Fantasia – “Lose to Win” – The View (VIDEO)

Fantasia performed her single, “Lose to Win” on The View this morning. But first, the Season 3 winner sat down with the ladies to talk about her life, career and new album, Side Effects of You.

Fantasia is sounding and looking really good these days!

Check it out below



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  • Diana Adams Tyler

    Love that song! She sounds so good!

  • Derrick Johnson

    Saw her sing this live and it was fantastic

  • futurelovesounds

    Fantasia sounds and looks so good. I’m glad she’s finally getting herself together

  • ??EvHeaD??ozzy??

    ok… I’ll probably get LOADS of hate messages because of this… but honestly… I just don’t like her voice… she sounds too squeeky, and I don’t find it pleasant… Her vocal control etc. may be good but I just don’t like her tone… and this has been so since her idol days….

    Ah, and she kinda tried to do a ‘throwback’ish album but went too behind in time a little bit?? hehe

  • Ira

    When you consider Mindy McCready, Phyllis Hyman and Donny Hatthway”s turbulent personal lives overshadowed their music, and ultimately ended in suicide, I do pray that Fantasia has really found that elusive peace.

  • bass

    she was phenomenal

  • Gwen

    Wow…I was watching some old videos of Tasia a few days ago, and she’s lost a lot of weight! She looks and sounds really good. Love this girl, and love this slowed-down version of the song.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Sounds like Fantasia has a good perspective on her life now. She’s never looked or sounded better. An incredibly talented woman. Good luck to her!

  • Jenny Williams


  • Dianne

    Fantasia was down but she ain’t out! Looks and sounds great.

  • Torrance

    Have you listened to the album? The music speaks for itself! After all the Music brought you here! LOL! Fantasia keep on doin you mama! Luv the Rock Soul Movement! I need a T-Shirt! LOL! Like I have always said SHE HER YOU “Black Girl…..ROCK!”

  • abbysee

    Fantasia is incredible! One of the best performers to ever grace the idol stage. Talent just radiates from her!

  • RockiDreams

    I’m with you. Can’t stand her voice, never could, never will.

  • nycguy

    “Ah, and she kinda tried to do a ‘throwback’ish album but went too behind in time a little bit?? hehe”

    Spoken as someone who clearly has not heard the album.

  • taylor

    Oftentimes, Fantasia doesn’t get the credit she deserves inside the Idol bubble. She’s still bringing it a decade later. Lose to Win is a perfect song for her at this time and she has never looked better.

    The interview segment was really good. I was reminded of the fact that she won at such a young age and was a young mother at the time. I’m happy to see Fantasia getting her life straightened out and going in a positive direction!

  • suenigma

    This is great. Loving the rasp in her voice. I’ll take 1 Fantasia over a 100 Jennifer Hudson’s, anytime.

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    She’s coming across as very likeable these days. Her View performance was no where near as emotional and impactful as Idol

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    Not everyone has the same tastes in music. The one thing I can say is that she at least has a unique voice .. you hear it on the radio and you know it’s her. Cafe day that about lot of the generic voices on idol

  • Li Wright

    That’s a great song….Great that she wrote this album — that means $$residuals… There she goes screaming again…her performance on AI was more subdued….She’s got a different band. I liked the one on AI with that guitar player.
    SHE’S STILL SIGNED TO 19 RECORDS? I thought she was on Clive’s J Records?

  • Li Wright

    Ah ha….here’s the answer:

    It will mark Fantasia’s first release under the RCA Records brand following RCA Music Group’s disbanding of her previous label J Records in 2011.[11]

  • Michael Bishop

    I’ve never been a “fan” of Fantasia, I was a Diana supporter and seeing some of Fantasia’s personal choices and conduct play out in the media I became less enchanted with her. However, I was impressed by her AI performance, as well as how mature and articulate she sounded in this interview (Whomever she is working with now- kudos). This was a savvy interview and I bought the single. I hope this is the break and turn around she needs. She is very talented.

  • Goodvibes27

    I agree, Fantasia is not everyone’s cup of tea, but she is very high on the idol alums talent scale. And she is not cookie cutter, she is a true original. Her personal problems do not diminish her talent.

  • Li Wright

    I wonder “why” she doesn’t get the credit. Does any black female from Idol get “credit” for her talent? It’s all about the WGWG IMO, AI places more promos on the white guys (and gals).

  • Reflects On Life

    well said!

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Such a fan of this song.

  • Axxxel

    or any female….

  • abbysee

    Someone was ‘worried’ the other day about how she’d interview on the media tour. Here’s your answer, she’s got a savvy team behind her, and truth be told, she’s not stupid. Just because you make bad choices one should never underestimate the power of the human slot spirit.

  • abbysee

    I hate not having edit. Ugh.