Glee Season 3 Spoilers: More Premiere Deets and VIDEOS! (UPDATED)

GLEE:"New Directions" perform in the Season Three premiere episode "The Purple Piano Project" of GLEE airing Tuesday, Sept. 20 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX

Not only do we have song spoilers for the Glee premiere titled “The Purple Piano Project” but we now have video teasers! Hooray! We’ve got a full performance clip of “We Got the Beat”, a clip that reveals the 2 Glee club juniors, Sue Sylvester announcing her candidacy (including a Will/Emma spoiler) and BADASS QUINN.

A few leftover spoilers from Wednesday night’s premiere (E Online)

  • Klaine are still in love and adorable
  • The premiere features tons of awesome Hummelberry (Kurt and Rachel are my favorite Glee couple, so this makes me happy.
  • After watching a rival glee club perform  (led by Glee Project’s Linsday Pearce) Kurt and Rachel, doubting their future as performers,  head to the car to cry. The scene is both emotional and funny.
  • We meet Mercedes new boyfriend and get a one line explanation of what happened to her ex, Sam (Chord Overstreet)

And More:

  • Vanessa Lengies, who plays new student Sugar Motta, “will be used sparingly … as great flavour, as spice,” says Ryan Murphy
  • Will and Emma are living together, but not having sex. “Obviously they’re moving towards marriage and a family,” said Murphy. “The obstacle is can she get healthy enough and sane enough to get married and have kids? That’s what we’re writing.”
  • In order to pump up their resumes after seeing their competition kill it (Lindsay Pearce spoiler above) Kurt decides to run for class president and Rachel gets the ball rolling on a musical production of West Side Story.  She expects to play the lead, but there is competition (From Mercedes)
  • Santana is kicked out of Glee Club because of her scheming with Sue to derail New Directions recruitment efforts.
  • Quinn, now a chain-smoking bad girl, has joined a gang called The Skanks (
  • Rachel has a heart-to-heart talk with Quinn in an attempt to bring her back from the dark side (GiveMeMyRemote)
  • Sugar will go head to head with Santana, and is “a little bit delusional”  (Interview with actress Vanessa Lengies)
  • “Rachel and Kurt are truly on the same page, acting as sounding boards for each other on what the future holds and how to get out of Lima, Ohio. So much so that Emma assumes they’ve finally decided to be together … you know, because that’s pretty much the only coupling combo the glee club hasn’t explored.” (AOLTV)

Who is a Junior?

There are two Juniors in Glee Club. Watch this clip an find out who they are. Hm.


Watch the Glee kids turn lunch hour into a dance party, Fame style, as they sing “We Got The Beat” from atop the cafeteria tables.  Conga!

As Sue Sees It – Sue announces her candidacy

Sue announces her candidacy for congress. Oh. Look who’s living together now!

Pink Hair and Tatoos!

What makes Quinn badass? She has pink hair. And, uhm, a tattoo (Hilarious Idol reference FTW)

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  • TwigLA

    Very cool stuff. I really like their ‘We’ve Got the Beat’ performance. Of course, I like that song.

    I don’t get how blase or disdainful the other kids are in cafeteria.

    Quinn looks great with the pink hair and punk attitude. LOL at the Ryan Seacrest tattoo.

  • blowfish

    I am pretty sure that performance is what leads to the food fight in the cafeteria that the cast tweeted about when filming. Also, wasn’t that the new character Sugar reading a book while Puck did pushups on the table…..

  • mandabutter

    Haha, Quinn. Awesome! The Skanks. :)
    Looking forward to Tuesday!!!!!