Idol Headlines for 1/24/13

Glee returns to FOX at 9 pm with a “Sadie Hawkins episode.

American Idol auditions land in Baton Rouge LA tonight at 8 pm.


Pia Toscano poses for a picture with Lord Dread legendary producer and “great man” Clive Davis.

Pops unites song, dance, sisters – When sisters Pia and Kimberly Toscano get together this weekend, it will be like a goofy teen girls’ slumber party. They’ll eat “healthy” junk food, tell corny jokes and laugh – a lot. They’ll spend some quiet catching-up moments sitting around the backyard fire pit.
They’ll also share the Tucson Music Hall stage. Kimberly is the Tucson Symphony Orchestra’s principal timpanist. Her baby sister is a former “American Idol” finalist who will join other “Idol” alumni and “Dancing With the Stars” cast members for “Ballroom With a Twist,” a show that marries song and dance. – Read more at AZStarnet

Bo Bice: Huntsville-born ‘American Idol’ alum on upcoming Broadway debut, new label and live LP – “It was outside my wheelhouse and something people might not expect me to go and do,” Bice, 37, says. “For me, having an opportunity that challenges you makes you a better artist and makes you a better performer. I was honored John Doyle (‘Pump Boys’ director and previous ‘Sweeney Todd’ Tony Award winner) was interested in auditioning me.” Rehearsals for “Pump Boys and Dinettes,” which depicts characters at a North Carolina diner and truck stop, begin Feb. 4 in New York. The show opens April 8 at the Circle in the Square Theatre. – Read more at

Carrie Underwood weighs in on artists’ lip-synching

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

FOX5 Vegas

You’ll Never Guess How Much Katharine McPhee’s Golden Globes Dress Cost – Cue the record scratch: McPhee’s low-cut, high-slit super-sexy black number cost just $795 — not exactly pocket change, of course, but it’s just a fraction of what a typical red carpet gown retails for. And considering it was one of the most talked-about dresses all evening, she certainly got a lot of bang for her buck. – Read more at People

James Taylor’s sons more excited to meet Kelly Clarkson than the president – President Obama wasn’t even the most interesting person at his own inauguration. At least according to Rufus and Henry Taylor, the 11-year-old twins of singer James Taylor and his wife, Kim . (Taylor sang at the ceremony.) We’re told the brothers were especially excited to meet Kelly Clarkson , who performed “My Country ’Tis of Thee” at the inauguration. As they were walked by their mother and father to the singer’s dressing room, which was set up in a senator’s office at the Capitol, Rufus whispered, “Mom, Dad, don’t say anything, please. Let us do the talking.” . . . – Read more at Boston Globe

‘American Idol’s’ Keith Urban: Wife Nicole Kidman ‘is just happy I have a job’ – Zap2it: Is it more comfortable for you to be joining “American Idol” at a time when other new judges (Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj) also are coming in? Keith Urban: Yeah, because I didn’t feel we were replacing anybody. I think that there’s four of us there, instead of three, really creates a whole new panel. I would have found it harder if I felt I was specifically replacing one person. I also like that Randy Jackson’s still there, too. – Read more at Zap2it

Member of Dartmouth Aires Gets a Shot at Television’s ‘Glee’ – Moore, with his distinctive, Little Richard-esque hairstyle and stage antics, caught the eye of Robert Ulrich, Glee’s casting director. While in Los Angeles in May, Moore came to Ulrich’s office for an audition. No roles were available at the time, but Ulrich’s office got back in touch with him in November, “and basically offered me this role,” Moore said. In tonight’s Glee episode, Moore will sing and dance as a member of Adam’s Apples, an a capella group at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts, the performing arts college attended by Glee characters Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer). The Adam’s Apples are keen on making Kurt a member of the group. “It’s a funny, quirky, band-of-misfits type thing, and it should be a lot of fun,” Moore said. The role is designed to be recurring, Moore added, though he doesn’t know when or if his future appearance as an Apple may air. – Read more at Valley News

Tegan and Sara ‘Heartthrob’ Interview w/ Glee’s Cory Monteith

Alter the Press

Al Green Turned Down Inaugural Ball Invitation – Al Green passed up the opportunity to get together with President Obama. A representative for the singer told the Associated Press that Green was invited to sing at the inaugural ball earlier this week, but scheduling conflicts prevented him from attending. Instead, Jennifer Hudson serenaded the POTUS and first lady with Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” on Monday. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

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  • tripp_ncwy

    Nice articles on Kris & his opener Jillette Johnson in local AR paper previewing their show Saturday in Little Rock.


    Kris Allen to play Rev Room, minus guitar
    ““They had to do surgery on it,” he says, adding that the injury included four broken bones and some torn ligaments and will involve extensive physical therapy and take a while to heal.”

    Johnson passed on The Voice spot

  • curly_yenta

    Hollywood glamour arrives on The Strip tonight with superstar Jennifer Lopez and British action actor Jason Statham. It’s the red carpet premiere of their new $30 million movie “Parker” opening nationwide this weekend…..

    Taylor Hicks and LA Reid are amongst those expected to attend the event at Planet Hollywood.

    Full article:

  • girlygirltoo

    This is the first article that talks in detail about how bad his wrist was injured. Four broken bones and torn ligaments? Yikes — no wonder it needed surgery.

  • girlygirltoo

    lollll, Kris’ reaction to a guy in the crowd’s comment about “Paul Simon” not having an actual title yet is priceless. It’s about 5:45 into this video from last night :)

  • fantoo1


  • hoosiermama2

    Physical therapy isn’t going to be fun for Kris, but I hope by doing it his wrist will be strengthened to the point where he can pick up and hold his new baby in July! Oh, and be able to play a little guitar by then, too.

  • El oh El

    Casey Abrams’ Stageit show is tonight

  • Xentusk

    How lucky is American Idol that two of their biggest alumni in Carrie and Kelly, are thoughtful, intelligent speakers who are able to communicate their own thoughts on a subject in a way that doesn’t necessarily disparage others, yet still answer the question without saying the same ‘safe’/neutral answers we always hear?  Great ambassadors and great role models for young girls

  • Nadine_Bitch

    On Air/Ryan Seacrest ?@OnAirWithRyan
    .@AmericanIdol Flashback — See what @AdamLambert & 14 other “Idol” stars looked like during & after auditions.

  • bridgette12

    I think Ryan has a bit of a mancrush on Adam. 

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Peter Farrelly on Adam Lambert & American Idol departing Movie 43 After Party

  • siennalily

    I’m not terribly impressed with that article in our Arkansas paper about Kris. It seemed a bit insulting to him and didn’t even bother to mention that he had a nice hit with LLWD. I’m not surprised though. That’s kind of how Arkansas rolls when it comes to Kris. I hated to read about the severity of his injury. My hope is that he will come back stronger than ever as a guitarist after physical therapy.

    It’s funny that they compared Jillette Johnson and her “doing it the right way” by playing in clubs when she was in freaking NYC and Kris was in Arkansas. He’s said before that he tried to get a foothold by playing Arkansas clubs but wasn’t given the time of day most of the time which is why he went the AI route.

  • girlygirltoo

    That’s a cute post. All of the people pictured were attractive to begin with, but some of those “after” pictures are just wow :)

  • girlygirltoo

    Meh…That paper was much harder on Lee when they ran one of those preview blurbs for his show in LR a few weeks back. Paraphrasing the person who wrote it, the piece was like, yeah, this dude’s playing a show at (whatever the venue was), but why bother to go, no one from Idol is any good… I actually emailed him to suggest he might want to actually go to Lee’s show before making up his mind about him (he admitted he’d never seen him live), but he wrote back saying why bother, when he wouldn’t change his mind no matter what. Not good when music reviewers are so close minded they won’t even go to the person’s show, but will make judgments about the performer…

  • girlygirltoo

    Two new shows have popped up on Kris’ tour schedule, including another gig in NYC:

    The Met (Pawtucket, RI) – April 30
    The Highline Ballroom (New York City) – May 1

  • justmefornow

    Second writing session coming up with Scott Stevens. Definitely a sign of a much heavier sound for this album (Yay!)

    James Durbin

    @ScottExies Comin to do some more writing!! Lets rock some more hits Brother!!


  • Anny_nanny

    ‘American Idol’ on the Charts: Kelly Clarkson Earns Her 80th No. 1
    Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips scores his eighth chart-topper on Adult Contemporary. Plus: A paradox for season nine’s Casey James.

  • Incipit

    Sweet news for Casey James that COAS has landed on the Country Song recurrent chart. According to THR, his first Number One of any sort. Good for him!

  • tripp_ncwy

    Pepsi, Vevo to Spotlight Best New Artists, ‘X Factor’ Winner Tate Stevens During Grammys


  • Caro3278sweet

    OK. I am ignorant. What does this mean – this Country Song recurrent chart?

  • tripp_ncwy

    lol random guy crashes the Kris Allen stage at his show in St. Pete the other night.

  • Fan Dja

    Nice to see Ryan included David Archuleta in his before after even though that after is old.  Here’s a more recent picture for comparison.

  • lovetheusa1776

     “incredible” “unbelievable” – ah, yes.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    ”He’s the best thing I’ve ever.. he’s just incredible.” couldn’t disagree more:)

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Such a babyface. He still looks like 17 on that recent picture:)

  • Incipit

     What does this mean – this Country Song recurrent chart?

    Caro3278sweet,”Songs that have been around a long time can be removed from current Billboard charts but if they are still collecting sufficient airplay, they can be moved to tallies known as recurrent charts. And that’s where James’ “Suitcase” has traveled — right to No. 1 on the Country Songs Recurrents list.” THR

    This practically guarantees a lot of spins for a long time, and continued exposure to the marketplace, which means more sales over an extended period…it’s a best-possible-case scenario when a song is removed from the current chart…and that’s why it is sweet. IMO.

  • MissMyEm

    Hahaha.  Priceless.  So glad Kris’ fans are so diversified.  

  • MissMyEm

    Pia Toscano poses for a picture with Lord Dread legendary producer and “great man” Clive Davis.

    LMAO!  Good one.  

  • MissMyEm

     Toscano poses for a picture with Lord Dread legendary producer and “great man” Clive Davis.

    Hahaha.  Good one.  Lots of good laughs in this thread today.

  • Fan Dja

    I know.  Some even criticize him for looking young, like he has any control of that lol It sure is going to be a blessing as he matures :)

  • irockhard

    While I’m stoked about this, Goddammit when is he gonna get this album finished???

  • Caro3278sweet

    Sweet is the right word! Thanks for the explanation.

  • justmefornow

    My gut feeling is the stuff they worked on in Nashville is too light. He’s changed direction and needs more heavy material to go with this sound. I hope I’m right since this may delay the album. But as soon as he’s done recording he needs to get out touring to preview some stuff! Too much time off KILLS momentum.

    I wonder if this writing session with Stevens is timed with the recording sessions in LA for the WWE coming up next month?