Kristy Lee Cook Premieres New Songs (VIDEO)

Check out video of 3 new songs Season 7 7th place finisher Kristy Lee Cook debuted at the Wildhorse Saloon Thursday night!

Season 7 7th place finisher Kristy Lee Cook has been signed to Broken Bow Records since October 2010. When she hasn’t been busy deciding the last 5 winners of American Idol, she has also been working on new music. She recently tweeted to a fan that they’re “looking at July” for the launch of a new single. Kristy Lee has been working on the new music with production company New Voice Entertainment, founded by band members of her labelmate Jason Aldean.

Check out video of 3 new songs by Kristy Lee from Thursday’s Broken Bow/Sirius XM Radio Concert For Cystic Fibrosis:

Video courtesy ChristianLamitschka

We can make educated guesses about the titles (“Good Timin'”, “I Don’t Care”, and “Whatcha Gonna Do”? The last one not to be confused with the Martina McBride song on her current album) but none of them appear to on the list of registered Kristy Lee Cook cowrites. Her list of known collaborators includes a few songwriters who wrote songs on her debut album (Victoria Banks, Heather Morgan, and Rachel Proctor), songwriters with cuts on Jason Aldean’s current album (Jaron Boyer, Jon Mabe, David Lee Murphy and Ben Stennis), Lonestar‘s Dean Sams, Amy Dalley, and a bunch of established Nashville songwriters (including New Voice Entertainment partner David Fanning, Shane Minor, Billy Montana, Mark Narmore, Liz Rose and Phillip White).

“Breaking Me” (Kristy Lee Cook/Mark Narmore/Phillip White)
“Deal With It” (Kristy Lee Cook/Mark Narmore/Phillip White)
“Hand Me Down Jeans” (Kristy Lee Cook/David Gibson/Dean Sams)
“I Want That Feeling” (Kristy Lee Cook/Amy Dalley/Dean Sams)
“Keep Dreaming” (Shane Minor, Kristy Lee Cook, David Lee Murphy)
“Lay Me Down” (Kristy Lee Cook/Mark Narmore/Phillip White)
“Layin Down The Law” (Jamie Jarbeau, Victoria Banks, Kristy Lee Cook)
“Little Bit Of Sin” (Kristy Lee Cook/Rachel Proctor/Laura Veltz)
“Man Like That” (Jaron Boyer/Kristy Lee Cook/Ben Stennis)
“My Softer Side” (Kristy Lee Cook/Liz Rose/Emily Shackleton)
“No Strings” (Kristy Lee Cook/David Fanning/Billy Montana)
“One Hell Of A Ride” (Kristy Lee Cook/Westin Davis/Jon Mabe)
“Party Like A Rockstar” (Kristy Lee Cook/David Fanning/Billy Montana)
“Two Horse Town” (Kristy Lee Cook/Clint Lagerberg/Heather Morgan)
“You’re Everywhere” (Victoria Banks/Kristy Lee Cook/Rachel Proctor)

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  • Steph

    Yikes! It’s Kristy Lee Cook! What curse(s) will she rain upon us now?

    Everyone run! lol.

  • Anonymous

    OMG. So much hair tossing. LOL. Not bad songs. No wonder another WGWG won, she’s been working on new music :p

  • Anonymous

    Does she still host that hunting show?

    When’s the last time she had any music released? Seems like it has been awhile.

  • Leandro

    Oh! Congratulations! Good to see The Mother of All Fodders having a shot again (that doesn’t include little deers)!

  • bread71

    Kristy can rock!  I like the second song the best although one could
    argue that writing a song to tell somebody you don’t care means you must
    care enough to write it to begin with.  I’d rather know why she
    personally doesn’t care (or she doesn’t care “anymore”) than just
    telling some guy she doesn’t, and warning him her dad has a gun.  The
    first song is not really my idea of good timin’ (maybe 20 years ago),
    but she pulls it off in the chorus and it has a good beat.  The last
    song is another one of those overdone themes about warning some girl to
    stay away from Mr. Wrong.  I’m starting to wonder who Mr. Right is. 
    Maybe the female country artists need to start dating better men (and not just guys with great guns or look good), and
    then we can actually hear some different themes, and some actual music that makes the listener actually have to think about it first to find the feeling, rather than feel it first to find a thought.  But these songs should fit
    right into what Country Music is looking for from its female artists
    and the shallow audience it tries to appease for the last 6 years since Carrie
    and Taylor hit the scene.  Even if it’s also part of the reason that
    these same songs only get played by a select few female artists
    (Miranda, Carrie and Taylor for the most part).  Hopefully Kristy can
    find a way to differentiate herself artistically (not her personal
    interests) from them, and reach a wider audience than just those fans
    who only see other female country artists as competition by the
    popularity contest Country Music has set up (thanks to the Internet and
    Reality TV shows).  She’s had three years to do so.   

    I really love Kristy’s unique voice and style and personality…and the
    way she is able to connect with every song she sings and make them come
    across as believable (my biggest pet peeve with today’s artists is they personalize every song so the listener must connect with the artist as a person rather than person as an artist has to connect with the listener, and they
    don’t connect with their songs emotionally or just try to force an emotion in the
    listener by who can hit the biggest note, and they all sound the
    same…and there’s a lack of emotion or feeling or substance in a lot of
    today’s music as well because of it). 

    I still think Kristy’s strength is ballads as much as she obviously
    loves the rockin’ country.  :)  But I look forward to hearing all the new music and songs she has been writing with others, and hopefully her voice on the radio as well.  

  • Anonymous

    After all the success she’s showered on AI winners, it’s about time she finds some success for herself :) 

  • bread71

    Just nm my last comment…I love Kristy’s new music!  Simple as that.  :)

  • steph6449

    Fun to see Kristy back with new music.  And lol, yes, plenty of hair tossin’ :)

    She’s very thin, though maybe that is just the camera perception.

  • Stefan Wind

    I loved Kristy during her season and thought she was voted out too soon just when she was gaining traction, hence the curse lol.

    I hope she finds success.

  • Bruce Willard

     She was awesome, why do you say curse (sounds like someone jealous.  She was great. 

  • Bruce Willard

     Hunting show was awesome, has been working on new album.  I love the song she sang the other night about vets.  It will be a hit.  I am glad to see her back.

  • Anonymous

    lol Do you not know about the Kristy Lee Cook curse on American Idol?

  • Anonymous

    Kristy Lee Cook! The queen of AI superstition and coincidences, hehe. No wonder the “KLC Prophecy” still carried on S11 because not only she auditioned in Philadelphia, one of her co-writers in 3 of her songs was Phillip White (And *gasp!* the last name is White!) And look at the songs he co-writed and it has a  secret message to all who doesn’t like the “Prophecy”: You try “Breaking Me” (i.e. the “Curse”) but you have to “Deal With It”  so keep “Laying Me Down”, haha. 

    Another trivia: According to, apparently she is the contestant that is the most improved out of the 1st 10 seasons (11th season not yet included but I think no one really had a big growth arc IMO).

  • Anonymous

    “Party Like A Rockstar” (Kristy Lee Cook/David Fanning/Billy Montana)

    I bet this song will be as gloriously awesome as Windmills’ favorite song of 2012, Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw’s “Feel Like a Rockstar” ! :p

    “Two Horse Town” (Kristy Lee Cook/Clint Lagerberg/Heather Morgan)

    I have a hunch it will be her mashup of Carrie’s “Two Black Cadillacs”, Toby Keith’s “Beer For My Horses” and Scotty’s “Water Tower Town.” :p

  • BonnieDee

    Not that fond of “Good timin.” The second song  “I don’t care” is good. I also like the third song Whatcha Gonna Do.  Also, she’s too thin.  Someone get that girl a cheeseburger.  

  • windmills

    babylockthemdoors: “Party Like A Rockstar” (Kristy Lee Cook/David Fanning/Billy Montana)
    I bet this song will be as gloriously awesome as Windmills’ favorite song of 2012, Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw’s “Feel Like a Rockstar” ! :p

    LOL! You know me too well!

    I’m not overly impressed by any of the songs but they don’t sound awful. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Kristy Lee’s attitude post-Idol but she does have a nice voice and a nice tone. I’m not sure if she is showing anything unique or anything that’ll cut through and grab radio people, but it’s hard to predict without knowing what her lead single will be. I do respect that she’s been working hard and I feel for her that there’ve been so many delays in getting new music out.

  • Klc Cook

    I like all my songs Thank you very much.. :O).
    I co-wrote Good timin’ and Whatcha gonna do. :)
    These are just a few of the songs we have… We have some serious stuff coming out… something for everyone :)

  • Jeremy Shaw

    …that’s my girl.  ;-}

  • Jordon Brook

     What is the problem you have with Kristy.  I have followed her for a few years after idol and she is true country, she has heart, she has supported veterans, cancer, muscular dystrophy, MS, and so many other functions, she gives her heart out to people, and is a great and neat person.  She is beautiful, friendly, and is just trying like most of us which is to do something she wants to do.  She has not given up, and does not slam other people. 

    Meet her, you will find a real person.