Fantasia Continues to Rant Over Gay Marriage Controversy

Wow. Fantasia is still pissed about the backlash to her recent incoherent rant where she appeared to slam gay marriage. She’s posted another ranty photo on her instagram.

The story, still wending it’s way through the news cycle, picked up some steam after New Years. I’m guessing that’s why she’s still mad.

But honestly–continuing to rant isn’t helping her cause. As it’s become clear in the past few days. She’s not very good at expressing herself through words:

Maybe she really wasn’t slamming gay marriage? But what she should have done was have her people release a cogent APOLOGY, that spelled out clearly what she really meant to say.

Fantasia also posted a note along side the instagram:


Fantasia is so talented. There’s no reason to play the victim card. Yet she does, and it’s obviously not helping her.

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  • Kariann Hart

    Maybe Fantasia should have someone proof read her posts and further communication.  Better yet, just drop the discussion.

  • Philip Dudley

    I never liked her voice. Never believed she was that talented. Never care to hear her thoughts on anything.

  • Amir Hazwan Abdul Rahim

    I like that she’s pimping Carrie’s album “BLOWN AWAY!!!!” lol

  • Montavilla

    Well, it’s making a little more sense, I guess.  

    I think if anyone worries that Fantasia is homophobic, they should look up her appearance on Season Three of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s available on Netflix.  She was on episode 11 as a guest judge, and she could not have been sweeter or more supportive, (at least as edited.)

  • suenigma

    “Fantasia is so talented. There’s no reason to play the victim card. Yet she does, and it’s obviously not helping her.”

    In her defense, it is frustrating to be misunderstood and to be unable to effectively articulate one’s thoughts. Now that I realize that her original post was not necessarily what it appeared to be, I actually feel kind of sorry for her. You’re right though, she needs to stop now – she’s only making things worse.

  • Stefan Wind

    Even though she is ranting I actually take this as sincere. If she didn’t respond or put out a response that was clearly written for her by her people I would take that as fake. It does suck to be misunderstood. I was never a fan of Fantasia, but she is talented and people shouldn’t be trying to ruin her name or anyone else’s for that matter. 

  • James M.

    …Alright, I’m gonna have to side with Fantasia on this one, but also agree with mj here. I figured it was kinda odd that she would slam gay marriage after being a gay icon or whatever it is. An apology would’ve been better. It probably wouldn’t have been that much better though, it would have made the deep hole she dug shallower, but the hole would still be tehre.

    I was so tempted to correct her grammar in my head (I have to keep reminding myself that little typos are little and not necessarily worth correcting), but I couldn’t read all that, there were too many capital letters.

  • Anny_nanny

    Fantasia should or should learn to think before you speak, or attack in response, spraying mud opponents. So far I have watched the level of quarrels dogs over slop, sorry.
    I believe that she is misunderstood and she said nonsense, but, my God, this story is not getting better.

  • Amir Hazwan Abdul Rahim

    I guess some things money just can’t buy – class.

  • Niall

    I sort of see the thread of logic she was trying to use to defend herself and I don’t believe she’s homophobic but she DID try to imply adultery shouldn’t be frowned upon.

    If I was half of a gay couple I’d be pissed that she tried to draw some sort of modern moral equivalency between equal rights and home wrecking (if indeed that’s what she was trying to do. I’m still not 100% sure what she was saying).

    So while she’s not homophobic she IS thin skinned, immature, self-destructive, and more than willing to throw public pity parties for herself. Not a good look. Her team needs to change all of her social media passwords and handle those accounts themselves.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Even though she is ranting I actually take this as sincere. If she didn’t respond or put out a response that was clearly written for her by her people I would take that as fake”

    I agree. Her response is a bit of a mess, but I believe that it expresses her genuine feelings and thoughts.

    “Fantasia is so talented. There’s no reason to play the victim card. Yet she does, and it’s obviously not helping her.”

    I agree. I can understand her anger at being misunderstood, but the tone of her rant isn’t helping her situation. I’m willing to cut her some slack on her difficulties with expressing herself adequately.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “So while she’s not homophobic she IS thin skinned, immature, self-destructive, and more than willing to throw public pity parties for herself. Not a good look. Her team needs to change all of her social media passwords and handle those accounts themselves.”

    To be honest, I would prefer a more “real” representation of celebrities, warts and all, rather than carefully crafted, edited and sanitized statements written by publicists. 

  • tomr

    She is my least favorite winner.  Didn’t like her Season 3 and still don’t like her.  She definitely doesn’t fit the true definition of what an “Idol” should be.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    ” She definitely doesn’t fit the true definition of what an “Idol” should be.”

    I’ve always found it interesting that the title of “Idol” is regarded by some people as a designation of something more than someone who won a reality singing competition. At no point did the show claim that the winner should be an example of the kind of person who should serve as a role model to anyone. IMO, considering anyone from Idol as a role model for their real lives is misguided. 

  • Tess

    To be fair, if I didn’t read this blog I wouldn’t have known a thing about Fantasia’s posts, at all.  This girl is completely off my radar and anything she does…good, bad, or indifferent has no impact whatever.  But I find it interesting that she is so concerned, right now, about how her life is being portrayed in the media. Two children, a married boyfriend, a suicide attempt, and lots of erratic behavior and she is worried about how the gay community is reacting to her rants.  Strange, strange lady she.

  • Damien Roberts

    I agree with a few posts that, while I don’t think she’s homophobic and I believe her explanation (while jumbled) is genuine, comparing homosexuality and smoking marijuana to adultery on the moral spectrum isn’t a great idea.

    She may not be homophobic, but it definitely feels like she thinks that sleeping with a married man is just as bad as being gay.

  • arkboy

    Well, Fantasia is never at a loss for words. They may not make sense, they may not be spelled correctly, & they may be a jumble of confusion, but she still feels the need to write. To bad she ever came onto the public scene.

    Blown Away, hey I recognize the props.

  • Pippygirl

    Fantasia has had enough years since Idol and has earned enough money to be able to learn how to express herself in a coherent manner. If she cannot (due to some kind of learning disability) she has enough money to pay someone to edit her rants. If she is misunderstood she has only herself to blame.
    I never could stand her voice and now I dislike her as well.

  • steph6449

    I never followed her, has she always been this excitable?  She’d be better to just let this drop. 

    It’s hard to even see what her point is. She seems to be reacting that someone criticized her for adultery (presumably) based on the Bible. And she responds that “nothing is like in the Bible” therefore anything goes?  With examples in support of her theory being gay marriage, etc. 

    I don’t get it. If she’s saying “nothing is like in the Bible” in current society, and that therefore the Bible is moot so she and everyone else can’t be expected to observe anything it teaches, that’s a point of view she may have. But why bring the Bible up then if she doesn’t follow it or feel its valid? Make your argument on secular grounds.  She’s so incoherent it’s not easy to tell, but if she keeps gabbling on about all of this with bizarre biblical analysis lol she may alienate as many religious fans as she is trying to keep from her gay supporters.

  • girlygirltoo

    She may not be homophobic, but continuing to go on and on about this, especially when she’s having trouble clearly articulating her thoughts via instagram, probably isn’t the best idea. why didn’t her mgmt just help her draft a clear statement in response to the controversy?

  • mmb

    Since when is Idol some sort of a pageant?  Is the Idol winner some sort of elected official that represents the Idol viewership? Its a singing competition (well its sorta also a voting competition).  Not a role model competition.  Tasia is a super talented woman whose personal life has always been a complete trainwreck.  I hope someday she finds some peace.  But she does need to understand that in the internet age everything you say and do becomes fodder for rampant speculation/criticism/love/hate/misinterpretations etc.  Just own it and apologize if necessary

  • HermeticallySealed

    The problem here is, even if she isn’t anti-gay, her point was still stupid.  Marriage, regardless of who, doesn’t hurt others as long as both involved are willing participants. Smoking pot is really no different  (possibly better) than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, and typically only effects the user.  Interfering in another’s committed relationship, having a child with the man involved, and flaunting it on tv for all to see, does harm others.  Her rantings were just poorly executed, and poorly reasoned no matter how you look at it.

  • elliegrll

    In her defense, it is frustrating to be misunderstood and to be unable to effectively articulate one’s thoughts. Now that I realize that her original post was not necessarily what it appeared to be, I actually feel kind of sorry for her.

    Nobody likes to be bullied, or having people saying mean things about them, but here’s the reality, it comes with the territory.  There will always be nasty people, who get their jollies by sending nasty tweets, making nasty posts, or slamming people who they don’t know.   The bigger fact is that Fantasia has a whole lot of supporters, so she should be focusing on them, and not the people who will never support her, but who will always find a reason to try to put her down.

    It may be easier said and done, especially when some of the people who trash her have a major platform, but I’ve always thought that the things that you focus on are the things that will flourish and grow, so why not focus on real friends, family and fans, and ignore everyone else.  By putting the spotlight on the detractors, as she’s always done, Fantasia is just hurting her career and herself.

    I think a few other idol alums have also had this problem.

  • MellyPer1692

    I think she used the bible because that’s what many people judge her by. There are many people who wield the bible as a weapon to justify their judgement, insults and prejudices. I get why she said it.

  • bridgette12

    I love her voice, I bought her last album and will continue to if she keeps making good music. In the end, that’s all I should expect from a singer that I voluntarily spend my money on. As long as she’s not a rapist, murderer or child molester, I will still buy her music.  

  • chillj

    This woman needs to stay off the Internet, and she is not the only one.

  • Ronnie D

    Fantasia. You can say all you want about how you hang out with gays or whatever, but the fact still remains that you think gays are going to HELL because of their sexuality. That means you think being gay is wrong, but will still take our money. Keep showing your ignorance. I will never, ever, buy ANY of your music. Not that it’s that good anyways. 

  • Ronnie D

     She still perpetuates bigotry. If you were gay maybe you would think different.

  • Ronnie D

     Some people use the Bible because without it they wouldn’t even have an argument lol

  • bridgette12

    She perpetuates stupidity, not bigotry. But since all gays are not alike, I doubt all of them agree with either you or me. 

  • Larc

    I don’t think anybody is out to destroy Fantasia.  She seems quite capable of managing that on her own.

  • tomr

    Respectfully disagree.  Public figures are in the position to be seen/heard by many people.  With that comes the responsibility to behave in a manner that models behaviors that may be emulated by others.  There must be a reason that the show’s creators chose “Idol” when naming the show.  The definitions of the word speak for themselves.  Fantasia, like the other winners, is referred to as “American Idol.”  My point is, she doesn’t act like one.

  • Li Wright

    Well if I was her “team” and manager, I don’t know if I would want HER to reveal that I was gay. That would be up to that person to tell.

  • Robert

    Her manager might want to teach her how to handle herself with the media or her manager has but there is just no helping her.

    She needs to just give it a rest because all she is doing is making herself look worse. 

  • celxx

    Posting this on this site isn’t helping the issue to disappear completely either… Only in America is something like this considered news. The rest of the world wouldn’t really care.

  • MyDailyComment

    Remember…….  She didn’t learn to read until after she won Idol….

  • Eilonwy

    Remember…….  She didn’t learn to read until after she won Idol….

    First, good for her in learning to read.

    Second, that’s all the more reason she should use some caution with the written word. She presumably knows her writing skills are weak… I mean, I can’t make heads nor tails of any of her rants to even figure out what she means. That’s not a useful or professional communication style.

    Third, her issues with being trashed for assorted public behavior might better be discussed with her therapist (wasn’t she seeking therapy after the suicide attempt?) than shared with fans and the general public on social media. A trained therapist is better equipped to handle pain and anger than are one’s random followers.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    It’s not just Idols that shouldn’t be used as a role model, but any celebrity, especially those with great publicists. The image that is crafted often bears little to no resemblance to the real person, and so it doesn’t make any sense to regard that image as something factual and worthy of emulating. Role models need to be people who one knows in real life, not the artificial image or perception of those in the public eye.

  • MyDailyComment

    It seems to me that she is saying lots of people are doing things that the bible says is wrong, but she doesn’t think they are wrong. 

    So maybe she is not against gay people are sleeping with married men either or weed, or having babies out of wedlock. As in its all good.

  • standtotheright

    I think that’s exactly the point she was trying to make. Social mores have changed. But she hashed it quite spectacularly (and as stated above, not all changing social mores are treated as equally positive evolutions). And her “clarification” didn’t help much.

    She lashed back at people attacking her personally. It’s an understandable impulse, but one that most casual observers are going to judge her further for not rising above. The fact is that not everyone is cut out to interact with judgmental fans and non-fans on social media, and sometimes it’s better to just take a break.

  • Abner4President

    The problem is that ever since Idol Fantasia has continually tried to present herself as some sort of inspiration. If she doesn’t want to be judged on a personal basis she shouldn’t draw attention to any aspect of her personal life, but she does over and over again. It’s evident that no matter what she actually says, it’s not that she doesn’t want to be judged, she just wants to be judged worthy of adoration and gets ticked off when the judgment swings the other day, so I have no sympathy. If it was someone who chose to keep their personal life as private as they possibly could or at least didn’t act as though they should be a role model for people, it would be a different story.

  • Abner4President

    These statements to me only reinforce the idea of a deeply buried homophobia on her part, not dismiss it. There would be no equating gay marriage with her hurtful, seflish, cowardly acts if there wasn’t.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    TBH, I know very little about Fantasia, except that her personal life seems to be troubled and she’s extremely talented. If she’s been holding herself up as some kind of moral role model, then I can understand why people are annoyed with her. However, I do think that it’s admirable that she learned to read and write relatively late in life. That’s not an easy task.

  • Niall

    This is true and something for her to consider–if she had the self awareness required for deep reflection. She wants to be regarded as inspirational for everything that she’s overcome, but in the 8 years since AI it’s become obvious that she creates the very problems she has to overcome–again and again. She brings this on herself, her detractors merely acknowledge it.

  • Jordana33

    Given the circumstances, I really don’t see this as playing the “victim card”.  I see it as someone who is genuinely upset about having her comments misinterpreted and blown ridiculously out of proportion. Fantasia may be little overdramatic, but I think she does have a point about the public’s tendency to overlook the good and amplifying the bad.  For starters, she’s supported and headlined tons of gay rights events and rarely gets much media coverage for doing this. Yet the minute she sends out an ambiguous tweet mentioning gay marriage, her statements go viral and  suddenly the public is attacking her for being a homophobe. I read a few related articles on the topic and I couldn’t even make it through the comments sections because the responses were so vitriolic. Geez, I’d be feeling a little persecuted too. 

  • Beaugard Stevens

    I really don’t think she meant anything by it and it was taken out of context, that’s why she is so mad.  And it’s put everywhere, it was #1  trending, FANTASIA ANTI-GAY MARRIAGE either yesterday or the day before, so it’s no wonder she’s angry, it’s gotten so much press and not in a good way. But it doesn’t help when she can’t even spell “seek” right.

  • tomr

    Unfortunately, what we hope would happen, in realty, doesn’t. We flock to concerts, sporting events, movies, etc. to see these celebrities.  Children dress like them, act like them, talk like them, and copy them in so many other ways.  With fame should come the responsibility of acting in ways that we know others will copy.  Fantasia has set the bar too low for herself and rants such as this do not set the right example.  There are those that go down that road and there are those that choose not to.  Either way, they are modeling behaviors and will be copied.  That is why she is a role model regardless of her behaviors.  I just don’t believe that her choices have been or continue to be good ones. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    The key is for parents to teach their children about real role models and not expect people in the public eye to fulfill that role. It’s absolving parents of their responsibility to blame the bad behavior of people in the public eye for bad behavior in their children.

  • tomr

    So many children live in less than ideal situations where positive role models are few and far between.  I could spend hours describing what I have observed during my career working with thousands of young people.  In the absence of positive models in their lives, they turn to those depicted so often in the media.  As much as I agree with you about what I wish they would do, they do not/cannot separate these public images from reality.  This cannot be ignored by those in the public eye.  They have and should accept that responsibility.  It is not just about the music.  If that was the case, they would never have to go out in public but rather just record.  There is a wide spectrum of parental responsibility and because of the lack of it at one end, it is important for society (including those in the limelight) to pick up the slack.

  • Mateja Praznik

     The show was originally named “Pol Idol” in the UK. The idea was to find a popstar (solo singer). At that same time there was another talent show franchise, Popstars, which was about manufacturing girlbands, boybands and mixed groups. Owners of “Popstars” franchise didn’t like that the new show was called “Pop Idol” and that’s why “Pop Idol” was named “American, Australian, Swedish, Canadian, etc.) outside of the UK.

    I really don’t think Idol’s creators wanted Idol alums to be better role models to young people than any average popstar.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I understand your POV, but it’s really about the $$$, not the music. As I’ve written before, in the entertainment industry, bad behavior is tolerated proportional to commercial success, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s still not the responsibility of celebs to act as role models for the public, and young people who have few real life role models need to be educated that looking to celebs is not the answer. People need to learn to be accountable for their own behavior and actions and not use scapegoats as an excuse.

  • drew

    “Her team needs to change all of her social media passwords and handle those accounts themselves.”  So she can create a carefully crafted fake image to sell albums?  Non-sense.  She’s not a boyband and nothing can erase what she did to her own baby.

  • Chris

    I don’t want to go too deep, but I can see where she was going. 

    According to the bible and people that throw stones at her, its all wrong.  Gay, sleeping with a married man, drugs, etc…  We live in a society were most heterosexuals sleep together prior to marriage which is also wrong, according to the church.  Now, from reading some of the posts, people use a different bar.  Well, sleeping with a married man is wrong, but not gay marriage.  Or, this is wrong, but not that.  If you were raised in the most traditional church regime (Southern Baptist, Roman Catholic, etc..), a sliding scale or cherry picking is pointless.  You’re either on the right side of the bible or the wrong side.  She’s on the wrong side and suggests that a lot of other people are with her.  “Yay, we’re all in this together.”Poorly executed, poorly worded, but that’s Fantasia.

  • Damien Roberts

    I agree with you on where I see she was going with it, but I think it just shows how out of touch she is. Did she really think someone would go, “you know, she’s right. If I’m okay with gay marriage than I have to be okay with adultery too.” 

    To assume that if people don’t agree with one thing the Bible says means that they don’t agree with anything the Bible says is so beyond naive that I do have to disagree with your poorly worded comment. I think she entirely meant what she said, I just don’t think anyone is going to agree with it. And lets face it, the Church surely does have their own hierarchy of sin. There is a reason why they’re spending so much time on homosexuality but have done absolutely nothing to prevent divorce or pre-marital sex.

  • Cory ??

    People mess with Fantasia just to mess with her, she’s basically bullied on twitter. The girl had a rough past, she’s had a horrible educational background and is still probably struggling with it today. Not everyone comes from degrees and healthy lives, everyday people struggle and people never accepted the fact that a poor single teen mother from the ghetto won a recording contract on national television. Get the hell over it, let the girl live her life. It irks me that people try to down play Fantasia’s talent just because they don’t like where she came from. The girl is one of the best vocalist that has ever graced the idol stage. Bottom Line.