Lea Michele Strips Down for V Magazine (PHOTOS)


Glee star, Lea Michele posed for some racy pictures for photographer, Terry Richardson, completely upending the goody-two-shoes image she has with her pals.

“My friends call me Grandma, but like, Grandma’s killing it right now. I’m pretty sure Grandma nailed it in a half-naked Terry Richardson shoot, okay?” Lea told a reporter from V Magazine where the photo spread appears.

In the accompanying interview, Lea talks about recording her new album, Louder, due out on March 4, and how making music has helped her grieve the passing of her boyfriend and co-star, Cory Monteith, who died of a drug overdose in July.

Lea wrote one of the album’s tracks, “If You Say So,” as a tribute to Cory. “It’s the only song that no one’s heard,” said Lea. “I can’t talk about it until people hear it.  It’s just one of those things where I understand what it means and you can take it or leave it. That song is for me.”

Check out more from the interview at more photos at VMagazine.com

ETA: Yes, Lea has been posing for racy photos for eons, beginning with the Lolita-like GQ shoot she, and some of her other Glee pals participated in during season 1 of the show. It was controversial because the stars were depicted more or less as the characters they played only scantily clad and in provocative poses. Dianna Agron later apologized in a tumblr post. Lea did not. This is probably the raciest pose she’s ever struck (well, maybe other than her recent bare assed potted plant photo). But remember, back when she starred on Broadway in Spring Awakening, she bared her breasts every night. She’s no stranger to stripping down. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Her single “Cannonball” and weekly buzz singles from Louder have hardly made a dent on the charts. And Rolling Stone gives Lea debut 1 1/2 stars. Ouch.


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  • Porfivor Nixon

    If this is what she has to do to sell her album, she’s in trouble.

  • Guest

    Spreading legs….

  • Marko


  • Dianne

    That blue thing..whoever designed it should be jailed.

  • Kirsten

    Glee star, Lea Michele posed for some racy pictures for photographer Terry Richardson, completely upending the goody-two-shoes image she has with her pals.
    “My friends call me Grandma, but like, Grandma’s killing it right
    now. I’m pretty sure Grandma nailed it in a half-naked Terry Richardson
    shoot, okay?”

    Lea’s friends must have long-term memory problems. If this photoshoot is going to upend her Grandma image with them, they obviously don’t remember the racier shots in the GQ photoshoot she did a few years ago (lots of scantily clad shots, sucking a lollypop, spread eagle wearing panties instead of a skirt).

    Coincidentally, Lea has an album coming out. Whatever gets you press, Lea. Even flogging your dead boyfriend.

    I’m not criticizing Lea for wanting to take these pictures, but I’m just rather amused at her transparent justifications. She should just own it. It worked for Miley and countless others, so she’s giving it a shot. It’s not like her songs are getting a lot of radio airplay. And if playing coy about a song for Cory gets Cory fans to buy her album, well, that’s just business.

  • Incipit

    “Lea’s friends must have long-term memory problems.”

    Heh. Really – Or recently – A Thong and a Potted Plant – what was that supposed to be in the Grandma Memory Book?

    She’s doing promo – doesn’t need a justification – or this silly ‘Grandma’ construct. IMO.


  • Whatiswrongwithus

    God..here we go again Lea. As much as I wanna like her, I can’t stand her. She’s such an obvious media whore that even after the death of her boyfriend she can’t stop seeking attention. She’s obviously so over him. It’s only been less than a year.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Terry Richardson” again? He seems to be the “go to” guy for anyone who wants racy pics. I dunno, but he also sounds shady and rather creepy to me in how he sometimes gets these shots from young subjects.


  • Axxxel

    She has an album to promote…

  • Axxxel

    just showing of her skirt that has the same shape as her seat.

  • Larc

    Have we really reached a point that it takes something totally unrelated like this to sell an album? Or do artists and their promoters think we are no better than that?

  • Listening

    What is up with the splayed leg pic 1) It’s lewd and 2) It looks stupid.

    I mean come on she thinks if she puts a big grin on her face with her legs spread we’ll let her get away with it. Like we’re be like ugh Lea looks so vulger here… umm wait wait see that big goofy grin on her face it’s okay guys. She’s okay let her spread them to Timbuktu she’s grinning.

    So this is the rout you want to go Lea go get that respect sell those albums. It looks sad and despreate to me but it’s your game plan.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    She’s far from the first artist to use her reactions to the death of a loved one as partial inspiration for an album, and to treat that as part of the story used to sell the album. I can think of at least one Idol who’s done it, and I would not be surprised to be undercounting. If an audience wants authentic emotional responses in the music they buy, this stuff’s gonna come up.

    She’s far from the first female artist to sell an album with cheesecake. We see that less with Idols, but it’s all over pop music. The shots we see here are pretty mild.

  • Cary Gonzalez

    Meh…I perceive more desperation than sexy in these pictures…

  • Calvin P

    Lot of prudes commenting on this stroy

  • deshae78

    I agree. I have no problem in theory of sexy or provocative photos of women, but I dislike the splayed legs. It just looks too vulgar instead of sexy. I love it when a photo is very sexy/revealing but also maintaining a classy feel.

  • breakdown

    She’s slightly more sexy than Miley.

  • Richard Petzoldt

    She is a million times more sexy than Miley and only slightly less sexy than Diana Agron.

  • scoobynacks

    He’s a total creep. If the fashion industry had any integrity at all (can’t type that with a straight face) they’d stop using Terry Richardson.