Idol Headlines for 1/29/13

Phillip Phillips begins his tour with Matchbox 20, opening at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, OK.

Grady Smith from EW tweets, “FoxSearch will release faith-based musical BLACK NATIVITY w/ Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson. May well be 2013’s Les Mis.”

“American Idol” Tenna Torres on making Mariah Carey cry and being the one to beat – “She is my idol, without a doubt,” says Torres, who was raised and still resides in Queens, New York. “Singing for her again was a dream come true.” The 28-year-old even presented Carey with pictures from their meeting more than ten years ago and once she began a soulful rendition of Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend,” she drew tears from Carey. “There have been so many times where I cried listening to Mariah’s music, so to have that kind of response from her was really emotional,” recalls Torres, who sings at local casinos and New York City venues. “I had to watch that moment again on TV to really relieve it because it was just an incredible experience!” – Read more at NBC Latino

Colton Dixon: On ‘A Messenger’ and life beyond ‘Idol’ – “Well done, mates!” Dixon says after the band runs through You Are, currently a hit on Christian radio. “How’d everybody feel on that one? It felt good to me, too.” Lots of things feel good to Dixon these days. The American Idol standout is just the second singer from Season 11, besides winner Phillip Phillips, to release an album. His A Messenger is out today. In February, Dixon and his band will go on an arena tour in support of Christian rockers Third Day. Dixon is now where he always wanted to be. He just didn’t expect to get here the way he did.- Read more at USA Today

Kelly Clarkson’s Life Imitates Art – Kelly Clarkson’s life seems to be imitating art. In fact, she says her current single, “Catch My Breath,” is about “the rollercoaster ride that can be your life.” She’s the first to admit that the past decade has been a pretty great ride. Since winning the first season of American Idol in 2002, Clarkson has released five studio albums, sold more than 20 million albums worldwide and collected multiple accolades, including two Grammys, 12 Billboard Music Awards and even a CMA trophy and two ACM wins for her collaboration with Jason Aldean on “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” – Read more at CMT

Katharine McPhee: Rainy Monday on Set of “Smash” – Trying to stay warm in the chilly rain, Katharine McPhee and Jack Davenport filmed on the set of “Smash” in New York City on Monday (January 28). The 28-year-old brunette beauty wore a black hooded coat, gray sweater, and pink scarf as she snuggled up close to her handsome costar during a scene. – See the photos at Gossip Center

Nashville Hot Shots: When Avery and Gunnar Come to Bloody Blows, Scarlett Gives a Little TLC – For those of you who’ve ever had the urge to punch Nashville‘s Avery in the face, today’s about to become a very good day. The photos in the gallery below are from the ABC drama’s Feb. 6 episode (10/9c), in which a financially strapped Scarlett accepts a generous offer from her hot pal Gunnar. Given the moving boxes in these shots, we’re going to take a wild guess and say that the two work out some kind of new living arrangement… and you just know that’s going to irk Avery in the extreme. – Read more at TV Line

In the Wake of Sandy Hook, Does Country Music Have a Gun Problem? – he most popular male country singer, and reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year, is Blake Shelton, a poster boy for loud ‘n’ proud gun ownership. Last March, the day before he hosted the annual ACM Awards in Las Vegas, he also hosted the second annual NRA Country “celebrity shoot” at a skeet range just outside of town. Shelton’s publicist points out that the event was for charity and that the star is not officially an “NRA Country artist,” a monthly designation that entails a sponsorship by the gun lobby. (Like nearly all the artists contacted for this story, Shelton declined comment.) But Shelton hasn’t exactly been shy about his views, taking on anti-gun types in his Twitter feed almost as enthusiastically as he takes on vegetarians. – Read more at Popdust

Adam Levine Flexes Buff Biceps, Reveals Workout Routine – Forget about The Voice: it’s all about Adam Levine’s body! Wearing a tight black T-shirt and blue jeans, the Maroon 5 frontman shows off his buff biceps on the March cover of Men’s Health. In the accompanying interview, the “One More Night” singer credits yoga with reshaping his body and giving him a calmer demeanor. “It’s made me more successful,” Levine explains. “I love it and don’t know what I’d do without it.” The zen musician adds, “I have a hard time sitting still. I can be all over the map. Yoga has given me the ability to be more focused and make better decisions that come from a clear place.” – Read more at US

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  • LA944

     Casey Abrams opened for The Kyle Gass Band (he is the other half of Tenacious D). I think it’s cool that Jack Black and Kyle G have been supportive of Casey since idol ended. (I remember Jack B even stopped by last yr in London to see Casey when he was recording his cd.)

    Dry Spell

    Seems that the lovely Miss Reinhart was in the house and sang a song with Casey. No video of that performance yet–hope it turns up soon.

    BTW, saw Casey’s Stageit show and it was so good and a lot of fun. He interacted with the viewers so well– it was great. He started by playing a tune and singing everyone’s name on the chat. Then–he not only took requests for songs but had people request which instrument he should play the song on. So entertaining. He is so spontaneous and inventive and creative.

  • G

    Kat sure takes care of her dogs!  they are so cute!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Just had to share this given our discussion not too long ago about Blake Shelton’s comments…

  • MellyPer1692

    Aww sweet and lol

    “@MTVBuzzworthy: HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY, @AdamLambert. You’re 3-1derful, so we got you some GIFs (because they’re free and we’re broke)!

  • KatMyers

    Major lulz here!  The “old farts” will not let this die.  I love me some Blake, but like Eric Church (who I also like), he needs to learn to engage brain before starting to shoot off the mouth lol.

  • Lucie Laniel

    It was inevitable that Blake would get into trouble sooner or later with his outspoken comments. Will he learn from it, that’s another question.

    Maybe that was a publicity stunt and it was all planned. 

  • girlygirltoo

    Sometimes I think Blake’s not too bright. Other times I think he’s very smart and knows exactly what he’s doing

  • girlygirltoo

    After a couple of days off, Kris’ tour resumes tonight. He’s playing at The Vanguard in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • windmills

    I don’t think Blake’s old farts & jackasses comment was a publicity stunt or an example of him knowing exactly what he was doing. There may not have been repercussions at country radio but, his comment has put a target on his back in a way he isn’t welcoming at all. I’ve been watching comments from people who work with him and they were pretty defensive about it through the weekend. Definitely not acting like any publicity is good publicity. Blake’s whole thing is that he’s the face for country music on mainstream TV and it looks pretty bad when the face for country music makes such a divisive, assy comment. 

    Blake’s taking hits from country legends left & right, which is why he clarified on Twitter that his comment wasn’t directed at artists but at people who don’t like the direction of new country. So he’s basically saying “Relax, people, I wasn’t insulting legends as ‘old farts’ & ‘jackasses.” Just fans who have a different opinion on the direction of country music.” That makes it all better! #not

    I actually believe he wasn’t thinking about insulting the legends, even though it’s been over 5 years since he broke with Bobby Braddock and his music took more of a pop turn. The problem is Blake was still basically arguing traditional country is irrelevant and he said he had the right to help decide that because he’s won some awards. Which is hilarious because he got those awards because of The Voice not because his music is so popular, amazing, or influential. 

    Eric Church got away with his anti-Blake comments and his obnoxiousness because he had a kickass album to back it up that sold well, an album so influential everybody wants to work with his producer now. Eric’s comments fit his outsider image. Blake Shelton doesn’t have that going for him right now – he’s got a poppy, formulaic single that isn’t getting good reviews, he’s the ultimate insider right now since he & Miranda are the industry’s favorite power couple, and he’s supposed to be the guy everybody likes and feels good about. Not after his comments. I’m not saying this’ll have a big tangible negative impact on his career but, I definitely don’t think this has helped him.

  • heartly

    Another day, another Kelly interview with WBLI. I only bring it up because during the last 1/3 of it, she spills a few details on some things. On the work front, she says there are two “big things” coming up that she can’t fully announce yet. One is a big tour in August with another artist.  Rumor is that it’s going to be with Maroon 5. And the other is that she’s been working on a record that she’s wanted to do for a long time. My guess is a Christmas album. She was for sure in the studio back in mid December recording some Christmas tunes that included the horn guys she used on her AIEW tours and other recordings. (pics: horn players and one from Kelly’s assistant the same day as the other picture)

    I’m glad the surprise turns out to be more than the awesome Boston Pops concert coming up like I thought it might be. A Christmas album would be great, especially if they take their time with it and do it right. Way back in 2003, they had tried to get one out for her but ran out of time and never did.  That’s why on the American Idol: The Great Holiday Classics album they tacked on a 2nd disc with her two songs on it.  

    On the personal side, some more wedding details already.. they aren’t going to be having a wedding party. Instead they are having his two kids walk and stand up with them.

  • Larc

    Old country will still be around when both Blake and lots of the pop stuff now masquerading as country are long gone.  If Blake’s stupid remarks seriously bite him in the ass, it’s because he invited it.  My grandmother would have said he made his bed hard.

  • jpfan2

    Wonderr if P2 goes from acoustic to electric to open for MB20. They should play fairly large venues.

  • windmills

    Not sure why this happened now but Carrie’s show in Sunrise, Florida from last month got a writeup in Roy Trakin’s HDD column Trakin Care Of Business. Seems an older relative of his attended the show and had a lot of good things to say:

    The 29-year-old former American Idol winner-turned-country superstar is in the midst of her Blown Away tour, appearing from a house caught in a tornado right out of The Wizard of Oz. The beautiful, vivacious entertainer begins with “Good Girl,” “Undo It” and “Wasted,” followed by some talking and giggling with members of the audience, her blonde hair blowing. Her rendition of “I Told You So,” accompanied by her eight-piece band, including three guitarists, is a
    highlight. After a costume change, she returns, announcing a dollar “from every ticket sold” would be donated to the Red Cross. As fans held flashing cell phone cameras aloft in the air, Carrie continues with superb versions of “Two Black Cadillacs,” “Last Name” and “Temporary Home.” During a first short intermission, a small square fence is erected and a silhouette of a girl dancing in the fields is projected on the large screen in back. When our star returns, dressed casually in shorts, T-shirt and boots, Carrie and her three guitarists
    are in the fenced area, singing, “So You Think About Me.” The area suddenly turns into what she calls her “flying stage,” which rises towards the arena ceiling, held by four large white balloon-like lanterns, moving over the entire floor-level seats. The special effects are fabulous, as large plastic beach balls bounce around the audience, confetti flying everywhere, as the “flying stage” lands back where it started. After another brief break, Carrie arises on a platform dressed in white blouse and jacket with black silk lace panty house, high heels, singing “Remind Me,” with duet partner Brad Paisley superimposed on the large screen behind her. As the evening comes to a close, Carrie is joined by Hunter Hayes, then introduces her band to the screaming fans, wanting more. Being our age, I would have liked more country, less rock, but it was a great night anyway. With much love and thanks to HITS’ best editor Roy Trakin (of course, we’re prejudiced) and Jessie Schmidt of Schmidt Relations.—Florence Trakin

    I don’t know if there was wonky editing because the show definitely extended past Leave Love Alone but, at least the review is nice.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Hollywood Reporter 
    EXCLUSIVE: ‘American Idol’ Ex-Contestant Sues Fox Over Alleged Paula Abdul Affair.
    “Corey Clark claims that Fox, E! Entertainment and two powerhouse law firms defamed him in the aftermath of his controversial exit 10 years ago. ”

    ETA: Is there no statue of limitations on this guy?

  • asifclueless

    Today, January 29, American Idol wishes Adam Lambert’ s 31st Birthday.

    American Idol    ?@AmericanIdol
     Wishing a big happy birthday to @adamlambert! #HappyBirthdayAdam

    10onTop ?@10onTop

    Our biggest bday wishes go out to @Adamlambert!

  • Danny Latham
  • girlygirltoo

    Adam Levine is copying Kris’ pose from his TVOL single cover, lol

  • ptslittlecomment

    On facebook
    On Air with Ryan Seacrest Happy birthday Adam Lambert! You too Oprah.
    Like · · Share · 827351 · 27 minutes ago ·

  • SaSa8

    I would not think P2 would open as an acoustic set but I guess we will find out after tonight.  Looks like the size of venue for the next six MB20 concerts range from 2,000 to 3,450 venue seating capacity. 

  • BonnieDee

    Just saw this on Lauren Alaina’s Facebook page:  Her song One of those Boys will be playing on an episode of Hart of Dixie.

  • asifclueless

    The Trevor Project   ?@TrevorProject 
     Happy 31st Birthday, @adamlambert! 
     You and the #glamberts are an incredible group. Thanks for supporting #LGBT youth!

    Today is January 29 and it’s Adam’s birthday. Why … no news or at least wish him a happy birthday on today headline new?
    Adam is an AI alum and he always praises and feels gratitute to AI.

    It breaks my heart when there are negatives or gossip news of any gates, people won’t hesitate to knock him down. But .. what about when he is doing good deeds for charities or achieves something … not just a word to congrate or encourage?

    I’m amazed, impressed and puzzle that Adam has got all this BD greetings from all over the world, from the press, people in music business, other artists and other AI blogs.

    Here is all of the BD wishes videos in one place.

  • mmb

    there was a thread here a few days ago about Adam donating his birthday to charity

  • asifclueless

    The Real Paula Abdul?@PaulaAbdul  
    .@AdamLambert Happy Birthday DIVA! Lol! I’m MOST proud! I absolutely and always love, cherish and adore you!! xoxoP    

    The Real Paula Abdul?@PaulaAbdul    
    Awww! Thank you Adam!   You fill up my heart!   Have a FANTASTIC birthday! xoP    
    RT @adamlambert:  
     @PaulaAbdul thank you! You are a legend!!!    

    Larry Flick?@LarryFlick  
    Happy birthday to the ageless and gorgeous @AdamLambert. May this new year of your life bring joy, yummy surprises, and giggles. xx  

    jim cantiello?@jambajim    
    @lyndseyparker Oh my word, @adamlambert and my little nephew share a bday. Hope my little guy grows up to be as awesome as you, Mr. Lambert!    

    Michael Orland ?@MichaelOrland    

    @adamlambert happy birthday star boy!!!! I wish you a year ahead filled with love, good health, prosperity and amazing music!!! Xx    

    Lÿndsey Parker?@lyndseyparker    
    @adamlambert Happy birthday Adam    

    Terrance D. Spencer ?@LoveMrSpencer    
    Happy birthday to the homie, the ace. One of my closest friends in the world @adamlambert! Love you much man. Enjoy your day, you rock!    

  • H.A.

    MJ did post a charity/BD thread. Just so Adam fans don’t hijack the headline thread all those BD wishes are posted here.

    All the tweets and videos and birthday wishes for Adam are so amazing!

  • girlygirltoo

    check out this  cool remix of Kris Allen’s song “Monster.” Very different from the final version of the song.

  • elliegrll

    check out this  cool remix of Kris Allen’s song “Monster.” Very different from the final version of the song.

    This is a coincidence, because just the other day I was wondering how would Kris sound singing something like Bruno Mars’ “Natalie”.  I love the final version of Monster, but it would be nice to hear Kris sing some edgier songs.  I remember people saying that one of the reasons why his original version of Heartless stood out is because he was showing a little bit of attitude/swagger, that he didn’t show in a lot of his other performances.

    I’d like to hear what type of instrumental arrangement did Kris originally have for this song.

  • Pippygirl

    That remix shows me that Monster works for me no matter how it is presented-live, recorded or remixed. It’s just a great song.

  • jpfan2

    Tweet from the MB20 concert where P2 just opened the show:

    “Recent American Idol winner @Phillips on stage at #TheJoint equals maybe the loudest
    squeals from ladies under 35 in venue history.”

  • Beth112

    Clay Aiken posted a video the other day on his 10th anniversary, thanking his fans. He also sang a bit of Always and Forever. :)

  • tripp_ncwy

    The request song of the day from Kris’ show at The Vanguard in Tulsa, OK tonight is cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya.

  • tripp_ncwy

    The request song of the day from Kris’ show at The Vanguard in Tulsa, OK tonight is cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya.

  • girlygirltoo

    Shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it hey ya…shake it like a polaroid picture :)

    And looks like we are getting vid of this :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “P.S. Willie Nelson rules.”

    He does. I love his album of standards.

  • girlygirltoo

    Justin Bieber must not have played that venue :)

  • girlygirltoo

    Has anyone been posting vids from Phillip’s shows? I don’t remember seeing any on here

  • roarpen

    It looks like some good sleuths have figured out who the new bassist is for James Durbin. James and Heidi recently started following him on twitter and James recently tweeted a tease about his new bass player. But, naturally, he likes to keep the fans guessing – lol:
     Justin Kastner

    “It’s all happening”

    Heidi Durbin

    @justinboodissy Isn’t it though ;-)

    Justin Kastner

    @MrsHeidiDurbin stoooooked!

  • roarpen

    Stefano got 19 Top 40 adds for his new single this week. (Sorry if that was already posted, I didn’t see it anywhere though.)

  • hellomusicgirl

    Been out of internet range all day (who knew that still happened??) so I just heard the update on the David A news that was supposed to come out today. Apparently it has been pushed back to next week:

    Victoria Horn??????? LadyVmusic
    Dearest archies.. I received an email saying the press release won’t be until next week now :( booo isn’t that the worst. #itwillbeworthit!

    I’m kind of intrigued because I can’t imagine what it would be in a press release. I was assuming it was maybe a song that David has recorded before he left that they were putting out for fans but I wouldn’t think there would be a press release for that. Or would there? Kind of a mystery. Someone said it was an announcement that he was getting married. LOL!

  • girlygirltoo

    radio adds are posted in the sales thread :)

  • girlygirltoo

    Seeing some tweets that Garth Brooks may have been at Kris’ show in Tulsa tonight. Which be cool if he was (they met a couple of years ago).

  • roarpen

     Thanks. : )

  • Namarinad

    maybe one day MJ will post them, when she finds the videos
    but i think if you go to youtube, you’ll find them

  • tripp_ncwy

    Video: Kris Allen Covers Outkast – Hey Ya at The Vanguard in Tulsa, OK