Britney Spears Will Be Fired from X Factor (REPORT)

US Magazine is quoting “sources” who say Britney Spears will be fired from X Factor:

“Britney will get the boot,” an insider tells Hot Stuff of the pop star, who joined the show in May, along with fellow newcomer Demi Lovato. “Producers wanted her for the long haul, but it isn’t working.”

One reason? Spears’ $15 million contract, which sources say the low-energy mentor hasn’t earned. “They paid all that for her to say ‘amazing’ and offer half-claps,” a second insider tells Us.

Adds a third source of show co-creator Simon Cowell, who is leading the charge to axe the performer: “He wanted crazy Britney, but he got boring Britney.”

Britney only signed a one year contract, so technically she can’t be “fired.” I suspect she won’t re-up and the PR spin will be that it was her decision not to re-sign.

If Simon was indeed hoping for “crazy” Britney? Well then, shame on him. Any “crazy” would be fueled by the pop singers very real and serious mental illness. In any case, I can’t imagine Simon wanting to shell out another 15 million dollars for a pop star who failed to bring the expected ratings

Rumor has it Demi Lovato is renegotiating a contract for Season 3. Since she’s at least got some chemistry with Simon, I’m not surprised.

Will Simon hire another music mogul to take the departing LA Reid’s place? Or maybe he’ll hire a singing competition staple, like

What do you think?

Via US Magazine

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  • sweetmm

    Britney was a waste of space.

  • wingzdoc

    Why do we even care? This show is truly a hot mess and a half.

  • sporkle

    No surprise here. But I echo MJ’s thoughts on hoping to profit off ‘crazy Britney’. That’s just slimy. 

  • kmd23

    Britney really had to go. She was just awful. My biggest issue with Britney was that she just could not interact with the contestants at all. I mean she could have at least hugged those kids when they were crying when they were eliminated. I think would be good on the show.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “If Simon was indeed hoping for “crazy” Britney? Well then, shame on him. Any “crazy” would be fueled by the pop singers very real and serious mental illness.”

    Considering that I believe Simon to be a true sociopath, I think that he was hoping for “crazy” Britney. I agree that Britney wasn’t a good mentor, but I’m glad that she didn’t have any emotional/mental breakdowns on the show that would have fulfilled Simon’s expectations and hopes. I think that the position of X-Factor mentor was a bad fit for Britney in her current condition (and affected by meds), so I think it would be best for her and the show for them to part ways next year.

  • vdawg

    I hope they keep Demi and Mario.  Mario was one of the few reasons I watched this show.  I guess Simon does not care about the contestants if all he wants is crazy judges.

  • quickjessie

    Thank your lucky stars, Britney.  This show is a mess and if not for Simon Cowell it would have been cancelled already, as it should be.

  • SullyD

    But…but… what about all the awesome gifs she has been giving us? :(

  • Eric Mitchell

    I could have told them that hiring Britney was a bad plan last year. I wonder if this show will ever have judges that last more then two seasons other then Simon

  • mmb

    I suspect that neither party wants the relationship to continue; x factor doesn’t want to appear to be dumped by 2 judges, so they are “leaking” rumors that they want to fire Brit.  I’m sure Brit’s conservators liked the money but Brit didn’t seem to have any fun at all once the live shows started, she barely spoke and had zero rapport with her contestants.  I doubt she was all that enthusiastic about continuing, she supposedly has a new album coming out next year and her people will probably insist that she tour it.  Overall, she was just a boring judge.

  • girlygirltoo

    Can she get unemployment benefits if she’s fired? :)

    She was awful for the most part, but if I were her, I’d want to quit that mess of a show anyway. I don’t know why Demi wants to come back, unless she’s going to get a big raise.

    Unless something strange happens, S3 is looking like it might be the last season of XFUS anyway

  • WestiesRule

    My take: Who cares???? I watch because I can… the show is a real tank job!

  • raya

    Not really a surprise on either end.  Considering that Britney hasn’t exactly brought the ratings nor the sparkling wit, which is not really her fault mind you, I can’t see Simon and the show thinking she’s worth the 15 million paycheck.  I also can’t see Britney wanting to stay on since the show is kind of a trainwreck.  I also don’t put it past Simon at all that he wanted “crazy” Britney.  IMO, he was probably hoping both Britney and Demi would have nervous breakdowns in the name of good television.

    Beyond that, while I didn’t watch more than 2 minutes of this show this season, I would be interested to see what sort of caliber of celebs Simon manages to attract for a S3 judging panel.  I think he’s going to have a much tougher job trying to attract big names for a S3 than he did for a S2, when theoretically the show still had some potential going for it. 

  • Montavilla

    I guess the question now is:  Who can Simon find to throw $15 million at next year?  

    Is Charlie Sheen available?  (He has a new sitcom, right?  Or has it been canceled already?)

    Maybe Ke$ha will have time?  

    I heard that Rosie O’Donnell is maybe going to replace Sharon Osborne on AGT. Maybe he should put her on the XF panel instead  — and have Donald Trump take LA Reid’s chair.  Chemistry! 

  • bridgette12

    What exactly did they expect from Britney? At her worse she would act crazy, at her best a tad dumb. She never has been the sharpest knife in the drawer, why would they expect her to be able to rise above her lack of education and past mental problems. She can’t be something she don’t know how to be. 

  • Jon Glass

    Pleeeease keep Demi Simon!

  • Leandro

    “What do you think?”

    I think it was amazing and I was definitely entertained.

  • Klaine

    I stopped caring a long time ago. Brit leaving is a no brainer

  • bestmusic

     Yes I thought Demi was fun.

  • Jordana33

    I say they give the entire show the whole boot and replace it with some of ABC’s cancelled dramas. Britney wasn’t the problem.

  • Sara M

    Simon wants his trainwreck, so I expect Leann Rimes or Lindsey Lohan to be a judge next year.

  • Li Wright

    “Considering that Britney hasn’t exactly brought the ratings nor the sparkling wit,”^What makes people think that CELEBRITIES bring in the ratings?  I didn’t know anybody on the DWTS panel, they’re no-names and DWTS still brings in the ratings.  To pay these people $Millions$ is only helping the trust fund of the children of the celebrities.

  • CB40

    Simon, Demi, and two FRESH non-reality show regulars would be nice

  • breakdown

    Britney is a shell of a person. It was really sad and painful to watch.

  • raya

    I personally don’t really think the celebs bring in the ratings, but there is no doubt in my mind that Brit was mostly hired in order to boost ratings.  Unfortunately, if she actually had a mental breakdown or something it probably would have worked to some degree. 

  • mmb

    agree.  Brit shows that no matter how big the star, merely hiring a big name current star as a judge will not in and of itself bring in viewers.  The judges need to be entertaining; they need to be quick with a soundbite — whether biting (a la Simon) or loopy (a la Paula)  — or have witty repartee with their fellow judges (a la Blake and Adam on the Voice…think about it, they never say much of interest to the contestants, but they are quite funny/cutting etc. with each other), or just demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for and investment in what they are doing (a la the DWTS judges).  Sometimes a star proves to be a compelling judge (see Blake/Adam), sometimes they are just bumps on a log (Brit, live show Steven Tyler), sometimes they are deeply deeply uncomfortable (see Ellen).  A lesser star (or a no name) who is entertaining, enthusiastic and has good rapport with fellow judges is likely to benefit a show far more than a big name who is just barely going through the motions.

  • fantoo1

    Wasn’t he trying to get Rihanna and Chris Brown? Can you imagine a panel of Chris, Rihanna, Demi, and Simon?

  • merkureye

    A couple of thoughts. . . . The first sign of TPTB’s disappointment with Britney was when they had Demi switch places with her to be next to Simon.  This happened before even the auditions were half over.  Early on it was determined that Britney had no capacity to provide interaction with Simon that would be compelling TV.  The “chemistry with Britney” problem was compounded when after changing chairs, LA Reid and Britney hardly talked or even looked at each other during the auditions or live shows.  LA tried to interact but with Britney – there was no there, there [no one was home if you know what I mean}.

    Demi coming back is a no-brainer and a good move.  I loved her on XF this year.  I have become a fan.  She shows so much grace, charm, and wisdom for someone only 20 yrs old.

    The show had the potential to be really good this year except for some serious strategic errors made by the producers along the way.

    A)  Country act Sister C should have been selected over Lyric 145 for live shows (they would have given Tate a run for his money).  The producers had no clue that its audience liked the Country genre.

    B)  At least 3 of the 5H members were way better than either CeCe or Paige in Demi’s single artist group.  Demi’s group was not very talented which made the show boring.  5th Harmony’s Dinah Jane, Camilla, or Lauren would have made Demi’s group competitive if they could avoided Demi dying their hair blonde, that is.  Probably Normani and the other short one should have replaced CeCe and Paige and leave 5H as 3rd Harmony.  That being said all 5 girls are going to be way better off being part of the 5 member group than they would have been as solo artists on the show.

    c)  Showing the leaderboard standings was a gigantic fail.  It zapped the  suspense out of the show and probably skewed the voting in a way that would not have occurred without the reveal.  I believe Tate, LA, and his fans were surprised that he was the leader and this motivated his fanbase to keep voting.  IMO Tate was neither the most talented nor the contestant with the “X-Factor” oh well . . . .c’est la vie…..

  • Dennis

     What exactly were they expecting with Britney? Just bring in a bigger name to get ratings, they had to know that Britney has no type of spark anymore at all. I remember going on Idolforums and ppl were so into Britney being a judge, I held back from saying, ‘PPL Britney isn’t going to be a good judge, she’s not engaging, she barely speaks, and when is the last time Britney did an interview.” I do feel bad for her if she is does have mental issues, but they have to test out the judges and the judges chemistry with eachother before they just hire them.

  • Ronnie D

    I would rather get a new album from Britney than have her waste time on this show! 

  • durbesque

    That one reaction she had, which has been reproduced a lot, was it to an act being eliminated? or what?  That alone was worth $15 million.

  • Raftrap

    I’m just gonna say the thing I always say when it’s X Factor news, get Cheryl Cole back.

  • chillj

    But we all knew Britney would not be back, didn’t we?  I’d be a little surprised if Demi was back, also; I suspect Simon will want a whole new set of judges. He needs an older male to balance the table.

  • aj rabin

    It serves Simon right! He should have NEVER left AI. The contestants on AI S9 are still reeling from Simon not caring because his mind was on the x factor. Well now he gets what he deserves.

  • Kamokunz

    I would interpret “crazy” as having “personality”, not crazy-crazy. So happy to hear this, Britney was awful. Even after Demi gave her example on how to properly judge (when she speaks before her), Britney couldn’t come up with anything entertaining.

    New panel:
    Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Sharon Osbourne (since she left AGT),

    At this point, I DO NOT think XFUS should try “something new”, it’s too risky. They need professionals, people who have done reality singing shows. They need to know what they are doing. You can’t just keep rebooting every year. Seriously.

  • Lovesyesha

    I think Demi has proven her worth and deserves another season. In my opinion she actually did offer some good critiques, and wasn’t afraid to criticize which was impressive for someone so young. In addition, I found she had a very likeable, joyful, bright presence most of the time. She just has to sort out her mentoring skills a bit and be given a solid category and she should be golden.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Simon didn’t care about season 9 cast. Yeah, not only he was already on his way out, the cast sucked. During Hollywood week the producers got heavily involved with the casting because they believed Simon planned to sabotage AI. The result? Awful cast, bored and pissed Simon Cowell. No wonder the whole season fell apart.

  • Karen W.

    Well she did suck as a judge but she did make the funniest faces!

  • Robert D’Angio

    This show seriously needs to get it together, Idol didn’t change the judging panel until after 7 seasons and even then it was to add, not subtract. I thought Britney did a good job, considering the fact that the X Factor is about performing and not singing, I thought she was a good add. But it’s starting to seem like the x Factor is as much a revolving door for contestants as it is for judges…

  • Ryan

    I know most people see Demi has a terrible mentor and she should be fired, but I actually disagree. Were her mentoring skills pretty bad? Yes. However, to be fair, let’s not forget she had a pretty terrible category, other than Jennel, who got sabotaged by the show. And in terms of honest judging, she was the only one who would criticize her acts and be totally honest with other acts (Douchebag 3 for example).

  • Connie D

    Get LL Cool J. 

    Remember when he was a guest audition judge on Idol Season 4?  The internet was buzzing about how awesome he was.  Very charismatic.

  • Cory ??

    I think that’s the best for the show, Britney was extremely dry. Anybody could of sat in her place this season, a random person out of the audience would of had more enthusiasm than her. Demi did an amazing job, she was spunky fun, and her back and forth chemistry with Simon was even more entertaining then Paula Abdul. Britney needs to go! I say call up Tamar Braxton, younger sister of Toni Braxton…her popularity has been increasing over the years and she is crazy entertaining!

  • durbesque

    Speaking of ‘Braxton’….. I say get Brenda Braxton.  She’s one of the greatest present day singers, though not known much outside of New York.  She was in “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” on Broadway.

  • kmd23

    Mario should stay but Khloe should go with Britney. Khloe really just brings nothing to show but she was so bad that she was entertaining. lol.

  • Ronny Dias

    “Sorry, I just don’t get it.” 
    Spears, Britney 2012

  • RustySax

    My take?  Get Debra Byrd to replace Britney.  Now you’ll have a real vocal coach who can gracefully tell the singers they suck when they do.

    Kardashian was as much a waste of payroll $$ as Britney was, maybe more so.  Gawd she was awful!

    Hate to see LA go, as he brings “behind the scenes” industry experience.  Just like Randy was on AI-1. . .  Someone similar might be a thought.

  • durbesque

    Khloe, you’re fired!!!  Before you go, tell us how you feel!!!

  • Enough already!

    This is just all too too calculating.   Would Cowell have been happy if Britney had another meltdown.  One would hope not.   Its unfortunate that she appears so removed from human emotion these days.  From one extreme to another.   Hopefully, Cowell won’t hire Carmen Electra.   But might be cheaper than buying her a new house. 

  • Listening

    First off got to say it’s one of X-Factors smarter moves not to rehire Britney she added nothing. I don’t fault them in hiring her under the belief she’d bring her fans to x-factor b/c I thought it would work too.

    Second keep Demi do whatever it takes if she wants a raise give it to her. Demi was excellent during auditions she was funny, emotional, intelligent and had great chemistry w/ Simon. She lost some of her shine during live shows b/c she didn’t seem to take the judging seriously and she was too defensive and wouldn’t listen to others critiques of her acts. I’m gonna write that off as growing pains sometimes people don’t excel at their first try at things. I’m sure next year she’ll be much better.

    Third sack BOTH the hosts. Yes Khloe was horrible stiff, awkward and pushy but that doesn’t make Mario great by default. He could read a teleprompter better big whoop. He still got on my nerves b/c he thought he was simply too adorable for words. They didn’t need TWO hosts anyway it made the show uncomfortable and awkward. The hosts kept switching off on lines and you could see khloe’s desperation to talk. And they’d just stand there while the other talked just totally useless. What a waste of money.

    They say Britney didn’t bring any extra fans well neither did Khloe who was a sort of celebrity.

  • tucker davis


  • ohreli

    Am I imagining things, or wasn’t Britney kind of fun and lively in the audition rounds?  Something happened when the shows went live—i think there a court trial about to commence, and there was a fear that it would open old wounds and affect her?  Maybe that’s what happened—she shut down emotionally as a protective mechanism.  Or just upped the meds.

  • Miz

    I like Britney. I probably only saw about 45 minutes of the entire season, so I can’t judge how anyone did. I think she’ll be better off not being on this crappy show. I will miss seeing the screen caps of her reactions, though. Hilarious.

  • milwlovesadam

    Britney: She wasn’t that bad, she just wasn’t that good.

    Khloe: Bye Bye

    Mario: He’s a keeper

    Sharon Osborne: YES YES YES Love her.

  • pj

    I only watched a couple of shows, and not the full episodes.  Brit Brit was terrible. She seemed like a shell of a person. I can’t judge her on the entire season, but she wasn’t worth anywhere near $15 million.  Of course, none of them are.  That is obscene.

    I remember joking that Simon would try to hire her and it would be the whole Brit vs. Xtina thing again.  It wasn’t.  Simon probably hoped that would happen.

    I feel as if Brit’s controllers are not after her best interest. She should be getting better. How about a year or two off in Louisiana with her boys? Not having a show hang on her success.  How very uncomfortable. Why does she have to be a cash cow for her family and faux fiance?

    I don’t think a famous name will save this shows.  It needs a panel with chemistry (like on the Voice) and compelling contestants (can’t speak to that bc I only saw a couple of episodes.)  

    Maybe Simon’s time in the US is up.  He’s like an old rock band who should have quit 15 years ago.

  • Jake Williams

    Britney does need to go. She only says 3 words and it isn’t worth they money she is getting paid. They should of gave her money to Demi. Demi was a awesome judge this year.

  • John S

    Simon was actually the one who “fought” for Lee.

  • Mateja Praznik

     And? The season was low on talent and potential and for whatever reason Simon backed Lee. Maybe he thought Lee had the most potential …or he decided to help the producers sink the season.

  • Reflects On Life

    Britney should not have to work another day of her life. Are her conservators pilfering her coiffers to such a degree that she has to take jobs like these in the first place?

  • tomr

    Britney needs a New Year’s resolution to drop the baby voice and grow up.  She’ll need the time anyway to explain her baby’s daddy situation anyway.

  • wordnerdarchie

    Her management wants to keep taking their 15% of “flesh”.

  • Sassycatz

    Considering that I believe Simon to be a true sociopath,

    I wouldn’t agree. He reportedly loves animals and treats his ex-girlfriends well. ;-)

    Considering that Britney hasn’t exactly brought the ratings nor the sparkling wit,

    Was she ever a sparkling wit or a wit of any kind? Was she supposed to buy wit with that $15 million dollar paycheck?

  • sue

    Thank goodness she only signed a 1 year contract. I thought she was gong to be good in the beginning but she ended up sucking bad. Simon find people that have some damn chemistry with you!  KEEP DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Cory ??

    Who? I say Tamar because her brand has been growing, as a star of two hugely successful reality shows. She’s the wife of a huge music mogul, she’s been a backup singer for Toni for years and has been around the industry herself (released debut album, about to put out her sophomore.) Not to mention she’s been co-signed by Gaga.