Glee Spoilers: Kurt and Blaine Will Sing “Come What May” From Moulin Rouge

UPDATE: The 4×15 episode title is “Girls (and Boys) on Film”

Oh Ryan Murphy…You love to tease!

The Glee co-creator uploaded a video of a script in progress 4×15, which Ryan revealed on twitterm will be a movie music themed episode. He’s been hinting that Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) would sing the romantic song “Come What May” from the Baz Lurmann film Moulin Rouge, and now he confirms it.

Here’s the bit of script he revealed in the video:

Kurt stands atop a rooftop strung with paper lanterns, as music plays. Pure romance. Blaine approaches singing “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge. Kurt seems torn…


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Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about this development. It looks like Klaine may reunite sooner rather than later. Hooray.

ETA: Glee 4×15 will air in March after the spring hiatus.

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  • Sarah

    Ahhh, I looove Moulin Rouge, and I love that song!

  • Kariann Hart

    Glad to hear that this “reunion” will take place!  Love the choice of music.

  • Axxxel

    To borrow the words of jeffreyd95821:…. sigh…. *thud*…. jeffreyd95821, please revive me… LOL….Eta: on second thoughts… it would be terrible if this song will be a cliffhanger before the next hiatus.

  • milwlovesadam

     However this song is used, as reunion or as a very emotional realization that the breakup is for real, one thing is for sure, they will sing the sh*t out of it. I’m just dying to hear Colfer on this one. Thank you Ryan Murphy for bringing so much music into our lives…sigh.

  • Axxxel

    I add another option…. an emotional realization that the reunion cannot be done right after the song… hehehe maybe after a few more episodes…

  • Axxxel

    What makes it more fun is that the fans know that “Come what may” is  Chris Colfer’s favorite love song…. Ryan Murpy seems to be inspired by some of his Glee cast’s preferred song choice:

    Darren Criss : e.g.”Animal”, “Somewhere only we now”…
    Chris Colfer: “Rose’s turn”, “Timewarp”, “Don’t cry for me Argentina”, songs from his favorite musical “Wicked” …. one of his favorite groups Scissor’s Sisters and Chris mentioned jokingly “Baby got back ” (inspired by a ladyvoice on the background) as great love song….

    and now … let’s get Julie Andrews on the show to play Kurt’s grandmother….LOL. 

  • DD

    I honestly squealed like a little girl when I saw this video. I can.not.wait for this to happen. That and the steamy make out scene that is supposed to happen in a car before the Wemma wedding! ;-)

  • Erika

    Chris Colfer is gorgeous in that picture!! oh crap… Chris Colfer looks gorgeous everywhere!!!

  • Axxxel

    “Kurt seems torn”…. The writers just love to torture Kurt…

  • mjsbigblog

    I may be delusional, but I really believe Murphy means for Klaine to be end game. 

    Maybe they won’t get together for good in this particular episode, but I think it could be a step toward reconciliation.

  • DD

    I completely believe that klaine will be end game. It won’t be a clear path, thats for sure. But it WILL happen! :)

  • Axxxel

    Still haven’t forgiven the writers to make Blaine cheat.. but I also think that Klaine is endgame…but I think it would be too easy to reconcile at Valentine… If I were Kurt, I would be still too hurt and I would just want to fool around a bit more before coming back to Blaine… at the end of Season 4….

  • supersonic

    Pandering to the Klaine fans, aren’t we, Ryan Murphy?  Sure, stomp on all the other fandoms, but give the crazy Klaine fans what they want.

  • DD

    Yeah….because we haven’t had finchel (and all the other couples) shoved down our throats for 3 season! 

  • Axxxel

    I think with making Blaine cheat, Ryan Murphy has already kicked the Klaine fandom in the stomache.. Maybe he is just doing some damage controle…but I think it is already too late.. Finchel’s and Britanna’s break up is treated in a much better way…

    Honestly speaking, I thought that Kurt would be the cheater in the Klaine relationship as he is in New York and has more opportunity to cheat…(and remember him and Chandler SMS-gate ?)…. but I guess Ryan Murphy loves Kurt too much to make him a cheater and Chris Colfer is a better actor when it comes to portraying the “wounded puppy/victim”…

  • jeffreyd95821

    Wake up Axxel, wake up! Nurse! 

    OK this will appease the Klaine shippers. Now all he has to put up with are the Finchel, Brittana and Faberry ones. Faberry were never a couple but that doesn’t seem to stop the shippers who wish they were. Slaine isn’t there yet in terms of fanaticism but I expect fun with them in the Sadie Hawkins and Naked episodes.