Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra Gray – Waiting to Exhale – Altlanta (VIDEO)

WHOA. EPIC.   Kelly Clarkson invited Tamyra Gray on stage at the Season 1 winner’s concert in Atlanta, GA Thursday night (Feb 23).  You may recall that Tamyra was booted shockingly at 4 in that inaugural season 0f American Idol.

Kelly and Tamyra joined forces to sing Whitney Houston’s “Waiting to Exhale”.

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  • wutwut

    If they couldn’t do ‘You Thought Wrong’ this was a good second choice! :)

  • Da 1 N Only

    I think they only hooked up 4 hours before the show so putting together a song like “You Thought Wrong” to their standards would’ve been difficult.  The fact that they pulled that performance together in such a short amount of time is amazing or in MJ’s words “EPIC”.

  • hayes

    Idol reunions are so cool! Now all we need is for Kelly to get Carrie up there so we can get a duet of “I Know You Won’t”.

  • heartly

    I love this.  It’s always great to see Tamyra again and these two really meshed great together on this song and in general.  I also like that they didn’t go for one of the obvious Whitney songs to cover.

  • Jenna

    So sweet to see them together again. I love the way Kelly used her falsetto here, and Tamyra let it out on that bridge.

  • Anonymous

    W O U L D.
    F  R  E  A  K.

  • sue

    OMG that was amazing! 

  • Ricky Rob

    So good! And I loved that Kelly stepped back and let Tamyra shine and have her moment in the spotlight. 

  • jdanton2

    Good to see Tamyra and Kelly perform together .  hoping to see some new Tamyra music sometime.

  • Anonymous


  • fuzzywuzzy

    Such a great duet, and by a couple of real pros!  I also like that they chose one of Whitney’s less well-known songs.  Tamyra is such a terrific singer!  Really enjoying the “fan request” part of Kelly’s concerts.  :)

  • Anonymous

    Kelly is so brilliant in the way she added the fan requests to each stop on her tour and has coupled that with some idol reunions here and there.

  • Valentin432

    Best way to start the day, thanks MJ

  • Anonymous

    wow! Kelly is awesome.

  • AXG

    Love them both, but I would have rather had a bit more Kelly during this song. But she is a trooper giving Tamyra her shine. I love “You Thought Wrong.”

  • Sunny Mc

    wow, that was amazing!!!!

  • Kesia Monteith

    Tamyra is one of my favourite female idols ever. It is always a treat to see her. THE youtube vid of an Idol contestant I watch all the time is her performance of “A House is not a Home.” She is just a terrific vocalist. Love her <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    Omg, epic indeed! Been waiting for this for a while! Still listen to their duet from Thankful often. Love seeing Tamyra do her thing! Now is Ruben far behind?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That was most definitely a “Wow” moment.  It seems like there were a lot more of those in the earlier years.

  • Anonymous

    that was so good <3

  • ronnie

    They obviously like each other a lot.  Kelly seems to have stayed friends with so many Idols- 

  • drew

    This is a really excellent tribute and I like how Kelly let Tamyra shine. Very classy.  It reminds me what Idol’s lost over the years.

  • Christa Bailey

    I was excited that they got together again. They have stayed friends since Idol. That is so sweet. Kelly is always supporting other Idols. She is a class act and “the Queen of Idol”. Love the performance!