CeeLo Green Quit The Voice Before He Was Fired

The Wrap is reporting that Cee Lo Green basically jumped from The Voice before he was pushed.

According to insiders, NBC was “blindsided” when the singer announced he would not return to the singing show as a coach on The Ellen Degeneres Show Wednesday.

Green’s decision to quit was a move to avoid being fired by NBC and producer Mark Burnett Productions, an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

Blindsided by the timing of his announcement, producers are unsure what to do with Green’s vacant coaches’ seat.

A second individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap that NBC wanted to announce Green’s departure mutually with the singer but that Green decided he wanted to to do it on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Reportedly, Cee Lo’s 5th season was marked by at least one “meltdown.”

Burnett had to spend a lot of time with the emotional Green last season and on at least two occasions, the “F–k You” singer had to leave the set.

The general belief among the production was that he was feeling the weight of a legal case that could result in prison time.

The singer is accused of slipping a 33-year-old woman ecstasy while the pair was dining at a downtown Los Angeles restaurant in mid-July of last year. He’s charged with furnishing a controlled substance, a felony charge that carries up to four years in state prison.

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  • Guest

    The “F–k You” singer, basically told NBC “F–k You”.

  • Becky Lee

    I would replace him with Usher but maybe he doesn’t want this gig full time or they could just go with 3 chairs

  • steve2013

    Id be very suprised if usher would agree to do it twice a year

  • Matthew Richards

    I’m sure there are plenty of artists dying for a career boost.

  • b_james

    Can Shakira just do two season? I surprisingly love her on there.

  • Dewayne Boyd

    Let’s stay consistent here. Bring on R. Kelly. Nothing like some family values. Is Woody free between movies?

  • vd88

    I was saying they should just ask Ne-yo to do it. I always liked Ne-yo, he’s like Usher Jr. lol so that would work.

  • maymirabella

    I liked that those judges on the short lived show, Duets. Wasn’t John Legend a judge on that show? I really liked him and I think he would make a good judge if Usher only wants to do the spring show once a year.

  • Lynn Di Resto

    let Usher do it one season and Shakira the other …This way they don’t have to do it twice a year.

  • ladymctech

    I don’t think 3 chairs would work. It’s sort of like putting 4 judges on the Idol panel, which has never worked well. The viewing public doesn’t like it when you mess with the basic formula.

  • Kirsten

    Blindsided by the timing of his announcement, producers are unsure what to do with Green’s vacant coaches’ seat.

    Eh? If you were planning on replacing him, you’re not that blindsided and should have a plan to replace him.

    He was terrible as a coach and you almost felt like the camera wanted to skip over him. Him quitting is a blessing. At least now Burnett doesn’t have to bother getting heat from the few people who liked Cee Lo being on the show. There is no heat like scorned fan heat.

  • Jaejae1

    You know, I am not surprised either way. Cee Lo was very subdued this past season and it was weird for him to be there knowing that he was a defendent in a date rape case. Just not right for a show where he was making suggestive compliments to the female contestants and they him all the time. Either way, not a bad move.

    I wish Blake and Adam would rotate off. Just to let me miss them a bit.

  • Amy Beth

    They were blindsided by the timing. The Voice likes to tie things up in neat packages. Unlike the XF and idol, up to now, they haven’t had the public speculation about judges.

    I’m guessing they wanted to have all the contracts signed with the replacement before they announced that CeeLo was leaving.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    It sounds like Cee Lo is very worried about the case against him. I’m not sorry that he’s leaving the show. He was creepy and sort of talked in code, so it was hard to get what he was trying to say.

  • Dakota

    Stating the obvious

  • Larc

    Throw in Christina and I’m with you.

  • Landon Cox

    Can we get Jenna Maroney to be a judge then?

  • bridgette12

    I couldn’t understand what he said and he just oozed with a lewdness that you can see coming out of every pore on that man. Very happy he’s gone because he was a sorry judge from day one.

  • Pat H

    Christina does rotate off!!

  • David Griffin

    Replace Cee Lo with Alicia Keys! She would be an amazing mentor!

  • Andie

    I’d be really happy if they could figure out a way to get two guys and two girls on the panel. What a novel thought!

  • Allison

    That’s if “America’s Kidz Got Singing” can afford to let her go!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “he just oozed with a lewdness that you can see coming out of every pore on that man”

    Excellent description. SO true!

  • ladymctech

    With her now being pregnant, I wonder if Christina will return at all?

  • stef

    Bring back his rent-a-cat to sit in his chair?

  • stef

    Bring back his rent-a-cat to sit in his chair?