FIRST LISTEN: Danny Gokey’s New Single “Hope In Front Of Me” (FULL STREAM!)

Danny Gokey-Hope In Front Of Me-promo pic
Season 8 American Idol finalist & founder of Sophia’s Heart Foundation Danny Gokey has released a new tune to radio called “Hope In Front Of Me,” and you can check out a full stream of the song’s radio edit here!

Danny Gokey – “Hope In Front Of Me”

[If the stream doesn’t play immediately, open Windows Media Player, and copy & paste the URL into the “Open URL” window. Mac users, if you have Real Player or VLC Player, copy & paste the URL into the “Open” (for Real Player) or “Open Network Stream” (for VLC Player) window.]

The midtempo tune features a Ryan Tedderish beat and an upliftng message about focusing on the positive and not giving up in the face of hard times.

According to the PlayMPE site, “Hope In Front Of Me” will go for adds on the Christian, Christian AC, Christian Specialty, and Christian Top 40 formats on 1/24/14. The song shares its name with Danny’s inspirational memoir “Hope In Front Of Me,” which was released on October 1, 2013. Danny is releasing the song via BMG-Chrysalis, which is a music rights management company. He has been working on new music with producers Bernie Herms and Keith Thomas.

What do you think of Danny’s new tune?

Listen Here:


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  • girlygirl

    Glad to see Danny has decided to go the CCM route. I’ve always thought that was the genre that suited him best. He sounds good, but I’m not overly crazy about the production. I know he is going for the current pop sound, but I think “less is more” approach might’ve been better in this case.

    I wish Danny luck with this. Will be interesting to see if Christian radio embraces this.

  • Madilo

    I love the song and his voice is interesting :)

  • lucysfave

    Danny sounds really good. I think it is a well written song. I like that Danny is more very restrained on this song– something that is appropriate on softer songs like this. I do like the heavy beat, but I really like to really hear his voice, so the production could be a bit lighter for me.

  • ladymctech

    IMO, Danny is a really good singer. I hope this song does well for him.

  • Niall

    It’s funny that he’s finally going the Christian route everyone in the world said he should go. It only took him six years to do it. Danny as a country artist was one of the most inauthentic turns I’ve seen from any idol contestant. Better late than never I suppose.

  • Porfivor Nixon

    Is this a christian song, though? Lyrics could mean a lot of things. It’s pretty generic music wise, but he does sound good. He has a good voice. It just seems to me greed made him turn to Country (more money) and now he is turning to Christian music (Mandisa does well for herself)- we’ll see if they accept him, especially with mediocre songs.

  • shell29

    Exactly: ‘better late than never’. Regardless of how long it took, I think it’s never too late to change paths (especially when the first path was-in my opinion-so wrong). Contemporary Christian is the lane he should have been in all along IMO and I’m glad that he and his team are finally realizing that. With his voice and his story, I think he could potentially be very successful in that genre.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Yeah, it’ll past muster on Christian lyric content. It’s coded, but all this stuff about “hand still holding me even when I don’t believe” should be a very familiar metaphor, with a specific meaning, for the target audience. Most of his metaphors are in that range — familiar almost to the point of cliche.

    It’s not a worship song, but a lot of songs on CCM radio aren’t worship songs. ETA: This is in the “witnessing what Jesus means to me” subgenre, which has plenty of radio songs in it, so this one won’t stand out as weird or inappropriate.

    ETA2: He can always sell the genre-switch as a redemption story about learning who he really is and what his focus in life should be. I’m a pretty cynical Idol-watcher, and I’d kinda buy that from most of the Idol alumni, with or without Jesus trappings. But it’s a good fit with the K-LOVE mission.

  • shell29

    I question that. I mean, ultimately he did decide to go the country route (maybe he felt that was the only way he’d get a major record deal at that time) but it seemed to me that 19 or Sony steered him in that direction? That’s the impression I was getting. However it happened, I don’t fault Danny for trying but that’s just me.

  • Larc

    I think Danny went the country route because he was sitting on his suitcase beside the road waiting to travel and that was the first (maybe the only) bus that stopped for him. He certainly didn’t give any indications of wanting to go that way while he was on Idol. He talked most about Latin-flavored R&B then. But I don’t think he really had a clear vision of which genre he wanted to pursue. It probably depended more on which way the wind blew. I hope for his sake that’s not still the case.

  • Tess Herself

    what story…that is so far in the past. He’s now married to a pretty latin lady and has a baby, I think. Sob stories only work until the the punch line isn’t there anymore.

  • jobeob987

    I recall after Danny’s AI season ended that he specifically said he was not going the CCM route. I was surprised because with his background as a worship leader, I had assumed he’d do just that. So I have to wonder how he’ll be received by that community since he tried Country first.

    As far as his voice on this song, Danny has always had a nice one. I’ve never had a problem with that. I’ve just always felt a disconnect between him and his songs/audience. Something always felt awkward to me. As for the song in question, it doesn’t move me one way or the other. There’s nothing really wrong with it, however. Just nms.


    Danny Gokey, his voice and the way he sings never fail to amaze me! This is a great song! It has good message, he sings from the heart and I idolize him for he is. I think this song will be a hit! We waited for a new Gokey album but I’m sure it is worth the wait! :)

  • stef

    Glad to see some of Danny’s new album finally emerging. This is the first actual recorded track to surface, though he’s done one other live several times in support of the book promo.

    I don’t listen to Christian radio so no opinion how this fits into what they play. Bernie Herms and Danny’s management have been quite successful in that niche with other acts, hopefully they have a good idea and good connections to promote this working with BMG. Wherever Danny is trying to go, IMO it can only help him having been out of view a while to have a “success” at some level with his first song out.

    Even without the quirk that this song seems to be tied in with his book theme, I’m reserving judgment that Danny’s focus is strictly CCM. Most of the signs to date have seemed to suggest he’s looking at some eclectic mix of genres, mainstream and Christian, but it is just guessing as they have not done any kind of new bio or promotional blurb characterizing the sophomore album he’s doing with BMG.
    There are ~30 songwriting credits listed for Danny with BMG. The cowriters include quite a few who have done mainstream country, a couple who do pop or R&B, and various who either are primarily CCM/gospel or do both Christian and mainstream music. And any combination since some songs have more than two writers so you can mix and match lol.

    I believe BMG is involved with the recording/etc. for Danny, not just song rights. Probably through their ‘master’s model.’

  • stef

    I posted a comment above. This song definitely seems to be CCM and aimed at that market, but it’s not clear yet that this is the full direction for his album and this phase of his career. At least from what I’ve seen in terms of the BMG songwriting credits, in particular, and the way Danny has described what he wanted in his second record label, my guess is Danny is aiming for some crossover between mainstream and Christian markets.

  • Sue tiedemann

    I am a Scotty fan and never listened to Danny Gokey but I listened to this song and I really liked it a lot!

  • Indigobunting

    Well, it’s here. He finally gave up his anthem of not wanting to be a CCM artist and has recorded a CCM song to send to Christian radio after disappearing for so long.

    I think he has a very unique voice, is an excellent singer, but naive about the music business in general. This is the world he lives in (I used to follow him on Twitter until I tired of the constant preaching) so it makes sense he will sing to his audience.

    I actually liked his country sound and his first Mark Bright album was decent, but he sure didn’t appear to live and breathe country music. Even though I don’t listen to CCM I wish him luck.

    I’m sure he dreams of cross over (which artist doesn’t?). As far as the song goes- I think it is a good song (although I agree they could back off on the production) and certainly better than a lot of the CCM I’ve heard (my sister listens to CCM radio so I’ve heard my fair share). It will be interesting to see if radio embraces it.

  • stef

    On the song itself, Danny commented last night on twitter saying yes to a question whether he’d had a role in the lyrics.
    So appears that he is a cowriter of this, even though at this point it’s not showing up under his (or anyone else’s) songwriter credits that I could find via BMG or other typical sources.

  • iani

    I really like the song, it seems to me more mainstream than Christian (musically), I don’t know why he didn’t choose this niche genre in the first place because I don’t really remember him representing himself as a country singer on his AI run. Hope the song would be received well by the Christian radios and ultimately Danny would get an audience. I think Colton is doing pretty well for himself there, I even saw his videos played on MTV.