Devin Velez Responds to Nicki Minaj’s Twitter Rant (VIDEO)

After judge Nicki Minaj attacked American Idol 12 finalist, Devin Velez, via twitter Friday, the eliminated contestant responded in an interview with TV Guide. He’s taking the high road, which is a very smart thing to do at this point. Devin comes off as the grown up in the situation.

Comments were made that I was being ungrateful…Nicki Minaj is Nicki Minaj and she has a very strong opinion, a very strong voice. I think that I’m mature enough to handle situations like this. I might have fed the fire and I did apologize afterward, and I did take out a couple of tweets, just because my reputation is everything at this point. I’m nowhere near her star power or star level. So I’m not going to sit here and argue. I love her no matter what. I think she’s a great judge. I do have a respect for her. Her fans is what I was most worried about. Her tweets didn’t bother me. It’s her fans that went CRAZY. I’m OK. Me and the Devonairs–we’re fine.

Having been on the other end of a Barbz attack myself, I can imagine how insane his mentions must have become for a time last Friday. That’s the other thing–when a star lashes out at somebody, it’s basically permission for fans to go on the offensive. Scary.

Via TV Guide

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  • b_james

    I love this dude and his voice. It’s too bad he wasn’t able to go farther in the competition.

  • Shana Collier

    I think Devin is actually in a great position. Its better to leave while the general consensus is that you should have stayed longer than to stay and have everyone wish you had left long ago. Although this Nicki drama pissed me off Friday, I think it turned out being good for Devin as well. I think he showed great maturity in the situation. Personally, even being 10 years older than him, I don’t know for sure that I would be able to do the same.

  • Li Wright

    Love her or leave her:

    Like I mentioned before, there should be a campaign to get Devin, Deandre and another kid into a boy band. And Devin, esp. could be a Latin hit if he gets the right agent.

  • bridgette12

    I give Devin props for admitting his fault in all of this and surely, for acting a whole lot more mature than Nicki. The way he phrased his statement, the only thing she can do is acknowledge and if she’s smart, admit some fault and let it go.

  • Michael McInerney

    “Devin-ers”? LMAO!
    He was mediocre at best and in 3 or 4 minutes from now he will be forgotten about just like Lazaro will be after he is eliminated.

  • bridgette12

    I agree Devin was mediocre and and I also laughed at the Devonairs name. I really can’t see him having enough fans to give themselves a name.

  • Shana Collier

    You must be new to this, I’m pretty sure EVERY contestant to be on American Idol has had a fan group name.

  • bridgette12

    Sure they all have fan groups, even some of the worst contestants have them. I’m just amazed he would bring up his when he just got ousted this early on Idol.

  • pattycap11

    He’s a cool guy. Hope he does well.

  • Stooch

    well he said what he had to say with his tweet on Friday, but it is smart to stop because you’re not gonna win this fight on Twitter with Nicki and her minions

  • Face

    just read the link to NY Post article… I was generally agreeing with the journo… until the point she described Devin as “the best male vocalist they’ve had (on Idol) in years”…
    funny how with just one comment someone can lose any credibility they may have had to that point… ;-D

  • Larc

    No doubt Devin has been catching hell from Nicki’s fans, and I can just imagine the caliber of fans she would attract. They are likely much better equipped for vicious character assassination than for logical consideration of the situation.

  • Devin Harper

    “I’m just amazed he would bring up his when he just got ousted this early on Idol”What’s so amazing about it? I think it’s great he recognized his fans.

    “when he just got ousted this early on Idol”
    If Devin had been eliminated in Hollywood or the Vegas rounds, I could see how that would be surprising he had a fanbase name. But making the Top 8 and having a fanbase is not strange.

    Every contestant from the Top 12 to the winner has had a fanbase.

  • Miz

    He’s a good kid and is well spoken. Good for him taking the high road.

    I don’t follow him, so have no idea what type of backlash he got from the barbz, but from what I’ve seen of them elsewhere, I doubt it was pretty.

  • Devin Harper

    Nicki has 17 million twitter followers. Devin is wise to try to try to calm the waters.

    People can be real jerks(to put it nicely) when it comes to their favorite celebrities.

  • elliegrll

    It’s always seemed to me that most of the contestants from AI realize that they really don’t have true fans at this point. With the exception of season 9, most AI contestants are pretty level headed. Unfortunately, Devin and a lot of the other people in this group remind me of the contestants from season 9.

  • elliegrll

    They really don’t have fans, at least not how they are defining them. They think that they have people who are interested in their music, but what they have is people who are bigger fans of a television show, and who are interested in them because they were on that show. Smokey Robinson had a great quote about this a few years ago.

  • elliegrll

    I think that the general consensus was that he should have stayed longer than Lazaro, but that has more to do with Lazaro than with anything that Devin did. If Laz. was voted off last week no one would have been surprised if Devin was eliminated this week.

    Devin was capable of doing more, but he didn’t, which is why he was in the bottom three every week.

  • pj

    I kind of like it when contestants say what they really feel, so I wouldn’t have had too much of a problem if he DIDN’T take the high road. It was a smart move, though. I actually didn’t like him until his sing out. I agree that it was probably his time to go, except for the pesky Lazaro. Depending on what direction he goes in, I may support this kid. Please not AC.

  • chillj

    He has a nice voice, but I always liked him better in Spanish much better than on straight English songs. I don’t know why, myabe the songs just seem more melodious – or Spanish is not called a romance language for no reason. I think he may have a good career as a Spanish language crooner, but what do I know?

  • pj

    Actually, he could have a market there.

  • JosieX

    Brilliant. This reveals what a crude bully she has turned out to be, without Devin having to accuse. Well done, Devin.

    You know, I have been wondering what Ryan is going to do on the results show, when it comes time to tell the voted off contestant to “sing for your life”. Nicky has unilaterally decided that there will be no save and announced this in her “if Nicky’s not happy nobody’s happy” way. If if I were Ryan I’d feel bad saying that to a boy, assuming Nicki will be sitting there with the same pouting bitchface she had for Devin. And I’d feel awful saying it to a girl, wondering if there was going to be a double standard applied. Nicky has created a very unpleasant situation for Ryan and the other judges here, although I believe that would be a matter of indifference to her, since she doesn’t seem to particularly care about being fair to the contestants either.

  • elliegrll

    I don’t think that she said anything that was crude or untrue. It was Devin’s job to get people to vote for him, and three weeks of results showed that he wasn’t getting the job done.

  • Shana Collier

    I thought it was rude that she called him ungrateful. I know she has a lot better knowledge about what happens backstage than we do, but I haven’t seen anything that supports that. Also, the whole thing about not saving ANYONE because Curtis wasn’t saved just seems like a 2 year old’s tantrum to me.

  • JosieX

    Whether or not Devin “deserved” the save is not the issue. Devin himself stated that he held no resentment over not being saved. I believe the issue is her ego driven behavior which among other things included childish retaliatory lashing out at a relatively powerless person who in no way shape or form deserved that treatment in response to any comments he made.

  • Madilo

    i love him too, his voice is so beautiful

  • EB

    Devin is a decent kid and this is a good concluding statement from him. I did feel bad for him about the “Barbz”… I didn’t read any of their responses to him but I knew it would get ugly, as it always is when they attack. No one deserves to be at the mercy of her insane, creepy fans. Hopefully this is the end of all this drama.

    And hopefully, that means we will not see Nicki and her loony stans back next season.

  • LeahKittyS

    The strange thing is, I think the attacks began earlier that day, before the results show. Devin posted a typical “Thanks for voting for me, I love you guys so much” Tweet, and one person replied “You’re next to go faggot.” Was it just a jerk with too much time on his hands, or was it a Barb speaking out (was there already tension between Devin and Nicki?)

  • EB

    Could be a random jerk, but I don’t doubt that her fans went on attack on performance night, possibly to the other guys as well after Nicki attempted to kick them off the stage.

    But ie: Devin, that night or maybe the next morning is when the post-performance thoughts interview surfaced of him making those comments on what she said and he joked about her being late, her dress being the same as Mariah’s, etc. I think that might have been what started it all.. then she overreacted and responded, and everything continued to go downhill.

  • EB

    Her perception of things is so warped. He has never shown himself to be ungrateful and was very gracious after they chose not to save him, and in most moments and interviews since has continued to be.

    For her to believe that about him is incorrect, and more of her reading into things only how she wants and chooses to not basing anything in reality.

  • girlygirl

    I’m glad to see him finally taking the high road. Too bad he didn’t do it from the beginning. It’s never a good idea to get into a pissing contest, especially with someone who has a lot more clout in the industry and millions more fans than you do. Hopefully now that he did this interview, everyone can move on from this.

  • Axxxel

    Devin’s comments on Nicki’s dress (and indirectly poking fun at Nicki’s and Mariah’s strained relationship) and lateness were not really that flattering… and feeding the fire (as he admitted in his statement). So yes, I think he was ungrateful…

  • Axxxel

    Try to give Devin’s- like comments of the dress and lateness to your boss or teacher and see what happens….

  • Axxxel

    He did stir the waters in the first place . Well at least it will give him more internettim.

  • Michael McInerney

    As most 12 year old girls are until the next one comes along.

  • EB

    She is neither of those things to him, nowhere even close, especially after being late and ranting about him on Twitter…. any credibility she may have had flew the coop at that point.

    And if Devin’s comments are that terrible, by comparison to what her fans probably wrote to him, it is nothing. Her fans follow her lead and her lead is not a good one. She should have been the bigger person all along knowing how she (maybe inadvertently) bashed them all for Lazaro screwing up in the trio, and let Devin’s disappointment and few, mild comments slide.

  • Axxxel

    Maybe a Devineer ?

  • Axxxel

    He is worried about Nicki’s fans but speaks about his Devonairs… Is he rallying them for the counter attack ? or to take the high road (after the counter attack) ? I am a Kurtsie (I know that is a fan base for a TV character -Kurt from Glee- but still) and I have done my share of “battles” on blogs… Sometimes it does hurt to read how people attack my beloved TV character or its actor with harsh , demeaning or mocking words or with total untruths and my fingers on the keyboard or touchscreen are itching big time… At least with blogs, I can reread my long postings and that reducers the emotions and I end up editing my post.. but with twitter… only 140 characters or less to reread…not enough to reduce emotions.

  • Shana Collier

    You keep using that boss or teacher line. I have never had a boss or teacher so unprofessionally attack me in front of the masses. In fact, I AM a teacher and I try my hardest to ENCOURAGE people no matter the situation.

    So based on your statement, Nicki is saying that Devin was ungrateful to HER specifically. I took it as her saying he was ungrateful for the entire process. I didn’t exactly know he was supposed to be bowing down to her, but I guess you’re right. He wasn’t doing that.

  • Bug Menot

    I think he would have fared better with a different haircut.

  • Safari Sixx

    Nicki Minaj is my love, my life, and my soul and I respect her as an artist and a person, and she saved my life after years of constant bullying, abuse, and depression. Some may only see her as another pop star or rapper, but I see her as an inspiration. I feel like she did what she needed to do. He tweeted first bashing her, and of course she responded. She’s spent most of her career with judgment from the industry and haters, and she doesn’t deserve it! She’s the first REAL judge who doesn’t sugar coat her comments unlike the rest of the panel. She tells them what the industry wants and what they’re looking for in an artist, and she’s trying to prepare them for the things they’re going to have to face. If she weren’t on this show the artists would have no sense of direction. She fought for Devin. But it was America’s decision to send him home, so I would blame them. She’s rough on them to give them a sense of understanding on how the music industry would react if they weren’t at the ranks of other artists. Also, she’s not the only judge who’s ever been rough on the contestants. Does anyone remember Simon Cowell? Nicki Minaj gives the singers constructive criticism, while Simon was utterly cruel! I feel as if the people hating on her are only hating on her for her color. No one had a problem with Simon. Leave your opinions to yourself if you’re going to be judgmental, because you’re only proving that you are nothing but immature and hateful, and are no better than anyone else.