Idol Superstitions – Accurate Predictors, Crazy or Just Plain Fun? – Season 11

Much like those who follow horse racing, Idol watchers are forever trying find that magic formula to predict who will be the next big winner. While you can gamble on Idol (truly a foolish enterprise – save your money for the tour!), most are content to post their predictions on blogs and twitter. Sure, there are obviously some lame competitors who were lucky just to get into the starting gate and were never going to challenge at the wire. But, there are always lots of contenders and positions can switch during the final stretch. Front runners often fade. Who will win this year between our two front runners? Let us turn to the Idol community of blogs and message boards for their infinite wisdom. Let us examine the superstitions whose origins have been lost in the mists of time as they are traded from board to board (each claiming to have originated them). Let us see if there is a magic formula to see who will be wearing the blanket of roses on Wednesday.

To start it off, the spookiest Idol superstition of all…that will not die

1) The Curse Of Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy Lee Cook has become a legend in the Idol world. Whether she is a sorceress who should not be crossed or the Fates were a massive fan of her “8 Days a Week” cover, she has ruled over Idol for the last 4 seasons. She finished 7th in Season 7 (perhaps that combination of the two sevens opened the portal to hell?), but a Cook did go on to win that Season. The next year, when Kris Allen emerged from fodderdom to win, some people recognized the coincidence that the two winners shared a first and last name with Kristy. Surely, after Lee won the next year to complete her three names, the curse was dead? But no. Scotty quickly amended his name from “Scott McCreery” in his audition to “Scotty” and he was guaranteed the win (and having a middle name of Cooke sealed the deal and made the curse last another year).

Now, her name was complete by any measure (and hopefully, having two first names meant she had no middle name?). People were prepared to look for the next predictor of winners. Would it be season 10’s 7th place finisher Stefano?

But wait! What did I hear when Phil Phillips went for his visit home? He went to LEEsburg? Which is in LEE County. And he attended LEE County High School? Perhaps the curse is not dead.

And, if that wasn’t enough of a sign, Kristy Lee Cook auditioned in PHILadelphia.

Advantage: Phil
Accuracy: 100% (4 of 4)

2) Performance Order

They don’t call it the pimp spot for nothing! Singing in the last spot gives one the ability to make that last impression before the voters hit the telephone lines. To nullify the moment your rival just had by having your own. To end the show in a euphoria of praise of you. Fans grumble if their Idol hasn’t had the pimp spot in a while or if some other Idol keeps getting it every other week. Rarely, do people ever get eliminated when singing last. It’s a not so subtle nod to the audience from the producers that they saved the best for last. In one of their rare attempts at playing fair, the producers actually leave the final pimp spot up to a coin toss. They paste pictures of the two finalists onto a large plastic disk and then Ryan tosses it after the final 3 show (in Season 4, there was almost a disaster when the coin fell down a grate on the stage and had to be recovered…there was no back-up “coin”).

Does the pimp spot really help on final 2 night? Well, the contestants certainly seem to think so. Every time somebody has been given a choice (and chose to take it), that person has chosen to sing last. Twice, the male contestants have won the coin toss and defered the choice to their female competitor (which I personally think is stupid and a little condescending – debate! If I choose to compete with males, I don’t want any special treatment. I’ll beat you on a level playing field or I will lose). Six out of ten Idol winners sang last on Final 2 night. Only Ruben, Cook, Lee and Scotty have been able to take the win breaking from the first gate. Interestingly, 3 of the last 4 winners sang first, so perhaps the Performance Order magic is waning.

Phil won the coin toss this year and elected to sing last.

Advantage: Phil
Accuracy: 60% (6 out of 10)

3) Alphabetically, Winners Always Come Last

A strong theme of Idol this year is about people competing who grew up watching the show. Well, at some point, we are going to have kids competing who were born before the show even started airing. For all those parents out there who have neither the talent nor the age to make it on Idol, they still have a chance of appearing on the Idol finale with confetti falling on their smiling faces. First, name your child something that starts with the letter ‘Z’ and then send your kid to singing boot camp. For some quirky reason, whoever has the name that starts with the later letter in the alphabet, wins. Season 7 had to go to the last name for the tie breaker. Aarons shouldn’t even bother trying out for this show.

David C/David A

Advantage: Phil
Accuracy: 100%

Jessica went totally the wrong way with her alter ego. Perhaps Zech Bebe might have won it for her.

4) All Winners Come From the South

Idol fans have griped for years that winners all come from the South (though, sometimes, the Mid-West has been relocated to the South to keep this gripe alive). Of course, many years, both final 2 contestants came from the South so the point was kind of moot (though, I guess being from the South got both of them in the finale). The theory goes that people from small towns get more invested in the contestants from their areas (and presumably have nothing to do other than vote or throw rocks at old tin cans) and that AT&T has a larger customer base in the South. People who live in big cities are too disconnected to feel a sense of hometown pride (tell that to people who live in the Big Apple) and, presumably, people on the West Coast are too busy doing yoga to vote.

I can’t keep up with what is defined as “The South” because the geographic lines keep moving, but I’ll try to classify the wins:

Kelly (Texas)/Justin (Pennsylvania) – South won
Ruben (Alabama)/Clay (North Carolina) – Both from the South
Fantasia (North Carolina)/Diana (Georgia) – Both from the South
Carrie (Oklahoma)/Bo (Alabama) – South did not win (Oklahoma is mid-west)
Taylor (Alabama)/Katharine (California) – South won
Jordin (Arizona)/Blake (Washington) – Neither from the South
Cook (Missouri)/Archie (Utah) – Neither from the South
Kris (Arkansas)/Adam (California) – South Won
Lee (Illinois)/Crystal (Ohio) – Neither from the South
Scotty (North Carolina)/Lauren (Georgia) – Both from the South
Phil (Georgia)/Jessica (California)

Advantage: Phil
Accuracy: 75% (3 out of 4 times a Southerner faced somebody from the non-South), 60% (6 out of 10 winners from the South)

5) Majority Gender of Top 3

The winner is generally the same gender as that which makes up the majority of the top 3. Whether it is because voters tend to favour a particular sex (when one of that gender is eliminated, the votes go the other person of that gender) or because whichever gender has the majority in the Top 3 also often ends up being the only gender in the top 2, this one is pretty reliable.

Kelly/Justin/Nikki – two females, one male = female winner
Ruben/Clay/Kim – two males, one female = male winner
Fantasia/Diana/Jasmine – three females = female winner
Carrie/Bo/Vonzell – two females, one male = female winner
Taylor/Katharine/Elliot – two males, one female = male winner
Jordin/Blake/Melinda – two females, one male = female winner
Cookie/Archie/Syesha – two males, one female = male winner
Kris/Adam/Gokey – three males = male winner
Lee/Crystal/Casey – two males, one female = male winner
Scotty/Lauren/Haley – two females, one male = male winner
Phil/Jessica/Josh – two males, one fmeale

Advantage: Phil
Accuracy: 90%

6) Double Letters for the Victory

Idol voters seem to favour contestants with double letters in their names (please keep that in mind all potential parents of Idol winners). Double letters can be found in the winners first, last or middle names (and sometimes we have to combine two names together to force that result).

Season 1: Kelly Brianne Clarkson (“ll”, “nn”) vs Justin Eldrin Guarani (nothing)

Season 2: Christopher Theodore Ruben Studdard (“dd”) vs Clayton Holmes Aiken (bupkis – no wonder he lost to Arsenio Hall too)

Season 3: Fantasia Monique Barrino (“rr”) vs Diane Nicole Degarmo (nada!)

Season 4: Carrie Marie Underwood (“rr”,”oo”) vs Harold Edwin “Bo” Bice (zip)

Season 5: Taylor Ruben Hicks (glue his middle name to his first for double “rr”‘s?) vs Katharine Hope McPhee (“ee” – okay, she should have won by this rule)

Season 6: Jordin Brianna Sparks (“nn”) vs Blake Colin Lewis (z-z-z-ero)

Season 7: David Roland Cook (“oo”) vs David James Archuleta (goose egg)

Season 8: Kristopher Neil Allen (“ll”) vs Adam Mitchel Lambert (zippo)

Season 9: Leon (Lee) James Dewyze (“ee”) vs Crystal Lynn Bowersoc (“nn” – perhaps the Fates appreciated Lee going the extra mile by adopting a double letter).

Season 10: Scotty Cooke McCreery (“tt”, “oo”, “cc”, “ee”) vs Lauren Alaina [Suddeth] (the Fates were not pleased that she dropped her last name for the competition, like “dd” could beat 4 double letter combinations)

Season 11: Phillip Phillips (“ll”, “ll”, same name twice, same name as his dad) vs Jessica Sanchez (“ss”). I don’t know their middle names, but Phil’s is probably “Phil”.

Advantage: Phil
Accuracy: 90%

7) Hairography

This is a totally half-baked theory that emerged on our own blog (because I invented it – I’ve been trying to craft a new one this year…anybody care to try their hand?). Anyway, I noticed that the person with the most boring hair always wins (perhaps the hair distracts the voters…DeAndre did not stand a chance!…or perhaps Glee is right and Hairography reduces one’s credibility)

Kelly (short bob) vs Justin (Side Show Bob)
Ruben (bald) vs Clay (who started plain and then went nuts with a flat iron and ended up looking like a porcupine)
Fantasia (pixie cut) vs Diana (long tresses)
Carrie (long hair) vs Bo (longer hair, plus a beard!)
Taylor (grey hair, $8 hair cut) vs Katharine (and her many hair extensions which were creepily re-used by cost conscious AI the next year!!!)
Jordin (flowing hair) vs Blake (he did try by dying it)
Cook (balding) vs Archie (thick locks)
Kris (balding) vs Adam (pompadour and all)
Lee (boring, non-descript hair) vs Crystal (Dreadlocks)
Scotty (started with a buzzcut and ended up with about an an inch of hair) vs Lauren (long hair, extensions, dye)

Phil (Supercuts! Just got out of bed!) vs Jessica (long, curly, well-coifed hair)

Advantage: Phil
Accuracy: 100%

It’s rare that all the predictions line up so consistently. Even Scotty looked to have a bigger challenge last year. Phil is in it to win it! Can Jessica overthrow the collective wisdom of idoldom or is she DOOMED?


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  • windmills

    Geesh, poor Jessica really has no chance.

    Thanks Kirsten for following up on my favorite post here ever!

  • Anonymous


    Love this, mj and Kirsten. Kinda spooky, though. heh

  • Tinawina

    LMAO!!! This was a lot of fun to read. Thanks for putting this together Kirsten!

  • Anonymous

    Love this.  Every year.

  • Stefan Salvatore

    Someone had a little too much time on their hands. ;)   Good read nonetheless. 

  • Guest

    The KLC curse could apply to Jessica too-Kristy auditioned in PHILedelphia-but Jessica’s mom is from the PHILippines.

    But there is a new prophet this year-remember Jessica Phillips earlier from this season? The one who had the boyfriend who had a stroke? Her name predicted the finale. But Jessica is her first name, so could that mean first place? She also auditioned in Portland, Oregon-Oregon is Kristy Lee Cook’s homestate.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Yeah, looks like PP is destined to win. The good news for Jessica: This is the year when the winner is supposed to be outsold by the runner up or another finalist. It’s second year of 4th Idol era (2,5,8,11).

  • Anonymous

    Interesting…….. well I hope Jessica can break the trend. I LOL when peeps claim that Phillip is the underdog. He’s the most pimped contestant this year because he was shown from the very beginning, so he had a much longer time to build a fan base. Plus he’s a white guy, from the south, and he’s in the rock genre. How is he the underdog? 

  • Anonymous

    Well that was a hoot! Ouch for the balding comments tho’. This is better than the Ouiji board or 6 degrees of separation, as Stevie Wonder would say “Very superstitious writings on the wall”

  • Guest

    Holy crap I didn’t realize there was someone named Jessica Phillips who auditioned this season.

    Hopefully it gets turned around this year and Jessica wins. She deserves it.

    Jessica’s middle name is Elizabeth, so nothing there….. but what about B.B. CHEZ?!?!!!! Two Bs in a row (don’t know if they really are separated by a period but whatever, still 2 Bs)

  • Diane Sim

    Absolutely it won’t affect that to Jessica Sanchez! She gonna win people :)

  • rayni

    Best, most entertaining post ever!  One of my annual favorites – thanks, Kirsten!

  • Guest

    Yep she got cut in Vegas and threw a fit. Maybe since people are throwing a fit about lack of girl winners, there could be a correlation?

  • Tinawina

    Holy cow I forgot about that! Someone on the undercard is supposed to break out big this year. Out of this group it is hard to pin down who it is. I guess we have to wait and see who wins first before we start taking bets on that particular Idol superstition!

  • Tony Shade

    But we already have a perfect formula for the winner. White+Male+Guitar

  • Shana Collier

    I love these! The only theory I don’t like is the “Hairography.”  That is up to personal opinion on what makes boring hair.  I think Fantasia’s short hair really stood out more than Diana’s.  And Taylor Hicks became KNOWN for his gray hair definitely moreso than Katharine’s.

    No denying that Adam’s hair is more interesting than Kris’s.  However, this is the first time I ever HEARD of Kris balding. Anyone care to elaborate on that?

  • wonderings

    Best post in the history of ever!

    –> not hyperbolitudinous, yo, just keepin it real.

  • idolstruck

    thanks for the fun read! Phillip Phillips for the win!!

  • Wally.

    Jordin Sparks was the last female initials, her initals are JS. Jessica Sanchez initials are JS. The JS Prophecy must be fulfilled. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know their middle names, but Phil’s is probably “Phil”.

    Thanks for the laugh this morning, Kirsten!! Fun superstitions, but poor Jessica.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Two words:

    Skylar. Laine.

    I just know it. I’ll eat my hat if it doesn’t happen….

    ETA: yeah, I know she isn’t in the finale. LOL

  • raya

    Poor Jessica is doomed.  Aww. 

  • Anonymous

    Culturally “The South” is often defined as the states that made up the Confederacy in the Civil War; 
    Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Meanwhile the “Southern United States” as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau includes the above plus West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. And the Confederate States of America also claimed most of the above in addition to Missouri and the southern Arizona Territory (which could then include Jordin Sparks and David Cook in the “Southern” category). And let’s not get started on the boundaries of the athletic Southeastern Conference, including new members Texas A&M and Missouri (which has been placed in the “Eastern” Division for some inexplicable reason). Finally, Cook was born in Houston, Texas and a lot of people consider that to count as “native Southerner.”

  • Anonymous

    nooooooooooooo kristy lee cook curse lives on!

    legit that double letter thing freaked me out, haha

  • Tinawina

    That’s okay, Daughtry was it for his season and he wasn’t the runner up either! 

    I’m still mad that neither she nor Joshua are in the finale. I could take one of them not being there but both??!! **sobs**

  • Anonymous

    This is my favorite post EVER! LOL great read. :)

  • Anonymous

    I was totally looking forward to this – thanks Kirsten! My hope is still on Jessica :) 

  • Joseph

    This post, though I’m sure in “good fun,” is unbelievably dumb.

    1. There’s no such thing as “The Curse of Kristy Lee Cook.” It’s a silly way to explain coincidences.

    2. Performance order is technically 60-40, though if you take into account the fact that Kris didn’t perform last (Daniel Powter did, I believe) and that Phillip doesn’t have the pimp spot either (Scotty is singing last tomorrow night) than it’s a wash.

    3.  Alphabetical order?! Really…. it’s a coincidence.

    4. “All winners come from the South.” Yea… Arizona’s in the West, chief. Not the South.

    5 – 7… Again…. random coincidences.

    I can make up a million more “facts” and shape them around any coincidence I choose.

    We are looking for meaning in random occurences.

    It’s usually as simple as this… “Sing your ass off and have a dedicated fan base.” Don’t try to complicate things, lol.

  • Anonymous

    This article favors Jessica more than it does Philip. 

    With these stuff written, it has sparked all JS fans to prove it otherwise, so expect more votes from her fans.

    No superstitions needed, its logic.

  • Guest

    Thanks for the buzzkill.

    We aren’t dumb, of course these are coincidences, they’re just fun to think about, lol.

  • Anonymous

    This post is hilarious!  (And possibly true?)  Regarding Oklahoma, even though I was raised there and consider it the midwest, , it is lumped in with the Southwest when kids learn about the U.S. regions in school. 

  • Anonymous

    Haha. I remembered that there is a superstition/coincidence post last year about S10 (Scotty broke the “gender majority” rule though). Now that the Kristy Lee Cook Cycle is supposedly complete, new findings have been found based on her locations (where she lived and audition) and are waited to be cracked: She auditioned in Philadelphia, which means Phil has this, BUT remember that it is a place, therefore it has to be related to a place rather than the name (like when Scotty validated “Kristy Lee Cook” cause -ty is a suffix in both names rather than the whole name) so Jessica MIGHT get this cause her mother is from the Philippines, although Phillip does live in Leesburg (I mean, seriously?) so it kinda applies to him (Lee is a name tough and not the place).

    Also, the new “predictor” Jessica Phillips (she has the finalists’ name in her name but then again the PhilJess finale is kinda predictable) auditioned in Oregon…the homestate of KLC (maybe she instructed Jessica Phillips to go there and pass the baton of the “predictor” to her, haha)!  

  • Anonymous

    Jordin (flowing hair) vs Blake (he did try by dying it)

    Loving the hairography theory, but Jordin definitely had the superior hair.  Blake’s hair was so boring I had to look up a picture of him to remember what it looked like.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best blog post I’ve seen in the PAST 50 YEARS! [standing O]

  • Anonymous

    lol, it is a bit of an exaggeration but his hair is thinning and depending on the haircut it does sometimes appear as if he has a small bald spot. 

  • Anonymous

    this is the best post ever! poor Jessica is DOOMED

  • Anonymous

    Hoping Jessica can overcome this . 

  • Ch Ris

    Jessica is so DOOMED. Might as well just give the title to Phillip come Tuesday night and rather not sing… NOT. :P

  • Sophia

    Jessica doomed to win it all. <3

  • Guest

    Wanna know something else? Phillip is a Greek name which means “Horse Lover” and that is what Kristy Lee Cook is- a horse lover.

  • Anonymous

    lmao this is always my favorite column of the season. A+ crack research job, Kirsten.

  • Tinawina

    Is there a movie where someone breaks a curse? We need to name Jessica after that character for fun. :)  All I can think of is Neo from the Matrix, though that doesn’t quite fit. I do like imagining Jessica bending backwards to dodge bullets in slo-mo though. Heh.

  • Guest

    Jessica means “God’s grace”. SO GODLY OMG She gets the Christian vote.

  • Aenimated

    Awww poor Jess…

    Should I start calling Jessica … Jessy ? 

  • Chris

    Well, that’s a whole lot of circumstantial evidence but I agree, P2’s the man with the edge. She would need to sing IWALY, I am Telling You, the National Anthem, and Born in the USA to maybe have a shot at an upset.

  • Aenimated


    Well Jessy is from the south… only its SOUTHern  California..
    And half of her is from Mexico … isn’t that SOUTH  of USA ?
    And other half from Philippines … isn’t that in SOUTH east Asia ? 

    Triple Southy .. that should count for something…

    I am having so much fun with this….

  • Chris

    That’s true but this is more fun to analyze. Double letters, I hadn’t heard that before. Silly and strange.

  • Kirsten

    Is there a movie where someone breaks a curse? We need to name Jessica after that character for fun. :)  

    They broke a curse in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”. “The Mummy” with Brendan Fraser also broke a curse (but only after the Mummy had consumed a few people). Hey, there was that one guy who looked just like Brendan Fraser this year. Maybe it was an omen. Even his name could be taken as some kind of instruction: “Chase Likens”.

    Regarding Oklahoma, even though I was raised there and consider it the
    midwest, , it is lumped in with the Southwest when kids learn about the
    U.S. regions in school.

    Really? I can never keep track of these US states and their classifications (that’s one of the reasons I put the states).

    1. There’s no such thing as “The Curse of Kristy Lee Cook.” It’s a silly way to explain coincidences.

    Isn’t that how most superstitions get started?

    2. Performance order is technically 60-40, though if you take into
    account the fact that Kris didn’t perform last (Daniel Powter did, I
    believe) and that Phillip doesn’t have the pimp spot either (Scotty is
    singing last tomorrow night) than it’s a wash.

    Daniel Powter sang on Season 5. Ever since then, the boot song singer (Daughtry, Carrie, Ruben, Will, Cook and now, likely. Scotty) sang their boot song last on performance night. Since that has started, the contestant who sang last won 3 times (Taylor, Jordin, Kris) and lost 3 times (Archie, Crystal, Lauren). Maybe having the boot singer levels the playing field and neutralize the effect.

    4. “All winners come from the South.” Yea… Arizona’s in the West, chief. Not the South.

    As noted in the post. The percentages show how often the superstition is correct.

    I can make up a million more “facts” and shape them around any coincidence I choose.

    Please do. I’m always looking for some new ones.

    How about this: ever since Season 1, the winner has been an odd number of years old (Kelly – 20, Ruben-25, Fantasia-19, Carrie-21, Taylor-29, Jordin-17, Cook-25, Kris-23, Lee-23, Scotty-17). Advantage: Phil (21) over Jessica (16), Accuracy: 90%

  • Anonymous

    The SOUTH shall rise again!

  • Anonymous

    Nah, as someone born n raised deep in the heart of Dixie, TEXAS ain’t in the South!  It’s Southwest.  Big diff.  LOL

  • Anonymous

    Ummmm No

  • Leandro

    With all due respect, I though some of these theories quite far-fetched – the first one is completely WTF. But anyway, still funny.

    Except for the 4th, which’s quite obvious even to be a theory (southerners watch more, vote more and have more sense of pride is a fact).

    I’ll go with a very simple one: P2 is a cute, humble, laid back WGWG and he’ll win. ;)

  • Andrea Cruz

    This post is so funny… Poor Archie didn´t have a chance…

  • Joseph Banks

    I’m sorry… since when was 20 an odd number?

  • Guest

    Funny thing is, I don’t remember Scotty ever being called a WGWG until after he won.

  • Erlinda

    All I can say is.. Jessica has the most b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l  hair I ever seen! Hairography as its best!!  

  • Kirsten

    I’m sorry… since when was 20 an odd number?

    Kelly is the one exception to the rule (by “Ever since”, I meant after). The accuracy of that is 90% (9 Idols had odd ages, 1 (Kelly) did not).

  • Anonymous

    LOL….Cook’s hair is many things but boring is not one of them!

    Also, I have a theory that people who don’t get the fun of this post are no fun at parties.

  • Tinawina

    They broke a curse in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”.

    Well it is official then. She is now and forevermore dubbed Captain Jack Sparrow. Hey.. Jack Sparrow = JS = Jessica Sanchez! Its a sign!!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    These are some of the reasons why I would want JS to win~ A girl FTW~! :)

  • Anonymous

    HAHA. this makes me laugh~ :) Agree! 

  • Anonymous

    There is a reason people lump in mid-west with “the south”.  It’s not because of geography that voters preferences line up, it’s because of the shared culture.  Instead of using south and mid-west, I suggest using red state/blue state and here the dominance of red state becomes more evident.

    9 red state winners versus 2 blue state winners (counting Ohio as blue, even though it’s “purple”

    By the way I am not saying that Republican voters decide Idol winners. What I am saying is that something in the cultural and historical background of these states makes people lean republican, and likewise something in the background makes these people avid Idol watchers and voters.

  • Anonymous

    Very astute

  • Anonymous

    No, her nickname is “Jay.” She said so on Twitter. That’s why her fans are called the Blujays.

  • Madred

    KLC’s curse can only be broken after 7 years. 

  • Mike M

    Kirsten you are my hero.

  • Guest

    HOLD ON! Is there any correlation between being declared to be in the finale first and being the winner?

    I know Jordin, Kris, Lee, and Scotty were declared safe first after Top 3 night, and David Archuleta was declared safe first but became runner-up, Taylor and Katharine were not even declared safe, they just said Elliott got the lowest vote (and holy shit that one was split really evenly, with each having about 33%)

    So from S6-S10, 4/5 of the contestants first declared safe won their seasons. Who was declared to be in the finale first this season? JESSICA.

    Woo one for Jessica (with an 80% correlation for the past 5 seasons :P)! GET SOME!

    A look on YouTube says that Season 1, like Season 5, had the 3rd place finisher just eliminated, BUT Simon said Kelly’s name first for who should be in the finale…. which doesn’t mean anything.

    So I wanna know how Top 3 night went for Ruben, Fantasia, and Carrie! Can’t find those on YouTube.

  • Anonymous

    Phillip’s middle name is Donald, I actually looked it up to see if the KLC curse would be striking again when it looked like the WGWG fate was sealed. Jessica has no middle name as far as I could find.

    Arizona, Texas and parts of Missouri were members of the Confederacy BTW, which has often gotten them associated with Southern groupings. Martial law kept Maryland from succeeding in seceding, while Delaware government were sympathetic but didn’t officially try to join.

  • Guest

    Jessica’s middle name is apparently Elizabeth.

  • Anonymous

    Arizona wasn’t even a state until 50 years after the Civil War started.

    The question to determine Southerness is do they say y’all and drink sweet tea?

  • Anonymous

    No but Arizona was a territory and it joined the Confederacy as the Confederate Territory of Arizona. (And was actually part of what is now New Mexico and Arizona.)

    And I am Southern, do not drink sweet tea, or eat grits or many traditional Southern foods and am as likely to say “you guys”as “y’all”.

  • jake santos

    Dafuq, lol!  Posts like this is indeed a treat to Idol fandom–at least it gives everyone a break from all the fantard bashing and stuff.  Since I am predicting a female Idol winner in the coming days, it will be quite heartbreaking to see all these predictors just go down the drain.  If indeed Jessica wins, it will be exciting how the tards will come up and discover new predictors for future idols.  Still, Kristy Lee Cook for the win!  Her name will go down in history books as the greatest prophet the Idol world has ever seen.   

  • Reflects On Life

    To your South theory, you can add this: when neither finalist is from the South, the one from the more geographically southern state wins…

    Jordin/Blake – AZ borders Mexico; WA borders Canada.
    (and WA ppl flock to AZ like NY folks do to FL)

    Cookie/Archie – Missouri’s southern border dips slightly below the latitudinal line that all the states from Utah to Virginia share (is that the Mason Dixon line?), so Cookie wins by a hair.  Didn’t he win his season by a hair, too? ;)

    Lee/Crystal – Illinois’s southern border dips well below Ohio’s. Almost to that same latitudinal parallel mentioned above, in fact.

    Of course, this doesn’t matter for this season’s contest, but you can add it to your bag of tricks for future seasons.

    (*Also, in your Alphabetic advantage, you forgot to mention…
    Scotty/Lauren – S comes after L)

  • Madred

    I believe Bo was told he was safe first, Fantasia was told she was safe first and Ruben was also told he was safe first. 

  • Pam

    The hairography part is my absolute favorite part of this post each year.  It always has me in hysterics especially parts like this:

    Phil (Supercuts! Just got out of bed!)

    So true, so true!  LOL!

    Even if you take all of the superstitions out of it, I think the odds really are in P2’s favor but since we do have a girl in the F2 again this year and Jessica has so far beaten the odds concerning the save (she’s the first contestant that received the save to make it to the t2), there is still hope.  :)

  • Anonymous

     Elizabeth? So we can call her BetTY? THERE IS HOPE!!

  • Anonymous

    In Season 4, they brought Carrie, Bo, and Vonzell on stage as a group and then announced that Vonzell was the one going home.

  • Larc

    Getting the pimp spot probably helps earlier in the contest, but likely doesn’t as late as Top 2.  Scotty never had it even once.  When he won the toss for Top 2, he very courteously gave the pick to Lauren.  She grabbed the pimp spot, although it didn’t do her much good.  P2 has already had the pimp spot twice (Top 13 & Top 3) and will have it a third time tomorrow night.  Maybe Scotty didn’t get it because he never needed it.

  • Guest

    So, if until Season 5 they just sent the 3rd place finisher home, it’s still 4/5 in favor of Jessica! OMG WINNER!

  • Karen C

    I think the Kristy Lee Cook curse has been broken, but  not just by Scotty winning last year.  I think the curse started when KLC sang  8 Days a Week on AI, and it being a trainwreck.
    What really ended the curse was David Cook singing 8 Days a week last December, and doing a terrific job with it.  Within  a week, women started winning singing competitions again, because Melanie Amaro won US X Factor, and a girl group won UK X Factor, where even the previous year a WGWG won.   We’ll see if this continues on AI, unless someone does 8 Days a Week again.

  • Sparkles

    Kristy Lee Cook must love this time of year almost as much as turkey
    huntin’ season. It’s the only time American Idol fans mention her name.

  • Anonymous

    The Alphabetical thing holds true 100 percent so far where the winner’s first name is later in the alphabet than the runnerup.  It has happened every time.
    So yes, name your child Zoey or Zane if you would like them to grow up and win Idol. LOL. And make sure your child is a WGWG. LOL!!!

  • Laurie Bowers

    Phillip’s middle name is actually LaDon (same as his dad, his dad goes by Donnie tho).  His oldest sister’s name is LaDonna (after dear old dad).

  • Alexandre Oliveira


  • Guest

    I’m naming my child Zzyzzyvaty (zi-zi-vah-ty).

    1) KrisTY. ZzyzzyvaTY.
    2) Idol does that one, I can’t help it.
    3) I doubt someone’s gonna have a ZZZ name.
    4) Gonna find some chick in the South. Maybe she’ll be poor so we have a back story, when in secret I have a $1,000,000 savings…. somewhere.
    5) Luck of Idol
    6) Three double letters (including 2 from my last name)
    7) I have clean cut short hair so my son will have it too.

    I’m already white, I just gotta get him a guitar.

    OMG my son’s gonna be famous.

  • Anonymous

    I swear no matter how many times I read about the Kristy Lee Cook thing it’s still just as weird/creepy. 

  • Chris

    According to this list, Scotty had 5-6 other things going for him so the pimp spot was  not neccessary.  It was already in the bag:

    1) Cooke – middle name, plus the “ty” like Kristy
    2) 3 double letters “tt”, cc”, and “ee” in Scotty and McCreery
    3) Alphabetically winner comes last – Scotty/Lauren
    4) Bland hair as described in the article
    5) From the south
    6) I’m not going to say it but it starts with a W_ _ _ _

    No pimp spot required.  

    (Of course I know this is all silly, but dang.  It works.)  

  • Anonymous

    I’m from PA and happen to love sweet tea.(Seriously. Best beverage ever.)

    We northern folk like sweet and refreshing drinks too. lol

  • mchcat

    Thanks everyone – this was just plain fun – good luck to both the finalists –

  • Anonymous

    In regards to the Curse of Kristy Lee Cook, here is something that I have already written and reposted on this site. I still think it holds true.
    “After Kristy Lee was voted off in 7th place in Season 7, all the winners’ names can be combined to spell hers. KRIS Allen, ScotTY McCreery, LEE DeWyze, and David COOK. Now that the curse has been broken, it’s a girl’s turn to win. In fact, here’s how it could come full circle this season: one of the remaining women gets the lowest number of votes and goes home in 7th, but the judges use their Save on her, and then she goes on to win! It would be Kristy’s last revenge!”
    And that’s exactly what is happening with Jessica. So get ready for your trophy and your blanket of roses, sweetheart. You’ve got a victory anthem to release.

  • Shana Collier

    Wow! I never thought of Jessica being voted out at 7th place.  That IS creepy! 

  • Anonymous

    May I add too that Jessica’s last name’s letters is in “Brendan Fraser” look-alike Chase Likens’ name: SANCHEZ => CHASE likeNZ (substitute S for Z, haha), and add to that Chase is a country contestant (like KLC and last year’s Scotty) maybe KLC wants Jessica to win this time by stealthily passing Chase’s “Country Vibe” to Jessica subtly adding to the fact that she was the Saved contestant of S11 in Top 7, the same week KLC was eliminated (maybe KLC likes 7-Eleven so it makes sense that S11 would be the one: S7->S11, haha)!

  • too-cool-for-school

    “Phillip is a Greek name which means “Horse Lover” and that is what Kristy Lee Cook is- a horse lover.”

    I had to Google that just to be sure you weren’t kidding, and OMG. xDDD

    Thanks for the great post, Kirsten!

  • Anonymous

    If Jessica win tomorrow, I’m going back to this trend and shout that Jessica broke this curse lol

  • Anonymous

    This is the most fun post I’ve read all season. Thanks, Kirsten!