tough.

  • oceana

    Season 7 was my favorite of all 8 years so far, too. For those who like rock and singer/songwriter it was a great season. It’s heartwarming that some of them got together last night at cookie’s concert, how cool that is. :)

  • oceana

    It seems like every year there’s a flu that goes around, either during the show or the tour, or both. They’re living all together, sharing everything, and they’re working so hard that their resistance is probably down, plus being exposed to lots of new germs on tour. Usually they make it through the show anyway, Kris must be really sick to miss it. Hope he feels better tomorrow.

  • wellhesback

    I just checked in on Cookie’s San Diego concert thread on his home page. It’s a longer concert, I guess, since there’s no opening act. Kyle (the drummer) brought his son up on stage at one point

  • houstonrufus

    S7 forever and ever ever! Love them all really. Archie was and is my boy, but I’ve come to respect and admire so many of the top 10 now. I follow all of them that are on twitter and support their careers when I can. They gave me a hell of a fun year. Happy so many of them are recording albums and touring and doing their thing.

  • sma11ie

    Y’all probably already saw this, but it’s new to me– this youtube of Cookie’s Kiss On The Neck performance in LA has a quick cameo around the 4:30 mark of the S7 girls– well, mainly Syesha, Carly, and Brooke’s gorgeous hair. It was cute to see DC’s reaction on stage when he spots them though. He chuckles and claps and does a little hand gesture thingie. Haha, gonna say it again– gooo Brookie’s inner Moses!

    Aww Kyle’s son! He must miss his daddy so much!

  • pottymouth

    Add me to the fan club for Season 7!!! They were all good looking kids with a lot of talent. Glad to hear they got together just for the fun of it and not because it was some planned gig! That right there shows me that these kids really do support each other.

  • sma11ie

    Oops, forgot the link to my post above (can’t edit!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr5X-l8mHHQ&feature=channel

  • movin2thabeet

    It was so great that so many of the S7 alumni got together to enjoy and support their bro Dave. Good to hear that the crowd parted to let them move up to the front. Heard that the show was great and fun was had by all.

  • FolkFan

    Thanks for the post, MJ. Season 7 was my favorite season, not only because my favorite Idol contestant was in it (DC), but also because of how close and supportive the whole group is. And they seem like they have fun together. The fact that so many of them made it to this concert (plus the cute pictures) kind of chokes me up. Remember when Simon told DC that friends don’t want the best for you? I think that the Season 7 folks, plus Neal, Andy, and Monty, disprove that. [Not dissing Kyle, whom I think is awesome, but he met DC after Idol, so it’s a different situation.]

    Also: heh, LadyM.

  • sunchick

    Remember when Simon told DC that friends don’t want the best for you? I think that the Season 7 folks, plus Neal, Andy, and Monty, disprove that.

    Word. That new thing the band does at the end of IDIFY, with Neal, Monty, Andy and Dave coming to the front of the stage and killing it on guitar, in addition to being seriously cool, is also such a full circle kind of moment considering they were all there helping Dave when AH was created on a shoestring budget. Also, the intangibles that make season 7 so, well, magical, for me for you, are probably the very qualities that Simon would say made the season boring. Pffffft. The way those peeps rallied to reunite and support David, the dude who technically beat them all to claim a huge prize, would make the Grinch’s heart grow two sizes. And they are all pretty damn funny and talented with very few diva inclinations. Season 7 FTW4evah!!!!111 eleventy!!!

  • maturin

    You know I am a hardcore Season Seven Stan.

    Partly because of Cook, but lots because of the whole cast. I even liked the characters who got booted off the island early, like pissy Danny Noriega and growly Amanda Packaday. And the kid they faked us out with in Hollywood, where he was the focus of the whole episode and then had a nervous breakdown and blew it and was cut!

    I could argue it was the best season ever because we got the most music: with no group sings in Hollywood, and no wildcard eps, and with the finalists being able to choose their final song, and the depth of the talent in the Top Ten.

    But let’s face it:in the end, the reason why that one season is THE one for you is always a little mysterious. I watched Three, Four, half of Five, Seven and Eight, and the one was just, the one.

    Faves include:
    David Cook, everything
    David Archuleta: Angels, Smoky Mountain Jesus, and the whole Final Two ep and Finale
    Carly Smithson: Jesus Christ Superstar, Blackbird, Here You Come Again
    Jason Castro: Travellin’ Thru, I Don’t Want to Cry
    Brooke White: Love Is a Battlefield
    Michael Johns: It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right

    The David vs David finale remains my favorite final two of all time with these two peaks:

    David Archuleta In this Moment

    David Cook: The World I Know

    Season 7 FTW4evah!!!!111 eleventy!!!


  • woo

    Add me to the Season 7 love train. All seasons have their special moments but as a whole, the season 7 cast remains my favorite, both in music and personalities.

    This is nice, sounds like Michael Johns shouts out something during the Light On banter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHRM4GY9voo

    ETA: Whoops, should’ve read the comments first. Apparently its not. It would’ve been funny, hehe ;-)

  • BootStar

    I could argue it was the best season ever because we got the most music: with no group sings in Hollywood, and no wildcard eps, and with the finalists being able to choose their final song, and the depth of the talent in the Top Ten.

    See, I think this really IS why S7 was the best ever, my deep devotion to David Cook notwithstanding. Imagine if S8 had followed that format? You’d still have had “Kradison” and most likely Danny, Matt and Anoop, but a much different Top 12 IMHO. And you would have had TIME to get to know all of them, which really never hurts.

    S7 was just that rare “perfect storm” (in a good way, naturally) of great talent, genuinely good people, and a winning format. And, unsurprisingly, the doofus PTB wrecked it the very next year!

  • HappyDaisy

    Season 7 was awesome, brought so much joy for more than a year. I continue to follow Cookie, Archie, and Jason. Season 8 was a real let-down after 7. Both what they did to S8 AI show and the less exciting (other than Adam and Matt) S8 tour. OK to say that since this is a 7-focused thread? Not fan-warring, just expressing an opinion. By the way, Chikezie, #10, was GREAT as the opener on the S7 tour.

  • http://myspace.com/susanatfox sumidol

    “””I love Adam Lambert but I STILL ADORE S7. The best season ever. I love the whole s7 gang.

    My exact same feelings!”””

    DITTO – nuff said

  • BootStar

    These really need to be in this thread. History (and posterity) require it! ;-)

    Ryan Star and David Cook singing “Breathe”
    Kiss On the Neck

  • iloveidol

    SEASON 7 Best season ever!!! You can tell by the level of success.

    David and David did their album and is touring now

    Syesha is doing a huge Dreamgirls tour

    Carly is with the new Evanescence

    Brooke and Michael Johns got their own indy album going

    Jason signed with Atlantic and just put out a single

    Kristy Lee was signed – (not doing much now, but atleast she was signed)
    Ramiele & Chikezie – (these two may let me down)

    Anyway. I miss this season. And it’s very nice to see them support each other.

    Favorite Performances

    Syesha – One Rock N Roll, I Will Always Love You, Change Is Gonna Come

    Jason – Somewhere over the Rainbow

    Brooke – Let It Be

    Cook- Billy Jean

  • wellhesback

    Yes – some others mentioned it and I agree, Chikezie did a great job opening the show last year!

  • maturin


    Unbelievably gorgeous version of “The World I Know” here. From last night (San Diego) rather then the LA gig, but nice tie in to “Season Seven weloveyou.” Love the mournful metallic guitar and dramatic lighting.

  • HappyDaisy

    Love the two Davids. Love this duet from S7 finale:


    In fine form then, oh how far they’ve each come since.

    Wipes sentimental tear from eye.

  • Ipurr4DC

    What a great thread. I’m also a life-time rider for the S7 Cookie train. Loved that season. It would be so neat if David would put out a duet CD with the others from S7(maybe as a cancer charity fundraiser?? Hint, hint David). He could count on another amazing amount of money raised for a charity with something like that.

  • MB444

    Season seven=best season ever IMO.

  • oceana

    The top 5 were so cool, cookie, archie, syesha, jason, and brooke. Jason cracked me up every week with his laid-back attitude (and I loved his performances). Brooke was breathlessly beautiful behind the piano. Syesha was obviously going to be great at musical theater. The Davids of course are legend.

    the other five were good too, and I loved Danny Noriega. The only one I really didn’t like was David Hernandez, and I kind of didn’t like KLC but she was okay.

    Really season 8 I only liked Allison and Adam, and just warmed up to Kris at the end, but most of them I didn’t like or feel were very talented. Season 7 was awesome.

    I also liked 1, 2, and 5 but not as much as 7.