Idol Headlines for 2/5/13

Katharine McPhee will appear on Live! With Kelly and Michael this promote Smash. The second season of the musical drama will premiere tonight on NBC at 9 pm. Look out for Nick’s recap and discussion post!

X Factor winner, Tate Stevens, tweeted, “I wanted to say that the love you guys show me is awesome! I can’t believe that I am almost done with my album! Love me some #tatenation”

Blake Shelton Books ‘Malibu Country’ – HuffPost TV can exclusively reveal that Shelton will play Reba McEntire’s brother on the ABC comedy. “The Voice” coach will appear in the Friday, March 1 episode. The “Malibu Country” cast also includes Lily Tomlin as Reba’s mother and Sara Rue as Kim, Reba’s neighbor. – Read more at Huffington Post

JetBlue’s Live From T5 Concert Series Presents Phillip Phillips – NEW YORK, Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq: JBLU), New York’s Hometown Airline™, today announces an exclusive live performance by Phillip Phillips on Monday, February 18, 2013 at 3 p.m. ET. Since his “American Idol” win, Phillip’s single “Home” has remained on top of the charts. He will perform “Home” as well as other selections from his debut CD, “The World From The Side Of The Moon,” at a special Live From T5 concert this President’s Day. JetBlue’s Live From T5 concerts are held post-security at Terminal 5 (T5) at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York and are available exclusively to ticketed customers and contest winners. JetBlue and Phillip Phillips have partnered with Interscope Records to provide tickets to some of Phillip’s most deserving fans to attend this special performance. “I spend so much time running through airports,” said Phillip Phillips , singer/songwriter. “It will be nice to stop and perform and meet some fans at the JetBlue Terminal in New York.” – Read more at PR Newswire

Jennifer Hudson: Super Bowl Performance With Sandy Hook Students Was “Emotional” and “Overwhelming” – “It was emotional,” the Smash actress admitted. “I got to meet them (at rehearsal) and we went over the song, and … I couldn’t get through the song because it was so overwhelming. Before we went out I hugged each and every one of them, and then we prayed a little bit, and then we got out there.” Hudson first met with the group of students and their families earlier in the week after they were flown to New Orleans by the NFL. – Read more at US Magazine

Behind The Song: Carrie Underwood ‘Blown Away’ – Earning two GRAMMY Award nominations this year for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song, “Blown Away” was written by Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear. They are the same duo who penned Carrie’s 2008 GRAMMY-winning smash “Before He Cheats.” And as the two songwriters told, they didn’t necessarily set out to write something this dark–much less a song that involved storm cellars, “tear-soaked whiskey memor[ies],” and “sweet revenge.” “We were searching for a highly dramatic story song,” says Josh. “We started with strings and a four-on-the-floor kick drum, still with no idea what the song would be about. At one point Chris decided he wanted to mess around with sound effects and almost instantly landed on these samples of storm sounds.” – Read more at Radio Alice

Behind the Song: Kelly Clarkson “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” – Nominated for three GRAMMYs including Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, the song began organically. chatted with songwriter Ali Tamposi and producer Greg Kurstin, two of the masterminds behind Kelly Clarkson’s ”Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).” On the day of her writing session with Jorgen Elofsson and David Gamson, Ali was spending time with her mom who was in town visiting. “I was going through a break-up from someone I had been with for seven years. In the midst of tears, anger, and a bad attitude she said the magic words, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’” Ali recalled. – Read more at CBS Local

X Factor Alums, Emblem3, announces 3 new show dates – The boys will play 3 dates in California: The Roxy, Los Angeles, Feb. 27; The Glass House, Pomona, March 2; and The House of Blues, San Diego, March 3. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the group is working with Ryan Tedder (along with a slew of other collaborators, including Benji and Joel Madden, and more) “Those guys are as Southern California surfer dudes as you can possibly be,” Tedder told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but they are smarter than Bill and Ted.” Check out the Ustream announcement of their tour dates below.

Video streaming by Ustream

‘American Idol’ Season 12: Carrie Underwood Is Rooting for the Ladies – “You never know who or why people vote a certain way,” Carrie recently told a group of journalists in Nashville. “The way the voting goes has a lot to do with the audience watching the show. I don’t know how I pulled off a win the year I was on. That year, they said a guy was gonna win and they were wrong, fortunately. Thank goodness. “I’m always excited to watch the show and definitely will throw in some votes of my own. I would like to see another female take it home, I think it’s time.” – Read more at The Boot

‘Smash’ Showrunner Josh Safran on Season 2 Changes: ‘I Wanted to Create New Stakes for Everybody’ – THR: Most people wouldn’t associate the Gossip Girl showrunner with Broadway and Smash. How long have you been interested in musical theater? Safran: I was a playwriting major at NYU. I wanted to be a playwright, but it didn’t happen and I became a screenwriter instead. I dated one of the leads of the original cast of Rent (Anthony Rapp) when it opened on Broadway and moving forward. Being with Anthony for six years was very instrumental, and if I hadn’t done that, I don’t think I’d have this job. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Smash! Josh Safran on What’s New for Season 2, Karen-Vs.-Ivy, Derek-as-Fosse and the Ellis Tease – TVLINE | Tell me about how, when and by whom you were approached about taking over at Smash. I approached them. I put in a cold call when I heard they were looking for somebody. I had been watching the show and had sort of been obsessed with it, so I wanted to see if there was any possible chance. I got in the door first with DreamWorks, I talked to them, and I just kept moving up until I was meeting with Steven [Spielberg] and [NBC president] Bob [Greenblatt]. Every step of the way, I was like, “This isn’t going to happen. There’s just no way.” Then, really, it was a fairy tale. It was crazy. – Read more at TV Line

Steve Jones flip-flops – But the designer flip-flop is on the other foot now – the Welshman is reinventing himself as an actor and has been trying out in LA for new films and TV shows. A source said: “Steve moved to LA for the X Factor. But even though that came to an end, he loves it there. He decided to try acting and hasn’t found it hard to get auditions.” – Read more at The Sun

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  • justmefornow

    James Durbin flew to LA yesterday for a week of recording. 
    Last night he dropped by the House of Blues and joined Steel Panther on stage for a little GNR, (‘Sweet Child O Mine’, ‘Paradise Ciity’) and Motley Crue, (‘Kick Start My Heart’)
    Nice to see him on stage again!

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Trespassing Chinese Version will have 15 songs and a Trespassing folder

    Singapore’s concert promo video

    The Cost of Being on ‘American Idol’–american-idol–150221854.html

  • Chicagolaw

    Yay for Crystal! Still love her.

  • DD

    Happy 26th Birthday Darren Criss!

  • annie12120

    Thanks for posting these videos and a big thanks to James for keeping Rock alive(at least around here ;) )… What a wonderful opportunity for him to perform with such icons as Steel Panther…

  • DragonFly

    Way to JUMP START a morning!!  Rock (& James) at their finest–no question, he & Steel Panther know how to work a stage!  Great crowd reaction again.  SO hope James has good touring lined up–the guy belongs on stage.  Always appreciate someone filming it (really clear videos too).

  • Danny Latham
  • justmefornow

    lol, I agree. Just when I’m getting bored, new James videos surface. 
    He’s like a double shot of Red Bull!

  • DragonFly

    James Tw: Just got off stage with (Steel Panther)…. So much fun!! Been too long since I’ve been on stage!!!!!

    ………….and which James’ fans haven’t been shouting that last part to him?  I can see already—- going to be Replay Tues. 

  • elliegrll

    Tate Stevens’ new single is now on Itunes.  It’s called “Holler if you’re with me.”

  • Namarinad

    Live From T5: Phillip Phillips!
    We’re pleased to announce an exclusive live performance by Phillip
    Phillips on Monday, February 18, 2013 at  3 p.m

  • Anny_nanny
    144. Tate Stevens – Holler If You’re With Me

  • cheese1

    I thought that song would be funny based on the title, and it was. I heard “solo cups,” “moonshine” and “bumpin’ and grindin'” within 30 seconds, literally lol’d, and then turned it off and went back to my new Frightened Rabbit album.  Good luck, Tate – don’t think I’m in the targeted market.  

  • girlygirltoo

    Kris is playing the 1st of his 2 shows at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood tonight. I’ll be there :)

  • elliegrll

    They really did hit a lot of cliches in a short time frame.

  • Anny_nanny

     The report from the field of battle. ))) The last link is wrong, fix please.

  • Namarinad

    Hold On (Extended Intro) – Phillip Phillips (last night @ Harding University):  via @youtube

  • Namarinad

    i’m able to view it
    maybe you should ty the link in the tweet instead of the other one, they’re the same though

  • irockhard

    Tweets from last night:

    Ginger V. ?@officialgingerv
    Watching @durbinrock on stage with Steel Panther….Fucking incredible!!!!

    Joe Lester Photos ?@JoeLesterPhotos
    James Durbin absolutely killed it with @Steel_Panther tonight@HOBSunset what a great singer!! Photos coming! @DurbinRock@AmericanIdol

  • sabbia

    Good gawd, that was so much fun watching!! James and SP make a great team (I would even go as far as saying that James stole the stage). Pure rock show entertainment. 

    I’m with the other James’ fans: he needs to be rawking out live on stage. That is where he belongs. 

  • justmefornow

    Nice :) 
    Maybe that taste on stage of performing last night and the crowd reaction will “Kick Start” James’ ass to get back to touring soon. Let’s hope we hear some dates soon.

  • jpfan2

    A concert at a terminal forr ticketed customers. I’ve never heard of that. I like P2 BUT this venue sounds like a nightmare. Tate’s single sounds lame.

  • justmefornow

    Here’s a great shot from last night:

    Joe Lester Photos ?@JoeLesterPhotos
    @DurbinRock Check out this photo from you onstage tonight!! Levitation??

  • mmb

    they’ve done a bunch of concerts at the JFK Jet Blue terminal.  They have a platform in the middle of terminal where they have the performances.  Its roped off.  Its kinda cool.  They have had big names do this concerts series.  Taylor Swift, Robyn, Jason Derulo have all done it.

  • lovetheusa1776

    See the Chinese version has 15 songs as does the U.S. deluxe version.  The U.K. version that I have has two additional songs for a total of 17 – “Map” and “By the Rules” – the latter such a different style was really surprised when first heard it.  “Map” is really beautiful – great melody and interesting lyrics.  Wonder how the label decides which version to release in a particular country.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Oh look who’s on Yahoo’s front page today!

  • Trina

    Its not a nightmare at all. As noted some huge stars have played this and when I went to Florida this summer I saw The Wanted show and it was actually really cool.

  • Fan Dja

    Not a fan of this music but dang Durbin gets me watching and enjoying :)

  • irockhard

    Oh he stole the show alright but Michael Star is happy to let him steal it. And of course James can sing circles around him.

  • mmb

    Lucky!  I never manage to have a flight on the same day as a concert.

  • irockhard

    Steel Panther have always been very supportive of James and this is not the first time he’s performed with them. He’s performed with them twice before, once at House of Blues LA (again) with Chris Jericho on Don’t Stop Believing just before the Idol tour 2011; and the other time at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore when he opened for them last year on his spring/summer tour.

  • jpfan2

    Airports are such crazy places that it’s hard for me to imagine where they’d even stage the show.  Funny thing is I’ll be at that Jet Blue terminal a few days before the P2 show.  It would have been fun to finally see him live.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Map is such a sweet song. One of my favorites!

    But Runnin’ though… :)

  • El oh El

    Jlo, Haley Reinhart , and Tate Stevens related “Reba, David Foster, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, Billy Crystal, Billy Ray Cyrus, Rita Wilson, Tate Stevens, Haley Reinhart, and a few more surprises will also be on stage along with Jennifer Lopez at Celebrity Fight Night XIX on March 23rd!”

  • TheOther

    Phillip Phillip’s tour schedule.  This is updated on an almost daily basis.

    Namarinad:  thanks for the feedback from the Harding show.  There is so much info to keep updated on.

  • lovetheusa1776

    The vocal range in “Runnin'” is spectacular – the lower notes in the beginning almost a shock.  And the end – thrilling in its power.  Can understand why so many questioned its non-inclusion in the regular release.

  • jdanton2

    A song Jordin Sparks recorded almost 3 years ago and was rumored to be the first single from her 3rd album called Is This Love has leaked in this article . she instead released I Am Woman which was not promoted much and as of now still waiting on the album. this song is a club song with Alex Guadino who is from Italy and has had success in Europe.

    He has had a couple top 10 song in Europe one with Kelly Rowland.

    Jordin was asked about it on Twitter and says her new music sounds nothing like this .

    “Deavan Ebersole ?@deavanebersole
    @JordinSparks something leaked.…s-is-this-love/ …
    9:01 PM – 4 Feb 13″

    “Jordin Sparks ?@JordinSparks@deavanebersole go ahead. That’s from 2+ yrs ago.9:24 PM – 4 Feb 13″

    “Jordin Sparks ?@JordinSparks
    @deavanebersole for once, I don’t care about that one. That’s definitely not my sound for this next record.
    9:27 PM – 4 Feb 13 “

  • DragonFly

    The “Chip Smith” link below to the 3 video performances gives better than front row seating to the real vocals going on.  Sounds to me like James being paired w/other rockers/vocalists is quite doable for a recording if he’d care to go that way maybe for a song or 2 sometime.  I really like their voices together–James needs just this intense a rock band when he does those types of songs.  

  • YankeeFan08

    MTV Buzzworthy: Adam Lambert Poses With His Unity Award, Is All, ‘This Is What A REAL Winner Looks Like’ (PHOTO)

    MTV is beginning to rival VH1 in their love for Adam!

  • irockhard

    Many of the rock bloggers remarked when they saw James on Idol that his success depends on him being backed by a strong a band. His 1st lineup was a good one, I hope 2.0 will be just as good if not better.

  • MellyPer1692

    I guess they’re also going to release FYE in China too. However, their version won’t include the title song, Fever or TFM.

    Spin is including Adams For Your Entertainment video in their story about Fall Out Boys new song

  • Trina

    jpfan have you ever been to one of the maniacal Today or GMA outdoor concerts where people can get trampled on? The JFK concert wasnt nearly as nuts and its not like fans can just make their way over. It was much more organized tbh.

  • Eilonwy

    Jermaine Paul presents evidence that he really is recording an album:

    (I haven’t watched this, so don’t know if it contains anything profound after “that’s a tape machine.”)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “It’s like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but they are smarter than Bill and Ted.”

    lol I would hope so! This isn’t much of a compliment.

  • tripp_ncwy

    2009 American Idol winner Kris Allen is coming to Sacramento next Wednesday for a show at Sacramento City College. Before the show, Kris will stop in for a performance for Star 106.5 listeners in the MetroPCS Lounge! Get on the guest list and tell us what American Idol winner you’d like to see in the Lounge!

  • Leandro

    You research videos that you don’t even want to watch? lol. Love your sense of humour when it’s about The Voice and XF. ;)

  • sabbia

    I like that guy. He really seemed to allow James to shine and that, to me, is highly unusual for a frontman. Not many would want to share the spotlight with anybody.

  • sabbia

    Great shot. If I didn’t read what you had written in the parenthesis it would have taken me longer to figure why james is completely horizontal in the shot. My first instinct was to cock my head sideways.