Hunger Games’ Gloss, Alan Ritchson, Stripped For Paula Abdul on American Idol

I have to confess that my only knowledge of The Hunger Games is what I read on my twitter feed. And since I have several Hunger Games fantatics on my feed,  I’ve learned quite a lot  for someone who has neither read the best selling young adult book series or seen the first movie, released earlier this year.

I’ve had ALL THREE BOOKS spoiled for me, just by reading my twitter feed! Thanks guys!

But I digress. The Hunger Games movie sequel, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, is currently being cast. And wouldn’t you know, there is an American Idol connection!

Alan Ritchson, who auditioned for American Idol in Season 3, has been cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter, as Gloss, a former Career tribute from District who along with his sister Cashmere competes in the Quarter Quell.

His latest roles included starring in the CBS comedy pilot Super Fun Night, and playing Thad Castle on Blue Mountain State, which aired on Spike TV for three seasons. He also starred as Aquaman on the TV series, Smallville.

Let’s watch his Season 3 audition on Idol, where he was a Top 87 contestant,  before being cut in Hollywood (according to Wiki!). The lulz come as he performs a strip tease for a totally smitten Paula Abdul in order to curry her favor. This is quite obviously pre-Corey Clark, when the show had no qualms about shipping her with hopefuls half her age. “He’s too young for you, Paula,” warns Randy Jackson. Oy.

At the time I thought Alan came off as the biggest douche to ever douchbag. But I’ll leave it at that.Earning a role in a huge movie franchise means he’ll eventually amass an Army of stans who will think nothing of killing me if I so much as give him the slightest side eye. I might be a little scared. Heh.


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  • DoesMonaKnow

    Not a bad voice. The confidence/arrogance was the thing that really got him screentime so I guess it worked for him?  

    I loved seeing Ryan’s old hair.

  • jambajim

    Didn’t he get cut in Hollywood because he’d rather party in a jacuzzi than rehearse? Or am I thinking of a different blond meat-head? In any case, yay for life after Idol!

  • Anonymous

     Could be. I think Idol boasted a few douchbags like that. lol.

  • Valentin432

    At the time it was “Fashion model” Alan Ritchson and he got a lot of camera time in Hollywood, I remember when he said that if you remove the merc from american idol and add the l, it reads Alan, lol.

    He was also playing in the pool with Lisa Wilson who I think made it to the semifinals that year, it was the night of the infamous songwriting challenge.

  • Anonymous

    I always wonder if people regret doing shows like this later in life when they become successful actors and such. Since your douchebagery will always haunt you. :P
    I mean, could you imagine if olympic medalist Ryan Lochte had his douchebagery caught on camera for us all to see? Jeah, jeah, jeah!

  • Anonymous

    You should read the books, MJ, lol.  They’re really good.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, he was shown in the jacuzzi with a couple of girls & another guy (I think from his group). They decided not to rehearse & to go spend time with the girls & partying. The next day both of them forgot the lyrics for their group round. I think the other guy was cut right away, but Alan was given another shot.

  • Kariann Hart

    Idol has opened the door for so many young people, even those who don’t get to the TOP 10.  For me, I think it brings attention to a person when otherwise they may not be noticed.  I’ve got to believe some of that was “acting”.  I laughed.

  • Anonymous

    I mean reality TV in general. I wonder if people regret doing it if they ever become famous for other reasons, like acting.

  • Allison

    Maybe it was before they knew about what was going on with Corey Clark, because Corey was Season 2, before Alan.

  • Anonymous

    OMIgosh! He is from Niceville – 15 minutes from my town! Wow!

  • sdmama

    I remember Aquaman episodes from Smallville and the actor very well but I can’t remember season 3 audition at all. 
    I remember he didn’t get the role when CW wanted to spawn off Aquaman as a separate series. They casted Justin Hartley instead in the pilot.  They decided not to do the series, but they like Justin enough to make him a regular as Green Arrow. (My head is stuff with useless factoids.) I hope he will get a bigger break with this Hunger Game job. Is it a big role? 
    As for Ryan Rochte, the cutie pie of Olympic swim team, the damage may have been done already:  (2 million hits and counting)

    (MJ, forgive me for going off tangent a bit today. I am tired.)


  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t have any lines in the book so no big deal here. All he does is get an arrow through the eye and die

  • glennethph

    He was hilarious in Blue Mountain State.

  • ohreli

     You are thinking of Johnny Keyser lol.