David Cook – Fade Into Me (Radio Edit) & “Stars” Co-write – Available on iTunes

David Cook’s new single “Fade Into Me” from his album This Loud Morning has a radio edit that’s now available for download from iTunes.

Also out today  is a David Hodges co-write called “Stars” released on the new album Kings & Thieves by the band Arrows to Athens.

David is currently on tour with Gavin DeGraw. He’s back in his home state, performing tonight at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO.

Download both tunes here:

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mj santilli

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  • Incipit

    Thanks, mj – I’ve only caught a snippet of “Stars” and I’ve been interested to hear the whole co-write – especially since Hodges posted that it was a track under consideration for David’s TLM at one point.

    At least I can buy that one thru your site – already have my radio edit of FIM – at 12:08 AM last night. Heh.

    Comparing the very first live performance of FIM from Rec Hall to the radio edit, it’s rather cool to hear that his voice is still the same, if not better live, even under the (ahem) circumstances….and the radio edit is only 26 seconds shorter. (The last chorus and some strings were cut)

    Watching this rise on iTunes today is neat –

  • iloveoliver

    I’m really liking this song. It sounds similar to another song from his first CD. I really like it. I love his somewhat gravelly but sexy voice!!!!

  • suenigma

    As always, Cook sounds fantastic on this sexy song. Such a powerful and emotive instrument he has. Looking forward to the video. :) Go Cook – the little engine that could! You deserve great things!

  • unidentified

    It is a really pretty song. I love David’s voice, yeah it is sexy. I forgot about videos all together. I want to see David fade into some lucky someone. ha

  • Curlin

    Got my copy. Love his sexy voice on this song!

  • iani

    It is a really good song, acoustic live is jaw-dropping for me who I used to say “eh, another 1,2,3 waltzy ballad” and he really is into the music and lyrics… For me personally is the best surprise of the 2 albums, no other song has filliped me like this! Interesting how would be the video following the lyrics:
    “We can’t escape,
    And watch the world chasing to find us,
    Both of us hidden from view”
    I know he is a pretty shy guy, could be a scene under the bed, lol, or some fade scenes under some curtains…
    ETA: Thanks for rectification, I really am a new fan of the song! I’ve tried to follow Jim Cantinello’s imagination, so I wouldn’t like paparazzi in his video, they were already with Gaga and still busy chasing her.

  • Incipit

    David did a tweet for “Fade Into Me” and the Arrows to Athens album today – and he added Lauren’s album too. Hashtag #Music.

    Andy Skib retweeted Zac Maloy and his tweet for “The Middle” and Andrew Cook added a tweet for Hodges and Lauren.

    I know Lauren has said nice things about TLM, more than once – it’s just cool to see the mutual supportiveness…

    And yeah – a video by the end of the month!

    ETA: iani, the lyrics from TLM say “We can escape…” but with WTF!?Cook – that could just as easily be a Keystone Cop type chase, with the Paparazzi after them!

    If we expect the video to have a twist, then he will likely do it straight, KWIM? You just never know.

  • Keel

    I really like Stars. Very nice.

  • karenc

    I have been waiting for the Arrows to Athens album to come out. The funny part is, the first time I heard Stars is on Andrew Cook’s KC radio show, and I liked it immediately. I was surprised to find out it was co-written by David Hodges and David Cook, because I knew they had cowritten a lot on TLM, which I also love. What it shows me that this is the type of music I really like, even not realizing that it was written by someone that I am already a fan of.

    And I already got Fade Into Me. I really hope it does well as a single.