Haley Reinhart – You Oughta Know – Song Stream

Listen to a full stream of Haley Reinhart’s single “You Oughta Know” from her upcoming American Idol Season 10 Highlights EP.

The AI 10 Top 4 will release EPs on Tuesday June 28, but you can download Haley’s EP now from Walmart.

Haley was so nervous when she sang the song live on Idol, but she does a fine job with the tune in the recorded version. Listen below

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  • chrislongisland

    Again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Haley. But again, they edited the original lyrics to fit the family-friendly walmart / Idol image, while DESTROYING the original integrity of the composition. Oh well, at least we have a NEW HALEY ALBUM to look forward to this year!!!!

  • cwm

    Woot! Haley sounds awesome on this track! Love it. This is an incredibly hard song to sing and she nails it. Great song.

    It’s amusing to hear the cleaned-up lyrics.

  • pietromatos

    Haley is a star !!!! Her voice shines in all of her studio versions !!!! I miss the growling but its good to show some versatility.I genuinely hope her album will be a hit.

  • halo9125

    Considering some of the garbage that kids listen to, and the fact that half of the songs on the top 200 on iTunes are rated explicit- I don’t get the need to sanitize “You Oughta Know”- it’s annoying.

  • Ladyhelix

    Wow – they chose her least successful performance of the entire live season for this? And yet – it sounds Great! GO HALEY!!

  • eyelinerandcigarettes

    How come Haley’s is the only one that leaked?

  • halo9125

    Not leaked- the mp3’s are available for download from Walmart.

  • sagi

    I don’t really get the annoyance over the lyric change, myself. I am sure Haley would have had no problem singing it explicitly, but probably was ~politely encouraged to clean it up! ;)

    ETA: It sounds really, really good, by the way :)

  • oriharakaoru

    Will these be available on iTunes or is this a Walmart-only thing?

  • sparkledheartsss

    I wasn’t the biggest Haley fan during the season but I’m mildly obsessed with her version of this song. She sounds really good.

  • Pam

    I don’t have a problem with the lyric change. This recording is very good!

  • aidancash1

    Even though Haley is not the kind of music I buy, if they do this right she could work real well in the pop world. She has soemthing about her.

  • Landmd

    WOW this is very very good!!

    Considering some of the garbage that kids listen to, and the fact that half of the songs on the top 200 on iTunes are rated explicit I don’t get the need to sanitize “You Oughta Know”- it’s annoying.

    I don’t get it either, but It really doesn’t bother me that they did change it. You Oughta Know is clean compared to most of the top 200. I don’t care when they curse just to do it for shock value.

  • drover

    Haley’s diction has really improved – I get pretty much all the words on this (albeit sanitized) and its really a well written song – something i hadn’t appreciated on other versions because I could only make out about 50% of the words!

  • Swind

    As usual Haley sounds great, but I’m not fond of the cleaned up lyrics myself either. I would have much preferred the Fleetwood Mack song over this one.

  • Tess

    Since this is the song that put Alanis on the map for me I’m not particularly fond of it being covered by anybody. But I will admit that Haley did a good job…but I miss the angst and the darkness that was so apparent in the original. It will be interesting to see what type of songs the gurus at Universal think will match up to her voice….they have a wide variety of styles to pick from since Haley hasn’t, as yet, found a clear direction that she seems to want to pursue.

  • Miss Blue

    I just love this girl. Simply love her. I’ll buy everything she puts out. I’ve thought from the beginning that Haley is the only girl I’ve seen on the show since Season 1 that could be as great as Kelly Clarkson. This is one time I really hope I’m right.

  • tomr

    GARBAGE song!!! LOATHE it! It was bad on the show and it’s still bad now. They need to give her something more jazzy and bluesy or she’ll be a has been by next year.

  • blueski

    I don’t think she sounds that great. I certainly wouldn’t pay money for this. If you like her thats great. Just not my cup of tea.

  • mada23

    This was NOT a good choice for her on the show(and I’m not a huge fan of the original either). But she does an excellent job here! love it.

    Where are the rest of the EPs?

  • Desdemona

    Wanted to like it. I couldn’t listen all the way through. :(

  • katielynne

    I’m not a fan but gave it a listen and couldn’t get all the way through this garbled mess.

  • Ringo

    I am amazed that she can do the song faithful to Alanis’s version (but for two pg language changes), and still not make me miss Alanis’s version. Kind of like You and I or Rolling in the Deep where it was the quality of her voice, as oppose to the uniqueness of her interpretation that shone through. I actually prefer Haley’s versions over the Gaga and Adele originals now. I would have preferred a complete change up of You Oughta Know, but I think the quality of her version bodes well for her in the future where even on non-hits she is likely to capture me.

    Regarding the lyric sanitization, we should be used to it by now. CeeLo’s “Forget You” version pales to his “F**k You” version, even more so than this radio/tv friendly version of You Oughta Know. Like Kanye’s Gold Digger for radio is a big difference. But once you hear the “bad” words in the origiinal, the shock wears off and the rest of the song survives. No biggee for me.

  • Jess

    Love, love , love Haley she is awesome. Love Alanis’s song. Hate that they are making Haley do a karaoke cover of this tune. Yes she did a great job on it but jeez, is this what we can expect from the producers and record company execs that are handling her now. She won’t last a year if they force her to keep doing this sort of stuff.

  • Mtlfan

    that’s excellent and i’ll get the EP. But that’s the past and I’m really looking forward to her new music!

  • drover

    I think all 4 EP releases have one song that was performed on the show but not released to i-tunes so for Haley it was a toss up between this and Rhiannon. It gives something exclusive for walmart but its still purely an Idol songs release.

  • abbysee

    I love Haley, but I won’t pay just to get this song. I don’t like it nearly as much as all the other songs of her’s I already have. Sorta bored by it, for some reason. It’s just functional.

  • isisdagmar

    I hope they give her good songs/she writes good songs, her voice is so cool.

  • Dlynne

    I love her voice and I’m looking forward to some original music from her. This song, however, is just not a good fit. First of all, it’s Alanis’ song and no one will ever be able to sing it as well. Having said that, if she had changed it, even just a little, it might be tolerable. As it stands, it sounds karaoke. And don’t get me started on the production…

  • tomk

    I don’t put too much credence into the EPs to begin with – I think they are a nice way to make a little bit of money; and a good idea to throw a bone to fans by throwing a song on each EP that wasn’t released to iTunes.

    But at this point, I think fans are looking more forward to original music. I think Haley did fine with the song – but methinks her direction is not going to be Alanis Morissette. The biggest issue of course is that Alanis is a very personal songwriter…her songs come from the place she is at when she writes the song; and the way she writes is quite unique.

    So for Haley to have done the song justice on the Idol stage, she would have needed to recently gone through the most horrible of breakups…..otherwise, you really have to fake a very powerful emotion. I don’t know how she can do that.

    On top of that, the song was obviously not produced in a “Grade A” type of fashion…kinda like, “Just sing into the microphone; we’ll add a few instrumentals in the background. 15 minutes tops, Haley – then you can go have lunch”.

    But unlike others, I *did* get through the song and I do think she did about as good as one can do with a song so tough.

    To me, if the judges were going to give Haley an Alanis song to sing, they needed to look elsewhere – the catalog is now quite big to choose from, and there are songs that while they are very personal are also much easier to sing.

  • tomk

    Having said that, if she had changed it, even just a little, it might be tolerable. As it stands, it sounds karaoke. And don’t get me started on the production…

    Given how she evolved into a contestant who arranged songs to make them “Haley” as the season went on, something tells me she had absolutely no time at all to make this song “Haley”. She just listened to the original a few times and sang it the way it was originally sung. I don’t think that she, or her producers, put much into this really. It will have zero impact on her career because no matter how much one loves Haley, they aren’t going to listen to these EPs whenever she does release something original.

  • Moria Polonius

    Her voice sounds great. Yes, bring me rock, Haley, I’ll be as happy as with blues or jazz or whatever else you have up your sleeve.

  • spanishfan

    I love it. It is not Alanis – it is Haley through and through. She is the least karaoke of all this year´s crop. One of my very favourites of her studio versions. Good job Haley.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    After listening to original and this version side by side, I would say, Haley’s voice bodes with this song very well. I would dare to say, perhaps even better than Alanis’s. So from this point of view it was a good chose for her. But the colors of bitterness, angst and resentfulness that are the essence of the song was lacking. So while it sounds quite adequately Hayley’s version does not actually connects with me.
    I don’t feel like I have to have it, since I would not choose this particular version to enjoy the song.

    It would be very interesting to see, what type of sound Haley ends up with. She was my favorite of the season.

  • sagi

    I really didn’t think I was living under a rock, but I had never heard the Alanis song until I youtubed it after Haley sang it. Haley’s minute and half of it on idol was not bad compared to the original. But now that I have heard her sing a full version I am in love with it. Yeah, Alanis’ version is a little more angry and dark, but I really like Haley’s version a little better. Maybe, because I was not familiar with the original. I want it on my Ipod, it is a great tune for burning extra calories while cleaning the house! LOL Really, you know, throw in a couple extra moves sweeping the floor (dance with the broom) some shoulder shimmies doing the dishes, some stepping with the vacuum… It does make me want to move! :D

  • TwigLA

    I love Haley on this, and I loved Alanis’ original.

    I don’t get the complaints over the PG lyrics change. There has always been radio edits of songs – the worst is when they just cut the sound on offensive lyrics.

    I won’t buy it though. I boycott Walmart.

  • http://www.amadcow2.com amadcow2

    The fact that Haley was given this song by the judges just reeks of grassy knoll sabotage. The problem with doing a total new arrangement of a song is that it requires time and thought, and Haley was doing the home visit when she got the news. She had perhaps a day to learn this song. Her performance was timid on the Idol stage, but this recording is really good.

    I’ll buy Haley’s ep, just to support her. I can’t wait for original songs though.

  • B-scot

    Have to say this is the best cover of this song I have ever heard and with Beyonce and Britney covering it in their live shows that really shows Haley’s abilities. With Haley learning this song and Rihanna only the night before, she did very good on the show but would have been far better if she had time to rearrange it to fit she personal style and added her normal edginess to them. Preordered the EP CD more as show of support and looking forward to her first album.

  • jonnyk

    No doubt she can sing.

  • CRB

    I’m going to buy the physical CD from Walmart’s website, seems like a decent keepsake (plus a new song too!)

  • Chicagolaw

    Haley can sing. And this isn’t a particularly easy song.

    I’m ready for original music though. Enough with the tamed-down covers.

  • just sayin

    Love Haley. Love her voice. Hate this song.

  • jga94

    I think it lacked the anger and bitterness of Alanis’ version…and I think the production’s bad.

  • Reflections On Life

    She sounds like she’s trying to sing this EXACTLY like Alanis did – same vocal inflections, phrasing, timing, cadence, everything. I guess singers who’ve been performing since childhood are good at mimicry. Wish she had done something to make it sound different. And the producers did her no favors with that tinny music track.

  • plays strings

    Big fan of Haley this year. Loved her performances. Have to say though, I thought this song was a better fit for Crystal in last years finale. Maybe it’s just the arrangement.

  • whateverblah

    This is fantastic! Best cover of this to date.

  • smeggingnuts

    I have to say that is a very good cover of that song….but sorry Haley not feel like shelling out $6 or whatever for it.

  • bananafish

    Since I already have all the other songs on the EP, will I be able to download just this one?

  • jsrj98

    And the producers did her no favors with that tinny music track.

    There’s something no quite right about the YouTube. The MP3 sounds a lot better, but you do have to shell out the $5 for all 5 songs.

  • http://twitter.com/cara_lee pj

    Love Haley and she sounds good, but I won’t be buying it either. I will get her first CD. I love her voice and I’m pulling for this girl.

  • randomjoe

    Scattered reports that the EP is available in some Walmarts today.

  • Ringo

    This Judge’s choice song reflects the most disappointing thing (for me) about this season: the lack of a “big band” night. Haley revealed her extraordinary vocal abilities in Moanin, clearly showing that she can not only extemporize but wail. The judge’s heard it, even recognized it, but instead of something in her wheelhouse, they gave us a song where she couldn’t really give us a show without changing up the song. If they really wanted to give her a showcase, they would have given her something like this Billie Holidayesque piece of brilliance:
    Freakin’ fantastic.

  • SajiNoKami

    It’s ok, but it really doesn’t show her off much.

  • adolf_hipster

    Her recording voice is fantastic. Best (pop) recording voice that has come off idol in years. Plus she has the personality that fits today’s pop music. I hope Jimmy Iovine realizes that and gives a her chance. She has much bigger chance to break the market than Pia. Pia should start taking acting classes. She’s not a pop star imo.

    ETA: I’m a little sad they didn’t include You and I on the EP. Even tho the judges tore her apart because of it, it’s a great great song and Haley’s version is actually better than Gaga’s original (yep I said it and I’m a huuuge Gaga fan and think BTW is the best mainstream pop album since Kanye’s MBDTF)

  • chrislongisland

    I love that Haley’s EP is walmart’s #2 best-seller right now!