Jordin Sparks on Idol, Her New Boyfriend and Promise Rings! (VIDEO)

Jordin Sparks sat in for Kathie Lee Gifford in the Kathie Lee and Hoda hour of the Today Show. She talked about Idol, working with Whitney Houston, her favorite songs and more.

Going back to Idol makes her nervous. And did we know her parents weren’t together any more? She sang little snippets of songs, including her single “I Am Woman”. And she talked a little about her BOYFRIEND, singer Jason Derulo. She knew him for a couple of years, but “it came out of nowhere”.

Hm. She still wears her promise ring–not everyday. But she’s not making any promises. NOW she says you shouldn’t do anything until you’re ready. Marriage is not a requirement.

In Part 2, they discuss The Hollywood Buzz

Part 1

Part 2


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    thanks for posting

  • Niall

    In general promise rings are the domain of idealistic teens and serve the purpose of cutting down on a few teen pregnancies. Once the kids become adults they realize they don’t want to get married right away nor do they want to miss out on a normal part of relationships.

    Jordin has grown up to be a smart, well spoken, and well adjusted woman. It’s funny that I didn’t like her or Diana Degarmo during their season but I enjoy both now that they’re adults.

  • Anonymous

    Jordin did a great job at that . i think she is just a natural in front of the camera whether singing or speaking which could serve her well in her future acting career which hopefully take off to go along with her music.

  • Anonymous

    I voted for her, I voted for her, I voted for her…a lot.  I loved her then, and I still love her.  Her music doesn’t appeal to me (I know that doesn’t make sense, but I don’t like pop music), but when I can I will watch her.

  • Anonymous

    Those are my sentiments exactly. Loved her on idol and voted for her as much as I voted any season until season 10 and listen to her when she’s on tv but don’t really like pop and don’t buy any music except country. I do hope tho that Jordin hits it big time.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s Part 3. Jordin doesn’t know the words to Kelly’s “Stronger” in a little contest.

  • Anonymous

    Jordin is lovely !! i like her voice  and personality, but not her music :( , glad she’s going after this acting gigs , i agree she’s natural in front the camera. Jason better try her like a princess . 

  • Anonymous

    I just watched my DVR and watched the whole hour of Jordin. She was great, so natural, confident and stunningly beautiful. I did not expect her to be that natural in front of the camera. She’ll be great in that movie and what a voice.

    I’m so happy for Idols like Jordin, Kat McPhee, Diana Degarmo, etc that find
    (try to find) success other than selling platinum albums or arenas.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, promise rings don’t cut down the teen pregnancy rate.  Studies have shown that chastity ‘pledges’ don’t work on any level. The only thing that cuts down teen pregnancy is availability of [and education about ] birth control.  So now that Jordin isn’t a virgin is okay not to be one?  LOL  Classic and typical. ;)