Cher Lloyd – With Ur Love (feat. Mike Posner) – Music Video!

Music video for Cher Lloyd’s second single was released on VEVO today.

Cher Lloyd – With Ur Love (feat. Mike Posner)

“With Ur Love” was written by Savan Kotecha, songwriter and vocal producer (Don’t miss him tonight on X Factor USA!), whose most recent hits are “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction) and “I Wanna Go” (Britney Spears). Swedish hitmaker Max Martin produced the track.

The single will be digitally released in the UK on Sunday, October 30th. Cher’s album drops a week later.

I’m hopeful about this song’s chances to go #1. She will most likely perform it on the day of it’s release on the X Factor and boyband The Wanted (her biggest competition IMO) moved the release of their new single “Lightning” two weeks forward.

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  • zaclona

    huh… that’s the strangest thing ever… I’ve positively hated the song an my opinion hasn’t really changed… but the video is somehow amazingly appropriate and do I dare say well produced?

  • wolfsbane813

    “video not available in your country”

  • wolfsbane813

    here is another link to the video that works for me in the states

  • OldHag

    She really is a very pretty girl, isn’t she? This is sooooo much superior to the last one. Not that that is hard.

  • jinxx315

    It’s definitely radio friendly. I think this one will do much better then her first single.

  • Esqt

    Love this song. Can’t wait for this to be available here in the US.

  • canuck

    I like this one.
    I was surprised how well the last one(SW) did considering.

    Way better.