Idol Headlines for 05/31/12 – The Evening Edition

How to Fix ‘American Idol’ – American Idol’s juggernaut status is dwindling to such a degree that the production company that owns it, CKx (Content is King), is changing its name to distance itself from its once-great property. Though, CKx, now Core Media Group, is still working with Fox to tweak the show in the hopes of a more successful season twelve. – Read more at Atlantic Wire

Joshua Ledet on Good Day New York

Judging by the 15 standing ovations he received during this season’s American Idol, you might think Joshua Ledet would have been the likely winner. He finished third. We met the rising star on Thursday as he gears up for the American Idol tour this summer.

My FOXKris Allen Photo Shoot – Exclusive! – Kris Allen is white hot in this exclusive new photo shoot for held on Thursday (May 24) at a private residence in Los Angeles. The 26-year-old singer’s warm-hearted album Thank You Camellia debuted last week and has been well-received. “Thank You Camellia is full of such charming flourishes,” writes one journalist. “The whistling on ‘My Weakness’, a funky electric piano on ‘Rooftops’, the gamelan instrument that session drummer Aaron Sterling plays on ‘Monster’.” – Read more at Just Jared

Daughtry releases new version of ‘Rescue Me’ for ‘We Can Be Heroes’ campaign — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Chris Daughtry announced at a concert last night that he has teamed up with DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, an initiative to stop hunger in the horn of Africa. As part of the effort, Daughtry recorded an acoustic version of their song “Rescue Me” and performed it for the first time at their concert in Los Angeles last night in front of a backdrop featuring some of DC Comics’ most popular superheroes. EW has the exclusive video of the performance. Watch it below: – Watch the Video at Entertainment Weekly

At Walmart’s Shareholders 2012 Meeting, Flirting With Arrest And Aerosmith – FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — “Fifty years of Walmart, baby. Can you handle that?” Words that never before escaped the mouth of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler set a stadium of Walmart workers on fire on Wednesday night. Wearing white skin-tight bell bottoms and flanked by a massive video screen flashing what resembled ’80s-era pole dancers, the rocker called out to Walmart workers in succession, from the United Kingdom, China and Brazil. Waves of workers rose up, each set for the most part decked in yet another color of the spectrum, their T-shirts inscribed with the company motto Save Money. Live Better. A row of women screamed, “WE LOVE YOU!” — their game-day shirts bore single letters that together spelled out “STEVEN.” – Read more at Huffington Post

Jermaine Paul On Life After “The Voice” – “They’re coaches, that’s what they do. We’re on the other side as contestants, we’re trying to give the best performance every night. I’m gonna let them do whatever they’re doing.” Grateful for his win, Jermaine said he has coach Blake Shelton to thank. “I picked the best coach on the show. Blake Shelton is absolutely the best coach. He keeps me away from all the craziness. Thank God we won,” he said. But while Jermaine was happy with his choice of a judge, the way he picked Shelton wasn’t very orthodox — the contestant was turned off by Cee Lo’s glasses. Listen to the Interview at MIX 104.1

Snoop Dogg Slams The Voice: ‘It’s Boring As Hell!’ – The rapper, who made his name in Gangsta Rap in the early 1990s, said: “The Voice don’t understand that you need more than a voice to be an artist. You could have the best voice ever, but be as boring as hell.” Snoop doesn’t seem to be alone in finding the BBC show a little sleep inducing, even the show’s boss has admitted it’s not exactly that exciting. – Read more at Entertainmentwise

‘Dancing with the Stars’ champ to star on ‘Army Wives’ — EXCLUSIVE – A very popular victor from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars will make a well-deserved cameo on Lifetime’s hit drama Army Wives this season. And the lucky hoofer to make the crossover is… J.R. Martinez! The season 13 winner of DWTS will play a physical therapist who works with wounded veterans. As a former Army soldier and wounded veteran, Martinez’ character relates to the veterans while pushing them beyond the limits of their own expectations toward recovery. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

Lea Michele: Vancouver Visit with Cory Monteith – Cory Monteith wraps his arm around girlfriend Lea Michele while heading to dinner on Wednesday (May 30) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The couple and Glee co-stars grabbed sushi after the 25-year-old actress landed at the airport earlier in the day. Lea visited Cory‘s hometown after attending the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London. – See the Photos at Just Jared

Day in the Life: Team StarKid (Featuring Darren Criss) – It’s 2:30 p.m. and Team StarKid is supposed to start a rehearsal for their final Los Angeles show, but the cause of the rehearsal, Darren Criss, is a few minutes late. It’s by no means a diva move on Darren’s part, despite the “Glee” star being the most well known face of the musical theater troupe — if it weren’t him, it would be one of any number of other cast members. “This is something that’s a challenge every day, getting 10 people in one place at one time,” Julia Albain, the group’s director and tour manager, explains as she pied-pipers the crew down the House of Blues’ never-ending staircase after he arrives. The most apt comparison is trying to herd kittens. – Read more at

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  • Cory ??

    Why don’t they just have Joshua and Jessica on these shows together? It would save a lot of time and money.

  • Emily Davis

    Snoop Dogg speaks for a lot of us.

  • Trina

    Speaking of Jermaine Paul, he tweeted the other day he’s releasing on Fathers day a new song and video. I’m guessing this is his first single because the day the video was shot it was called the “first release”. The song is called “Following My Heart”.

  • justmefornow

    Not much going on in Durbinland during the 3 week hiatus between tours. 

    I thought this collection of live performance photos from the tour so far was pretty cool. Some great shot of all the guys…..

  • Anonymous

    Season one winner Javier Colon made a very cryptic tweet today.  Maybe he’s left Universal Republic.  

    @Javstwtr The only thing constant is change. Sometimes change isn’t welcome… But other times… it’s EXACTLY what you wanted. 

    And then a fan replied to him about the tweet, and he answered back.

    @Javstwtr: I hope its still good 4 ur fans!”> This change will be good for all of us in the long run. Believe me

  • Leandro

    he was talking about The Voice UK. His description, actually is proper for a lot of Idols this year. Big voice, boring as hell.

  • Miz

    My goodness, those pics of Kris at Just Jared. I know I read the interview twice but I can’t remember a single word. Distracting :)

  • Lexie

     A neat article about a teenager who will be opening for Scotty in California:)

  • Lexie

    Carrie at #1 and Scotty at #12 for country albums…

  • Miz

    American Idol ?@AmericanIdolWanna play @KrisAllen in Kinect Tennis? Donate 2 REDRUSH GAMES w/ code KALLEN08 at for the chance to play him on 6/6!

  • Loretta

    Wow that is some picture of Kris! 

    Chris Daughtry is such a great guy!  Involved in another great cause and such a moving song Rescue Me is.  Definiately will purchase the Itune. 

    Oh how I hope Javier knows of what he tweets.  Such a nice guy. He needed better material and more promotion.

    Who would have thought Snoop Dog was so insightful?  Too bad Idol PTB do not understand that it does take a lot more than a perfectly trained voice to be a successful recording artist.  An ok voice in an interesting, intriguing, inventive artist stands more of a chance of making it IMO that a boring perfect voice singer. 

  • Anonymous

    I think that AI knows that, but those on the recording end don’t seem to remember it, when it’s time to write the songs for the debut albums.  

    At least someone understood that when they picked “Home” as Phillip’s coronation single.

    Snoop has a point, but he needs to explain it by saying that people will find the show interesting if they are invested in the contestants, and that they just won’t tune in to hear someone who can hit all of the notes.

  • Leandro

    Actually, The Voice UK, for what I’ve seen so far, is extremely the opposite of what Snoop said. Too much personality, too few singing talent. While Idol this year had too many big voices, but too few personality and creativity. A mid-term between both would be the best.

  • Enough already!

    Wonder what Walmart paid Tyler for that appearance.   Idol has certainly made the “opportunities” available to him and Jlo to make mega bucks.   Once upon a time it was about the contestants…those days are long gone.   btw, anyone on Idol or any of these shows shouldn’t give up their day jobs!   just a thought!

  • Anonymous

    From the Hollywood Reporter: 

    A top News Corp. executive told an investor conference Thursday that Fox’s American Idol could last for up to 17 seasons and said the network is optimistic that it can stop its ratings decline.

    Speaking at the Nomura 2nd annual U.S. Media & Telecom Summit in New York, David Haslingden,president of the Fox Networks Group, said the network is “absolutely committed” to the music talent show, which has aired for 11 seasons. He vowed it would “throw all resources'” at improving its ratings again. 

  • Larc

    There is mention in that article of Idol needing some tweaks.  By definition, a tweak is a minor alteration.  It’s going to take considerably more than that, IMO.  If FOX plans to run it for 6 more years and turn back the tide of viewer desertion at the same time, they are going to need to make some major changes.

  • Anonymous

    Great clip of Taylor Hicks on Fox’s new dating show, The Choice, that was shown on Entertainment Tonight this evening….  says his chick needs to take care of her feet… if she can rock flats and sandals, she’s good to go! LOL

  • Sparkles

    Sorry if this was posted somewhere already but this here clown just saw this…
    Phillip Phillips CD (Walmart Exclusive) 7/3/12
    (also CDs from Jessica, Joshua, Skylar, Hollie & Top 10)

  • Anonymous

    Actually, The Voice UK, for what I’ve seen so far, is extremely the
    opposite of what Snoop said. Too much personality, too few singing
    talent. While Idol this year had too many big voices, but too few
    personality and creativity. A mid-term between both would be the best.

    Except for some pop stars, successful artists have all of this: singing talent, personality and creativity. I am sure that singing talent show producers would dream to find people will all of this, but it may be difficult, as they may be rare.

  • randi


    My goodness, those pics of Kris at Just Jared. I know I read the
    interview twice but I can’t remember a single word. Distracting :)

    I thought photoshoot was boring.  Kris only has one expression, bored.  His face never changes.  His eyes are dull and there just doesn’t seem to be any kind of spark to him.  He’s a good looking guy *I guess* but there’s just nothing special to make him stand out IMO. 

  • indigo

    I hate to say this but I agree with you,Kris looks bored in most pics,His eyes look tired and uninterested,feel same way about his OK interview also,he doesn’t show any kind of excitement talking about his album,how can he get us fans excited with that kind of bored explanation about his songs and album process.

  • Anonymous

    This Walmart shareholders concert that Steven Tyler was at must be the same thing James Durbin is (or was) at yesterday and today.  He was in Arkansas (saw some fan pictures tweeted by Arkansas college kids with him), and when a fan asked tonight on twitter what he’s up to and why he isn’t home on break, he said he was doing a Walmart Corporate private gig. I think he’s on his way home again now though but he would have been there last night for the concert.

  • Chris

    Who knew I had something in common with Snoop! I tried watching one night, so slow.

  • Anonymous

    The Kris photoshoot is really nice. He is a very good looking guy. Really love his low-key dry sense of humor too.

  • Anonymous

     The Kris photoshoot is really nice. He is a very good looking guy. Really love his low-key dry sense of humor too.

  • Anonymous

    Kris strikes me as a smart, funny and sarcastic guy. I don’t find him boring at all. His charm is low-key and subtle, but distinct, IMO. He kind of makes me wish I was his friend. And I’m not even what you would call a fan, although I have downloaded a couple of songs from his new album.

  • Anonymous

    to Lexie….You have always been consistent in giving us the latest about Scotty. I am so grateful to you and to all who are still loyal to Scotty.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Kris’s photoshoot and interview. Love the sparkle in his eye. He’s funny and engaging with people. And always true as a person; nothing phony about him

  • buffyloverlori

    To each their own I guess!!! I think his sexy as hell and isn’t boring at all. He has a great sense of humor, he makes me laugh and when he talks he makes me want to be right their with him. And I want to be one of his best friends.!!!!!!!

  • Lexie

     Why, thank you.  There’s actually more over at Idol Forums:)  But here’s something I haven’t taken over there yet…Josh has been so gracious to Scotty, he’s been asked about him in almost every interview…

  • justmefornow

    I think you’re right about that Walmart Corporate gig with Tyler. I saw that too. Maybe some video will pop up, would be nice.
    LOL at the “crushing heads” pics from the plane. You could tell he was bored. My daughter does the exact same thing.

  • Neo

    Kris seems to be (almost) universally well-liked in the idol fandom, threads about hm always get many posts on these blogs/forums, so why doesn’t his popularity really translate into sales?? The fact that TVOL  couldn’t crack top 100 on itunes after Idol performance and that his album sold only 17,000 copies shows that his hardcore fanbase is very small. Is it because a lot of his so-called fans are only like his looks or personality ?

  • Neo

    My comments about Kris Allen were harmless. Why are you being so defensive of Kris? I thought this is not a Kris Allen fansite.

  • Miz

    mj, same here on his sense of humor and everything else. 

  • Jean White

    Kris is such a handsome guy and there’s not a thing phony about him; guy’s got it going for him in the looks department without any help other than maybe some hair gel sometimes. Love his quirky, dry sense of humor and how he doesn’t seem to even know how sexy he is. I would call him refreshing rather than boring.

  • Leandro

    but they’ll have to find if they want to prevent a cute boy to win Idol next year